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The Celtics and Raptors are two talented squads out of the Eastern Conference who have their focus on making it to the NBA Finals. Both teams have stacked rosters that are capable of achieving the playoffs. Some of the great players on each team include: Marcus Smart, Isaiah Thomas, Jared Sullinger, DeMarre Carroll, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, and numerous other players that add depth to these competitive Eastern Conference teams. As each game goes down, Rukkus is the best ticket site that can 100% guarantee the cheapest Celtics vs. Raptors ticket prices out there. When looking for NBA tickets at the cheapest prices, make sure to check out Rukkus or call our concierge service to assist you in finding the best Celtics vs. Raptors tickets available. As the NBA games improve, they’ll be better and more exciting for fans to attend. Make sure to check out all the deals and matchups on Rukkus today!

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As the NBA continues to improve, fans love to watch the great teams and the best basketball players in the world every season. From the different teams that have unique venues, each game and team has a new and special atmosphere for all who attend the games. Prices of games such as the Celtics vs. Raptors have increased over time because of the talented players on each roster and the playoff potential both squads have. Become part of the Rukkus movement and find the best deals on tickets to matchups like the Celtics vs. Raptors and more! Check out Rukkus today for the best offerings on tickets to great matchups like the Celtics vs. Raptors.

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Celtics Raptors Recent Match-ups

April 14, 2015 TD Garden (Boston, MA)

Boston Celtics: 95 Toronto Raptors: 93

This was an incredibly close game between the Celtics and Raptors at TD Garden that came down to a dramatic win for Boston in the final seconds of the last quarter. There was no single player that carried either team on his back in this matchup, but rather great teamwork and ball play from both teams that finished with the Celtics barely besting Toronto. Marcus Smart did have a couple seemingly miraculous plays in which he was in exactly the right place at the right time, but overall, it was teamwork that won this game for the Celtics.

April 4, 2015 Air Canada Centre (Toronto, ON)

Boston Celtics: 117 Toronto Raptors: 116

DeMar DeRozan had a big game against the Celtics at the Air Canada Centre but his performance didn’t pay off in the end. this close game went into overtime after these two evenly matched teams finished the fourth quarter tied up and Isaiah Thomas missed the buzzer beater for Boston. Overtime proved to be just as much of a nail biter with Marcus Smart putting in a very last second layup to secure the win for Boston.

January 10, 2015 Air Canada Centre (Toronto, ON)

Boston Celtics: 96 Toronto Raptors: 109

The Raptors came into this game looking to avoid losing their fifth game in a row.They certainly did just that after playing a great game against Boston at the Air Canada Centre and winning by more than ten points. There wasn’t a stand out player in this game for Toronto who was responsible for the win, but rather the Raptors came together as a team with two of their players, Kyle Lowry and Lou Williams, both scoring 19 points and many others keeping the game together to finish it for the Raptors victory.