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Few songwriters and performers can boast as long and as impressive a career as Bruce Springsteen. Over the years, Springsteen has done it all, producing everything from haunting folk ballads to up-tempo rock anthems. Springsteen’s versatility has made him a popular figure all over the world – though perhaps nowhere more than in his home state of New Jersey. Fans of “the Boss” know that Bruce Springsteen tickets are more than just a way to get into a concert – they’re passports to a journey through Springsteen’s long and varied career. A Springsteen concert features everything that has made the singer-songwriter one of the most iconic musicians of all time. Springsteen’s progression from a musical New Jersey loner to a international superstar with a wide range of influences took him from the shores of New Jersey to the biggest arenas and concert halls in the world.

Springsteen was born in 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey – a little city on the coast about halfway down the eastern edge of New Jersey. Springsteen grew up in neighboring Freehold Borough, living the life of a working-class kid in the 50s and 60s. Springsteen’s parents didn’t have high-paying jobs, and they certainly didn’t enjoy the fame and fortune that their son would someday earn: Bruce’s father drove a bus for a living, and his mother was a legal secretary. Springsteen was raised Catholic and attended both private and public schools. These early years are connected intimately the music Springsteen later made – his work often addresses the plights and politics of the working class, as well as physical locations and landmarks from his native New Jersey. Even years later, fans can hear the New Jersey influence in Bruce Springsteen’s music.

Springsteen focused on his music in high school and wasn’t particularly outgoing. He graduated, but skipped the ceremony completely. After no-showing graduation, Springsteen headed to community college, but school wasn’t for him. He’d been a loner in high school and he was a loner in college, eventually dropping out and focusing entirely on the only thing he seemed to care about: playing guitar. Springsteen had been playing guitar since the 1950s, when his mother bought him his first instrument. Bruce played with a variety of bands in the 60s and 70s. The last of those bands would form the nucleus of what was to become the E Street Band.

After a failed examination helped Springsteen avoid military service in Vietnam, he was noticed by a Columbia Records scout. He inked a deal with the company and recorded Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., his superb debut album. His backing band on the album was an early form of the E Street Band, though the group did not yet officially go by that name.

Springsteen’s debut garnered him plenty of critical acclaim, but audiences were a little slower to see the light. Bruce Springsteen tickets were easy to come by in those days, though he always did well in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City. His debut album met with moderate commercial success, as did his follow up, The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle.

Fates conspired to thrust Springsteen into the limelight in the mid-70s. He played a prolonged stint at a New York rock club that was broadcast free over the air, and the exposure helped his third album, Born to Run, to become a monster hit. Then a legal battle with a former manager kept Springsteen and his band out of the studio for the better part of a year – which in turn made them hit the road on an extended tour. Fans all over the country got their hands on Bruce Springsteen tickets and saw the Boss for the first time.

When Springsteen returned to the studio, he made the first of his many transformations. His next album, Darkness on the Edge of Town, was a more intellectual and thoughtful record than his rocking past recordings. Springsteen continued to challenge his listeners on subsequent recordings: 1980’s The River was an ambitious double album about working-class life, and 1982’s Nebraska was a brooding, quiet solo acoustic album with a gloomy rural feel.

Springsteen took another turn in 1984, returning to his rock-and-roll ways with a bang in 1984’s Born in the U.S.A. Springsteen became more popular than ever, playing to sold-out arenas everywhere he went. Born in the U.S.A. cemented Springsteen’s place in popular culture, where he became synonymous with monster hits and folksy arena rock.

In 1999, Springsteen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That was a crowning achievement, but his career was far from finished. He continued to innovate and expand. He went back to the studio with a full band for the first time in nearly two decades to record The Rising, an album heavily influenced by the events of 9/11. He recorded an album of folk covers and performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. As always, it seemed like there was nothing Springsteen couldn’t do.

Bruce Springsteen has come a long way since his early days as a quiet loner who played a mean guitar. His journey took him from 70s rock and roll to quiet, mournful folk and back again. He’s as deft with pumped-up 80s power ballads as he is with covers of the folk singers who came before him. Springsteen has left New Jersey – he moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s – but New Jersey has never left his music, and his working-class childhood is always bleeding into the edges of his songs. As Springsteen’s work has become more mature, his worldview has moved to front and center. His songs about Vietnam veterans and 9/11 are powerful examples of just how important his message can be.

Springsteen is far from done. He’s working on yet another album, and retirement doesn’t seem to be in the picture at all. He still tours, and fans still go to great lengths to get their hands on Bruce Springsteen tickets. His extensive back-catalog of classic albums rivals the greatest performers in rock history, and he’s constantly adding to his legacy. For Bruce Springsteen, the guitar-picking loner from central New Jersey, the journey is far from over. Some people are “born to run” – Springsteen was born to write music, sing, and play guitar for legions of fans.

Top 3 Bruce Springsteen Tracks:

Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Streets of Philadelphia

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Palace of Auburn Hills; Auburn Hills, MI
$14.00 Bruce Springsteen — 02/18/2016
Philips Arena; Atlanta, GA
$19.00 Bruce Springsteen — 03/15/2016
LA Coliseum; Los Angeles, CA
$21.00 Bruce Springsteen — 02/12/2016
Wells Fargo Center PA; Philadelphia, PA
$21.00 Bruce Springsteen — 04/05/2016
American Airlines Center; Dallas, TX
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Sprint Center; Kansas City, MO
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Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach; Virginia Beach, VA
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Value City Arena (Schottenstein Center); Columbus, OH
$27.00 Bruce Springsteen — 02/08/2016
Times Union Center; Albany, NY

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