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The Bulls and Trail Blazers are two NBA teams capable of playing playoff caliber basketball. These two squads play good team basketball and have great players on their team. A few of the talented players on the Bulls and Trail Blazers are: Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, Damian Lillard, Mason Plumlee, CJ McCollum, and many more great players which make these teams some of the best to watch in the NBA. And as each game goes down, Rukkus is the only ticket site that can 100% guarantee that our offerings of sports ticket prices are the cheapest Bulls vs. Trail Blazers prices available. When looking for NBA tickets at the cheapest price, make sure to check out Rukkus or call our concierge line to assist you in getting the best Bulls vs. Trail Blazers tickets available. As the NBA games get more competitive, they’re becoming better for fans to attend. Make sure to check out Rukkus today to see the cheapest prices on tickets that will get you to the game!

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As NBA game play intensifies every season, games are becoming better and better for fans to attend. From the different teams with unique venues, each game has a new and special environment for NBA fans. Prices of games such as the Bulls vs. Trail Blazers have increased over time because of the talented players on each roster, the playoff potential of both teams, and the great atmosphere that comes along with the game. Become part of the Rukkus movement and find the best deals to matchups like the Bulls vs. Trail Blazers and more! Check out Rukkus today for the best deals on tickets!

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Bulls Trail Blazers Recent Match-ups

December 12, 2014 United Center (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Bulls: 115 Portland Trail Blazers: 106

The Trail Blazers put up a good fight in their matchup against the Bulls, but it wasn’t enough as they failed to come through when it mattered as lost to Chicago 115-106. Derrick Rose was the high point man for the Bulls with 31 points. Rose also added 5 assists and 3 rebounds to his night. Despite the loss, Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge looked very strong in this matchups as they both had 35 points. Aldridge also added 9 rebounds to his night in the loss to the Bulls at the United Center.

November 21, 2014 Moda Center (Portland, OR)

Chicago Bulls: 87 Portland Trail Blazers: 105

The Bulls were without the talents of Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, and Kirk Hinrich in this matchup as the rest of the team struggled to keep up with the Trail Blazers. The shorthanded Bulls lost to the Trail Blazers 105-87. Damian Lillard took advantage of Rose not playing in the game and was the high point man for his team with 21 points. Lillard also added 9 assists in the game and 6 rebounds. Nikola Mirotic took advantage of his extra playing time due to teammates not playing and was the high scorer of the game with 24 points and also had a strong presence on the glass with 11 rebounds for the Bulls in the loss.

November 24, 2015 Moda Center (Portland, OR)

Chicago Bulls: Portland Trail Blazers:

The Bulls who were beat by the Cleveland Cavaliers last year in the finals are out for another shot at the title and will look to win by any means necessary. The talented Bulls team believes that they have the pieces to win a championship and will work all season towards that goal. The Trail Blazers are without LaMarcus Aldridge this season as he left to play with the Spurs. The once playoff caliber team, will need to look for a new way to win and compete in the Western Conference. These two talented teams will go at it and could be a competitive game till the very end. Make sure not to miss out on this great game and check out Rukkus to get you tickets to this great matchup!