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Hard Rock & Metal originated in the UK and U.S.A around the early 1960’s. With its roots from Psychedelic Rock and Blues, Hard Rock & Metal has a very loud and aggressive approach to music. Hard Rock & Metal gaining popularity in the 1970’s glorified bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. Rukkus has hard rock music tickets available for the best events including: Van Halen, AC/DC, and Motley Crue.

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Since the birth of Hard Rock and Metal Music, many different artists have evolved the sound into something new. Most of the hard rock that is out now is a mixture of extreme metal and hardcore punk. This genre has an array of different sounds and songs that are totally different. One song can either be very aggressive while another can have a melodic theme. Watch the new form of Rock take the the stage in your city! Rukkus is the only ticket site that can give a 100% guarantee that our ticket prices are the cheapest hard rock music tickets available. When you are trying to buy metal music tickets on the cheap, make sure to check Rukkus or call our concierge line and they can assist you in finding the best, cheap hard rock music tickets.

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The rising rock stars of our century are changing the way we listen to hard rock music. Not only are they creating new sounds for the hard rock and heavy metal community, but are also adding in hints of pop to give it a unique sound. Be part of the new rock movement and experience it first hand by buying cheap hard rock tickets off Rukkus.

The prices of rock tickets have also evolved over time. The average prices of hard rock tickets have increased 17% year over year as stars such as Deep Purple, Metallica, and Motley Crue have enough popularity to raise the average prices of the hard rock as a whole. Experience hard rock and metal music and buy tickets to your favorite hard rock band at Rukkus.

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Unlike any other ticket website, Rukkus is the only place where you can find the best hard rock & metal tickets based on the seat quality and price. If you are looking for the best seats within a specific section, the interactive venue maps are the best way to buy tickets. Use the interactive seating chart to select the sections that you are interested in and then sort by price. The relevant listings will be ordered by what are considered the best hard rock music tickets.