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Chicago’s Chance the Rapper is one of hip-hop’s most promising young talents. At just 22 years old, Chance the Rapper has already established himself as one of the most important rising stars in the rap game. His talents have taken him from a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago to stages in arenas and music venues around the country. Chance the Rapper has developed an army of loyal fans who are always on the lookout for a Chance the Rapper tickets, albums, and mixtapes – and he’s done it all in a very short period of time.

Chance the Rapper may have found his success young, but he’s still put in plenty of time. That’s because he’s been working at his craft almost since birth. Chance was born as Chancelor Bennett in the neighborhood of West Chatham on the South Side of Chicago. From an early age, Chance took to performing in talent shows and practicing his raps. Even at a very young age, he dreamed of being a rap star – though the adults in his life didn’t always see eye-to-eye with him on his goals.

His family had high hopes for Chance, but they never imagined that he’d find his success in music. In fact, his father dreamed that his son would go into politics. Chance’s father, Ken Williams-Bennett, had worked in politics for a long time. Williams-Bennett had served under high-powered individuals like Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then-senator Barack Obama. He is now a deputy chief of staff to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. To Williams-Bennett, his son represented a chance for a member of his family to run for office.

Chance’s father may have been the first authority figure in his life to tell him to seek success elsewhere besides the music world, but he wouldn’t be the last. Throughout his young life, Chance has been told that he’d never cut it in the music business. In high school, teachers made fun of his hip-hop dreams and tried to steer him towards careers that they saw as more constructive. Chance the Rapper, however, never gave up.

Far from it, in fact: Chance dove headfirst into his rap career while still in school, creating a hip-hop duo with a high school friend and recording his own solo work as well. When Chance was suspended for possession of marijuana on campus during his senior year of high school, he took the opportunity to focus on his music. He recorded a mixtape called 10 Day (sometimes referred to as #10Day). The title was a reference to the length of his suspension. This was Chance the Rapper’s first full-length project. Chance the Rapper tickets and major-label albums were still a dream for Chance, but he’d taken a major step towards rap respectability.

Chance the Rapper had previously recorded shorter projects, but it was 10 Day and its song “Windows” that would get him noticed by key players in the Chicago hip-hop scene, including producers like Chuck Inglish. Chance the Rapper started to get noticed by hip-hop publications and eventually came to the attention of rapper Childish Gambino, who asked him to appear on his track “They Don’t Like Me.” Chance impressed Gambino on the track and earned a spot on Gambino’s 2012 North American tour.

The 2012 tour gave Chance the Rapper the opportunity to make an impression on a wider audience of fans, and he made the most of it. Following the tour, he headed back to the studio and made Acid Rap, his second mixtape. It was a massive hit, thanks in part to an impressive selection of guest appearances. Chance the Rapper’s newfound industry connections had helped him reach out to respected rappers from around the industry, including Childish Gambino, who he had just finished touring with.

The success of his second mixtape helped Chance the Rapper launch his own tour, the Social Experiment Tour. For the first time, fans around the country would get the chance to buy Chance the Rapper tickets – tickets that would let them see Chance the Rapper perform not as an opening act, but as the headliner. Chance the Rapper’s career was taking off.

By 2014 and 2015, Chance the Rapper was widely known in the music industry. He began to branch out to other projects. He was featured in an ad from the clothing company Dockers, he did interviews with prominent hip-hop focused magazines like XXL, and he made the cut on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 musicians list in 2015. He lectured at Harvard University’s Hiphop Archive & Research Institute, made a short film, and collaborated with fellow musicians in a band called Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment.

That collaborative effort proved to be a major success when Surf, the debut album from Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, came out. Surf incorporated elements from a variety of musical styles and put them together in a unique and powerful way that had critics raving. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was named to several “best of the year” lists. Fans loved it, too – it was released for free on iTunes, and fans rushed to download it.

Chance the Rapper was still working on hip-hop material, too, of course. He debuted new songs several times in 2015, and he released a collaborative mixtape with Lil B called Free Based Freestyles Mixtape.

By now, even Chance the Rapper’s doubters have to admit that he’s put together an incredible hip-hop career in a very short time. And in 2014, Chance even drew the attention of the political world where Chance’s father had once hoped his son would end up. Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented Chance the Rapper with the city of Chicago’s “Outstanding Youth of the Year Award.”

The fact that Chance the Rapper is still winning youth awards is an impressive reminder of just how young one of hip-hop’s most exciting stars still is. At just 22 years old, Chance the Rapper has his whole career ahead of him. Fans can expect many more mixtapes and albums – and many more chances to get their hands on Chance the Rapper tickets – in the years to come.

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Chain Smoker
Cocoa Butter Kisses

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$24.00 Chance The Rapper — 11/21/2015
Fox Theatre Oakland; Oakland, CA
$26.00 Chance The Rapper — 10/04/2017
Hollywood Bowl; Hollywood, CA
$31.00 Chance The Rapper — 11/02/2015
The Tabernacle; Atlanta, GA
$32.00 Chance The Rapper — 10/13/2015
The Pageant; St Louis, MO
$36.00 Chance The Rapper — 10/18/2015
The Fillmore Detroit; Detroit, MI
$36.00 Chance The Rapper — 10/03/2017
Hollywood Bowl; Hollywood, CA
$40.00 Trillectro Music Festival with Chance the Rapper, RL Grime, Cashmere Cat, Dom Kennedy, Kehlani, JMSN, and more — 08/29/2015
Merriweather Post Pavilion; Columbia, MD
$41.00 Chance The Rapper — 11/12/2015
Bayou Music Center; Houston, TX
$42.00 Chance The Rapper — 10/10/2015
Stubbs Restaurant; Austin, TX
$42.00 Powerhouse with Chance the Rapper and Big Sean — 06/03/2016
Honda Center; Anaheim, CA

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$226.00Chance The Rapper — 09/29/2016
Bank of America Pavilion; Boston, MA
$204.00Bumbershoot Festival — 09/05/2015
Seattle Center Grounds; Seattle, WA
$200.00Chance The Rapper — 10/08/2016
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$184.00Chance The Rapper — 10/13/2016
Mardi Gras World; New Orleans, LA
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Greek Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
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Bomb Factory; Dallas, TX
$158.00Chance The Rapper — 10/07/2016
Red Hat Amphitheater (formerly Raleigh Amphitheatre and Festival Site); Raleigh, NC
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