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Every Sunday, football fans want a competitive and exciting football game to watch. When the Falcons and Chiefs meet their games are the perfect example of this when two popular NFL franchises compete because of the desire to win by each team and the chance to make the playoffs. When these two teams meet they lay everything on the line and give it all they have. Both teams possess great and young players such as: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Alex Smith, Jeremy Maclin, and many more. Watching these players go to war against one another is must see football for all. Rukkus is the only ticket site that can 100% guarantee sports ticket prices at the cheapest costs for Chiefs vs. Falcons tickets. When searching for NFL tickets at a cheap price, make sure to look at Rukkus or call our concierge line to help you get the best and cheapest Chiefs vs. Falcons tickets. As the game improves every year the games get more and more exciting, Rukkus can provide you with the best cheap tickets for the NFL games like the Chiefs vs. Falcons!

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Football is one of the most exciting sports in the world to watch with millions of fans around the world tuning in for games every Sunday. Each NFL team provides a unique experience for the fans when you go to a game to watch great football. The prices of games such as the Chiefs vs Falcons have increased over time due to the amount of success of both teams, the pro bowl players on each team has, and the potential of talented young rookies that have just entered the league. Allow Rukkus to give you the best price for buying tickets to the next Chiefs vs Falcons. This fast and competitive game game is not one to miss out on!

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Chiefs Falcons Recent Match-ups

September 9, 2012 Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, MO)

Atlanta Falcons: 40 Kansas City Chiefs: 24

Legendary former Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez returns to Arrowhead Stadium as a member of the Atlanta Falcons to take on his hold team the Kansas City Chiefs. Scoring begins as Falcons QB Matt Ryan finds Julio Jones for an 8 yard touchdown. The Chiefs scored next as Ryan Succop puts up a 39 yard field goal. The Falcons kicker Matt Bryant puts up a field goal from 34 yards. The second quarter scoring begins when Chiefs QB Matt Cassel finds Kevin Boss for a 22 yard touchdown. Matt Ryan counters back with another touchdown to Julio Jones for a 14 yard touchdown. The Chiefs seem to be making this game a shootout as Cassel runs it in for a 5 yard touchdown. The competitive half ends with another Bryant field goal from 21 yards. Ryan and the Falcons begin the half with a 5 yard touchdown as Ryan runs it in and scoring continues in the third when Ryan find Tony Gonzalez for a 7 yard touchdown as he scores for a different team in Arrowhead Stadium. In the beginning of the fourth quarter Bryant adds two more field goals from 30 yards and 41 yards increasing the lead on the Chiefs. Kansas City attempts to narrow the margin as Shaun Draughn scores on a touchdown run from 4 yards. But the deficit was too much as Kansas City falls 40-24.

September 21, 2008 Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

Kansas City Chiefs: 14 Atlanta Falcons: 38

Being in two different conferences (AFC & NFL) a Chiefs vs Falcons game is a very rare occurrence. But in this matchup we are treated to a high scoring performance by the Falcons against a young Kansas City team. The Falcons begin scoring with two touchdowns in the first quarter, a 4 yard rushing touchdown by Michael Turner and a 70 yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Roddy White. The Falcons stay on fire as scoring continues with a jason Elam field goal from 27 yards and another Michael Turner touchdown run from one yard out. Kansas City makes a push to end the half to put some points on the board when Tyler Thigpen finds Dwayne Bowe for a 15 yard touchdown with 8 seconds left in the half. The Chiefs fire again at the start of the second half when running back Larry Johnson runs it in from one yard out. The Chiefs would struggle the rest of the game and not put up another point as the Falcons continue to light up the scoreboard. Turner puts in another 2 yard touchdown before the end of the third quarter. Late in the fourth quarter another touchdown is put on the board by the Falcons as Chris Houston intercepts a Thigpen pass for a 10 yard return.