Your Tickets are Guaranteed

Buy with Confidence
Rukkus sources tickets from all over the web to bring you a wide selection of tickets to all major live events. We are highly selective about the ticket suppliers we work with so you can rest assured that your tickets will always be authentic.

Rukkus chooses to maintain this meticulous vetting process in order to ensure that when you buy from Rukkus, you’re guaranteed the best fan experience possible. If you are a Rukkus customer, your happiness is our happiness. When you buy from Rukkus, you have a dedicated Fan Operations team with you every step of the way. We’ll always have your back if ever an issue arises.

Because we handle all order fulfillment ourselves, we guarantee that all tickets will be delivered before your event or your money back.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. Completed purchases cannot be refunded, cancelled, or exchanged.
Rukkus is a ticket marketplace; we work with a number of different sellers and access tickets from thousands of different sources in order to show the best available prices on the web. When a customer makes a ticket purchase, Rukkus reserves those tickets on the customer's behalf. As the majority of ticket sellers that Rukkus works with do not accept any returns or refunds, Rukkus is unable to return tickets after they have been purchased.
Event Cancellation: If the event for which you purchased tickets is cancelled and not rescheduled, Rukkus will issue a full refund for the amount purchased.
More Info
For any refund inquiries, as well as any other questions regarding Rukkus or you order please check out our FAQ page.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

When you order tickets on Rukkus, we’ll let you know how and when you’ll get them before you place your order. We’ll also send you an email with specific delivery or pickup information about your tickets.

How and when you’ll get your tickets depends on the type of tickets you ordered and when the seller expects to deliver them.

Express shipping

Once you place an order, you will receive an email with the status of your order.

Rukkus ships tickets via FedEx unless FedEx delivery is not possible, in which case we will employ SpecialDelivery Services.

Please bear in mind that the selected delivery method will not always reflect the timing customers can expect to receive their tickets. Tickets for events that are months away may not have been printed by the box office yet. In these cases, the shipping date is entirely dependent on when the ticket sellers have the tickets "in hand" and then ship the tickets.

Ticket Delivery Date

All orders placed on Rukkus are considered ticket requests until the respective seller confirms availability. Seller confirmation normally happens within hours of the order being placed, but may take up to 48 hours. Once tickets are confirmed by the seller you will get a notification of when tickets are available to ship. In most cases, tickets will ship on the day that the order is confirmed. It is important to note that FedEx delivery options are based on the date the tickets are ready to ship, rather than the day they are purchased. Certain tickets may not be "in hand" with the seller. This is often the case with season tickets or fan club tickets, as they have not yet been printed by the team or box office. Tickets are 100% Guaranteed to be delivered before the event. Once the tickets are ready for shipment, we will send an E-mail that includes a FedEx tracking number. This allows customers to track tickets every step of the way.

If your tickets haven't arrived

Although this is rare, if your tickets don’t arrive by the expected delivery date, please contact us immediately – and within 3 days of the event. Have your order number ready and we’ll help you locate your tickets.

Electronic delivery

There are three types of electronic delivery methods:
Electronic delivery – With electronic delivery, we will email you your tickets in a PDF format as soon as they become available for download. Please make sure to check the estimated delivery date we send you in your ticket purchase notification email. We recommend that all customers print their tickets prior to arriving at the venue as not all venues are equipped to scan tickets on a mobile device.
Instant Download – If the seller makes the tickets available for Instant Download, you’ll get your ticketswithin minutes of placing your order.
Ticket transfer – With ticket transfer services, such as Flash Seats, ticket ownership information is transferred to your name, email and credit card – which you can then use to access the venue for your event.

Local office pickup

With Local office pickup services, you’ll pick up your tickets at a designated location usually located just a short distance from the venue before the event. Once the order is placed, Rukkus will contact the seller to receive the exact pickup location and details. Rukkus will then immediately send that information to the purchasing customer.