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MLB Ticket Information

When it comes to buying MLB game tickets, baseball fans have plenty of opportunity. Major League Baseball has the longest season of all major professional sports leagues. Each MLB baseball team plays at least 162 games between April 5th and October 4th. They start the season off with opening day tickets the first week in April and progress through the playoffs and finally end the season with the World Series.

MLB Ticket Prices

In 2015 MLB tickets have the lowest median ticket prices off all major sports leagues. The Yankees and Red Sox are the only MLB teams with median ticket prices over $40. The most expensive ticket prices are for the Boston Red Sox and the cheapest ticket prices are for the Los Angeles Dodgers with a mean ticket price of $19.

Opening Day MLB Tickets

Opening day tickets are some of the best tickets to buy because of all the speculation that surrounds each team. When the MLB begins their regular season, tickets can be up to 120% more expensive than their regular season counterparts. The 2015 Major League Baseball opening day falls on the first week of April. This is also true of most minor league baseball teams. For baseball fans, Opening Day is a fresh start; true baseball fans believe that time begins on opening day. The occasion represents a clean slate, and a chance to forget last seasons best and worst games giving fans an even 0–0 record.

MLB Playoff Tickets

As regular season comes to a close the best from the American League and National League battle it out for postseason glory, you can browse the marketplace at Rukkus for a plethora of 2015 MLB Playoff tickets. Expect curve balls from sudden death Wild Card showdowns, the best of the NLDS and ALDS, and seven-game NLCS and ALCS. Be sure to check out the the best of MLB playoff tickets come October or buy or playoff tickets ahead of time to get the cheapest tickets.

World Series Tickets

The oldest championship series in professional sports, the World Series is entrenched in history and prestige. Baseball fans of all 30 MLB teams enter the season on opening day with fantasies of witnessing their ball club win it all in October. Only two fan bases will have a chance to buy World Series baseball tickets each year. When it comes to a the world series, it makes sense to book your tickets well ahead of time through a trusted ticket marketplace. Rukkus has the World Series tickets you've been waiting to buy.

Best MLB Matchups and Baseball Rivalry Games

There are few sports rivalries that can match the intense loyalty of classic MLB rivalries. The matchups between the Yankees vs. Red Sox, Giants vs. Dodgers, Rangers vs. Astros, and Cubs vs. Cardinals, actually carry significant weight in determining the average ticket prices for the entire season.

MLB Sports Fans

Because of the deep history that follows many MLB teams, baseball has some of the most loyal fan bases of all professional sports. Rukkus has ranked the most loyal MLB teams based on 5 years of ticket data, by looking at teams that despite performing poorly still still hold high average ticket prices:

Best MLB Stadiums

The MLB has many great stadiums but three stand out at the top of the list. Off all the great MLB Stadiums AT&T Park takes the cake as the best MLB stadium. With waterfront views and the best food in baseball its not even a competition.

Although Fenway Park claims 820 consecutive sellouts, we can guarantee this is not true, and the tiny seats and sometimes obstructed views can have you staring straight at the right field wall (make sure to check your seat views before you buy tickets), no stadium makes more of its small space than Fenway Park.

Although Camden Yards is the 10th oldest stadium, it certainly changed the way all stadiums were built after it. It also consistently ranks as having some of the best food, and is also home to the O’s which are consistently one of the best teams in the MLB.