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After gaining steady ground throughout the years as a rock band, Breaking Benjamin has not only sustained loyal fans from the beginning but it is their history that shows promise from an early age. Benjamin Burnley who not only is the lead vocalist and principal song writer, also the story behind the band’s name came from an incident that involved a cracked microphone.

From 1998 and forward the band has had a variety of different individuals switching from one band to another and back again. But what’s interesting is that Breaking Benjamin started in the first place as a side project. With some of their singles, such as Lights Out and Give Me a Sign from the album Dear Agony, launching them into the top of the Rock song charts, giving them not only further success but as a fourth album they avoided any sort of musical slump that tends to be common. Any more bands lasting longer or that has made four to five albums call it quits before their luck has run out…or their talent.

After the first three albums (Saturate, We Are Not Alone and Phobia) built up not only the tight procession of Breaking Benjamin but excesses touring brought on an onslaught of fans from across the globe. Before the band was known it would take the risk of a Radio DJ to play the track Polyamorous to an unexpected audience. Breaking Benjamin has had the satisfaction in gaining ground with the release of their first album; which eventually led to Benjamin Burnley co-writing with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins on their second album We Are Not Alone. Where three tracks “Rain”, “Follow” and “Forget It” had the helpful hands of Corgan. It would be this sophomore album that not only generated wide praise but nearing a ten out of ten rating that was a rock album. Adding fuel to the fire, the album grows to an infinite state of appeal as each rotation of the record is concluded. The song “Forget It” was also a part of the film franchise Nation Treasure 2, playing right before the character Riley starts discussing Daylight Savings Time.

Once Phobia came out, which according to Benjamin Burnley was about his phobias that have caused him to fear the dark and dying. When Jeremy Hummel left the band, finding a drummer proved to be one of the hardest tasks the band could face. Some have said the audition count was around 15 individuals when they ended up going with Chad Szeliga who at the time sent in a VHS instead of the now favorite DVD. Soon touring with bands such as Godsmack, Seether, Puddle of Mud and Three Days Grace was essential. As a band that fits into a sector of hard rock, finding a home within the touring circuit is crucial.

It wouldn’t be until Dear Agony the fourth album that Benjamin Burnley placed a statement about his hard drinking past. Ironically enough the cover is a photograph of the front man’s MRI scan from years of alcohol abuse. After becoming sober and writing the album, Breaking Benjamin would join the Dark Horse Tour with the likes of Sick Puppies and Shinedown.

After talks of an indefinite hiatus and an internal rift between two band members, the record label Hollywood Records released a greatest hits album. As two duel disc that included remixes, b-sides and other rarities that Breaking Benjamin had not released before. Even though at this stage in the band’s career it seemed to be edging closer to the imminent fall and disintegrate; after Benjamin Burnley secured the rights to the band name, coming forward was the only action that he would take.

In 2014 Breaking Benjamin regained a new lineup with band members that had been in previous bands but Benjamin Burnley remained. Taking on a task such as presenting a whole new line up came only not be difficult but could lead to a downfall within the music industry. Somehow Breaking Benjamin jumped through the fire and come out unscathed. With album number five titled Dark Before Dawn (released on June 23, 2015) helped the rock band to start over. First off with tours that lead back to small venues and intimate settings. Then as another tour popped up, taking the unplugged way helped transform them away from the famed notoriety that had exploded in the early 2000’s. When Dark Before Dawn was released with no time to waste, the number one rock spot on the charts, again claimed Breaking Benjamin as a leading winner.

As all bands go through the trails and disconnect that progress over a few years, being able to reinvent the idea to a new audience is an uphill battle. However, Benjamin Burnley, even with the phobias to add to the mix, did not prevent any long standing tribulations that could have completely diminished the band to nothing. Instead Breaking Benjamin has formed into a post rock musical assembly of musicians that not only can write a catchy song but back up their intentions with talent and promise.

As influences go, Burnley has been quoted as stating that Kurt Cobain was an idol of his when he began playing guitar and singing. Taking the influence of Nirvana and building that into an obsession and appreciation with music. While Korn and Tool have a strong presence within this influence, one can clearly tell that Breaking Benjamin greatly differs in strategy when it comes to composing a song.

As time passes and at one point dismal seemed to be the only word to come to mind but, showing confidence in an idea that Burnley had about a simple side project proved to be quite the experiment. Artists can falter or continue to far exceed their previous accomplishments however in this instance being a song writer became an essential part. Finding an equal playing ground when it comes to a balance of how far to take something and knowing when to let it die out at its highest point, clearly Breaking Benjamin are still claiming uncharted territory that they rightful deserve

Top 3 Breaking Benjamin Tracks:

Breaking Benjamin Albums

  • Wish I May
  • Medicate
  • Polyamorous
  • Skin
  • Natural Life
  • Next to Nothing
  • Water
  • Home
  • Phase
  • No Games
  • Sugarcoat
  • Shallow Bay
  • Forever
  • 49:15
We Are Not Alone
  • So Cold
  • Simple Design
  • Follow
  • Firefly
  • Break My Fall
  • Forget It
  • Sooner or Later
  • Breakdown
  • Away
  • Believe
  • Rain
  • 39:28
  • Intro
  • The Diary of Jane
  • Breath
  • You
  • Evil Angel
  • Until the End
  • Dance with the Devil
  • Topless
  • Here We Are
  • Unknown Soldier
  • Had Enough
  • You Fight Me
  • Outro
  • 43:30
Dear Agony
  • Fade Away
  • I Will Not Bow
  • Crawl
  • Give Me a Sign
  • Hopeless
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Anthem of the Angels
  • Lights Out
  • Dear Agony
  • Into the Nothing
  • Without You
  • 41:55

Breaking Benjamin Members

  • Benjamin Burnley
  • Shaun Foist
  • Jasen Rauch

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State Theatre - Maine; Portland, ME
$16.00 Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin — 08/19/2016
Concord Pavilion (formerly Sleep Train Pavilion); Concord, CA
$16.00 KEGL's BFD — 05/31/2015
Gexa Energy Pavilion; Dallas, TX
$20.00 Breaking Benjamin — 02/04/2016
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$20.00 Pointfest: Breaking Benjamin with Chevelle and Seether — 05/23/2015
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre; Maryland Heights, MO
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Wellmont Theatre; Montclair, NJ
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Denny Sanford Premier Center; Sioux Falls, SD
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Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain; Scranton, PA

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre; Morrison, CO
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