Brian Jonestown Massacre Tickets

Brian Jonestown Massacre Tickets

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Top 3 Brian Jonestown Massacre Tracks:

Brian Jonestown Massacre Albums

Strung Out in Heaven
  • Going to Hell (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Let's Pretend It's Summer (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Wasting Away (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Jennifer (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Got My Eye on You (lyrics Hollywood/vocals Hollywood/Gion)
  • Nothing to Lose (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Love (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (lyrics/vocals Hollywood)
  • Spun (lyrics/vocals Hollywood (re-recording))
  • I've Been Waiting (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Dawn (lyrics/vocals Newcombe) (re-recording)
  • Lantern (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Wisdom (lyrics/Newcombe/vocals Newcombe/Richards) (re-recording)
  • 47:12
Spacegirl & Other Favorites
  • Crushed (Newcombe)
  • That Girl Suicide (Newcombe)
  • Deep in the Devil's Eye & You (Newcombe)
  • Kids Garden (Newcombe)
  • When I Was Yesterday (Newcombe)
  • Untitled (Newcombe)
  • Spacegirl (Newcombe)
  • Spacegirl Revisited (Newcombe)
  • 44:00
  • Evergreen (lyrics Newcombe, vocals Newcombe/Dye)
  • Wisdom (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Crushed (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • That Girl Suicide (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Wasted (lyrics Newcombe, vocals Newcombe/Simmonds)
  • Everyone Says (lyrics Newcombe, vocals Newcombe/Simmonds)
  • Short Wave (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • She Made Me (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Hyperventilation (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Records
  • I Love You (lyrics Newcombe/Travis Threlkel, vocals Newcombe)
  • End of the Day (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • Outback
  • She's Gone (lyrics Newcombe, vocals Newcombe/Hollywood)
  • Methodrone (lyrics/vocals Newcombe)
  • 71:58
Take It from the Man!
  • Vacuum Boots
  • Who?
  • Oh Lord
  • Caress
  • (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six
  • Straight Up and Down
  • Monster
  • Take It from the Man
  • B.S.A.
  • Mary, Please
  • Monkey Puzzle
  • Fucker
  • Dawn
  • Cabin Fever
  • In My Life
  • The Be Song
  • My Man Syd
  • Straight Up and Down [Long Version]
  • 69:13

Brian Jonestown Massacre Members

  • Anton Newcombe
  • Matt Hollywood
  • Frankie "Teardrop" Emerson
  • Collin Hegna
  • Ricky Maymi
  • Joel Gion
  • Rob Campanella

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$28.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/14/2016
7th Street Entry; Minneapolis, MN
$28.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/15/2016
The Waiting Room Lounge; Omaha, NE
$29.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/03/2016
Newport Music Hall; Columbus, OH
$33.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 06/01/2016
Crescent Ballroom; Phoenix, AZ
$34.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/01/2016
One Eyed Jacks; New Orleans, LA
$34.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/19/2016
Top Hat Lounge & Casino; Missoula, MT
$40.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/06/2016
Union Transfer; Philadelphia, PA
$41.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 06/02/2016
Belly Up Tavern; Solana Beach, CA
$42.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/20/2016
Starlite Room; Edmonton, AB
$42.00 Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/30/2016
Teragram Ballroom; Los Angeles, CA

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$191.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 09/08/2017
9:30 Club; Washington, DC
$174.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/29/2016
Teragram Ballroom; Los Angeles, CA
$166.00Levitation — 04/29/2016
Carson Creek Ranch; Austin, TX
$160.00Levitation 3 Day Pass — 04/29/2016
Carson Creek Ranch; Austin, TX
$99.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/02/2016
Mercy Lounge; Nashville, TN
$95.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/18/2016
The Depot; Salt Lake City, UT
$92.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/23/2016
Commodore Ballroom; Vancouver, BC
$91.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/12/2016
The Danforth Music Hall Theatre; Toronto, ON
$75.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/17/2016
Bluebird Theater; Denver, CO
$75.00Brian Jonestown Massacre — 05/04/2016
Beachland Ballroom; Cleveland, OH