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NBA Ticket Information

When it comes to buying NBA game tickets, basketball fans have plenty of opportunity. Each team in the National Basketball Association plays at least 82 games in the regular season. 2015-16 NBA tickets are available when preseason starts on October 3rd and ends on October 23rd. The 2015-16 NBA season continues with regular season games starting on October 27th and ending on April 13th. The season opens with the Golden State Warriors hosting the San Antonio Spurs. 2016 NBA playoffs tickets are already available and will begin on April 16th and the 2016 NBA Finals will bring the NBA season to a close on Tuesday June 2nd.

NBA Ticket Prices

In the NBA, many teams have created a brand out of the players they have or just their franchise in general. Doing this allows them to boost up the price of the tickets without hesitation. Teams that have gained popularity through success or star players have been able to charge a premium for basic tickets: New York Knicks ($320.92 per ticket), Miami Heat ($276.45 per ticket), Brooklyn Nets ($228.51 per ticket), and the Boston Celtics ($131.22 per ticket).

NBA Playoff Tickets

“Where amazing happens,” is the official NBA slogan. If you were to watch a NBA Playoff game live, you would see why. The energy flowing through the Oracle Arena when the Golden State Warriors played Cleveland Cavaliers in the last playoff game was at times hard to fathom. If your team was able to find its way to a seat in the Playoffs, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to watch your team on its path to greatness.

NBA Championship Tickets

After a long season filled with sweat and tears, wins and losses, the best of the best compete in one of the biggest basketball events in the world. The NBA Championship game shows the world which team worked the hardest. If you are fortunate enough to have your home team be one of the Championship game candidates, you must see the final moments of your teams prowess in action.

NBA Sports Fans

When it comes to a sports team, they are as good as their fans. Without the fans, most players would lose their incentive to play. In the NBA, the fans decide how intense a game is going to be. Below we rank the top 5 NBA teams that have the most die-hard fans:

NBA Stadiums

The Stadium you are in when watching a game can determine what kind of experience you have. A Stadium’s personality is determined by its fans. If you want to have the full NBA package, you would have to go to watch one of these teams in their home court:

NBA Rivalries

NBA rivalries is what can differentiate a great game from an amazing game. These rivalries can be formed through history or develop during a number of close games between two teams.These rivalries have created games that will forever live in infamy. Will you be at the next historical game? These are the top 3 rivalries that are huge today:

  • Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers
  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat
  • Memphis Grizzlies vs. Toronto Raptors