5 Reasons Why You Should Use Rukkus to Buy Concert Tickets

Dispatch from Rukkus Headquarters — For those who don’t already know, this blog is the gateway to the live music haven that is Rukkus.com. Every day, more and more music fans break free from the chains that bind them, and enter a world of ticket buying that’s personally tailored to their needs. For those a little slow on the uptake, fear not, you can still join us. We’re not a bunch of stiffs like those elitists from Plato’s Allegory (8th grade English, anyone?); in fact, we’re here to guide you on the path to enlightenment.

The Best Way to Buy Concert Tickets

Ad copy commencing in 3…2…1: Are you sick of buying overpriced concert tickets on an inconvenient and confusing platform? (together: YEAH!) Well, then we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s called Rukkus, and it’s here to help make your live music experience easier. Go ahead, click on an artist’s name anywhere on the blog; it’ll guide you to a list of their tour dates with the best priced tickets. If you’re feeling lucky today, you can even create an account with us and get personalized concert recommendations.

Not convinced yet? Allow me to break it down for you.

1. Grab the Best Deals.


How?: We collect all of the tickets in the known universe, and filter them through a pasta strainer or something (it’s technical), effectively filtering out the bad deals, and leaving you with the good ones. Don’t worry about scouring ticket sites for cheap tickets, the primary and secondary markets are all right here. In fact, we’ve seen tickets even for below face value. Like $20 for a $60 dollar ticket type stuff. Yeah.

2. Find the Best Seat.


How?: If you’re looking for the best seats at an arena show, we’ve got you covered. Our ticket scoring engine rates the best price based on the distance from the stage, getting you closer to the action…as long as you promise not to sit down the whole time.

3. No Surprise Charges.


How?: Anyone who’s bought tickets online before is no stranger to the dreaded service fees that get tacked-on at the last minute. We’ve made this a thing of the past. You can see the all-in price from the onset, so you won’t be surprised by hidden fees. We can’t protect you, however, from hidden bees; they can be really crafty.

4. Music Discovery.

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How?: You know that friend that’s always sending you lame music, yet you don’t have the heart to tell them so? Here’s an easy two-step solution: 1. Tell them to stop listening exclusively to Ja Rule radio on Pandora. 2. Sign up for Rukkus and get recommendations based on the music you listen to.

5. Personalized Experience.

cheap tickets

How?: Rukkus will extract your musical DNA and tell you when your favorite artists are coming to town. We’ll keep you informed of everything that’s happening in your live music scene so you’ll never miss another show.

Coming Soon:

Rukkus Email Concert Alerts: We’ll give you a run-down of everything that’s happening in live music.

Mobile 2-Tap Purchasing: With our upcoming app, concert ticking buying will be easier than ever. Stay tuned.

Can’t wait to get started? That’s what I like to hear. Head on over to Rukkus for cheap concert tickets. Oh, by the way, we do sports and theater, too.

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