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The Cavaliers and Timberwolves are two very talented teams that feature great and young players on their rosters. Some of those players from both teams are: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Zach LaVine, and many more players that make these two very talented NBA franchises. And as each game goes down in the NBA, Rukkus is the best ticket website that can 100% guarantee that our offerings of sports ticket prices are the cheapest Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves prices out there. When searching for NBA tickets at the cheapest prices, make sure to check out Rukkus or call our concierge line to assist you in getting the best Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves tickets available. Make sure use Rukkus so you can get the cheapest deals on tickets to great matchups like the Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves!

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NBA teams are continually getting better each season which means that basketball will only get better each season. Different teams in the NBA have unique venues, which makes each game a new and unique atmosphere for all who attend the live NBA matchups. Prices of games such as the Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves have increased over time because of the constant improvement of both teams and the great basketball environment that are associated with both teams. Become part of the Rukkus movement and search for the best deals on tickets to matchups like the Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves and more! Check out Rukkus today for the best deals on tickets!

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Cavaliers Timberwolves Recent Match-ups

January 31, 2015 Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 106 Minnesota Timberwolves: 90

In his return to Minnesota, Kevin Love comes out a winner as the Cavaliers beat the Timberwolves 106-90. Kevin Love put up a solid performance with 14 points and 17 rebounds in his first game back in Minnesota since he left there for Cleveland. Love was drafted by the Timberwolves in 2008 and remained with the team until 2014. LeBron James was the high point man in the game with 36 points in the win for the Cavs. Rookie Andrew Wiggins provided a good game for the Timberwolves with 33 points but it wasn't enough as the Timberwolves fall at home to the Cavs 106-90.

December 23, 2014 Quicken Loans Arena (Cleveland, OH)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 125 Minnesota Timberwolves: 104

Kevin Love faces his old team for the first time since leaving Minnesota for Cleveland as the Timberwolves come into Quicken Loans Arena to take on the Cavaliers. Love had a quality game and found his groove as he had 20 points and 10 rebounds against his old team. Kyrie Irving was the leading scorer in the game with 29 points and provided a much needed boost for the Cavaliers. Rookie first round pick, Andrew Wiggins had a decent game with 27 points but it wasn't enough as the Timberwolves fell to the Cavaliers 125-104.

January 8, 2016 Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)

Cleveland Cavaliers: Minnesota Timberwolves:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to be a power out of the East this season and return to the NBA Finals. The Timberwolves merely want to qualify for the playoffs. Unlike the Cavs, the Timberwolves struggled last season but will look to turn things around this year. Andrew Wiggins has a year under his belt and Minnesota just drafted Karl-Anthony Towns out of Kentucky who should be a good addition to the young Timberwolves team. The Cavaliers are looking for consistency from their team and will look to dominate teams going into the playoffs. With both of these teams having a lot of upside, this could provide for a great and competitive matchup. Make sure not to miss out on this great game and to tune in for great NBA action.