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Citizen Cope’s powerful songwriting and performance styles have made him a star, but it’s his unique approach to music and the music business that have helped him stand out in a crowded industry. It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what sort of music Citizen Cope is making: his tracks elements of soul, R&B, hip-hop, pop, folk, rock, and more. The sum of these influences is greater than its parts, giving Citizen Cope a unique and powerful tone and style that keep drawing fans.

And what Citizen Cope has done to music, he’s also done to the music business, disrupting the major-label paradigm and giving new artists a blueprint to more creative control. Citizen Cope has made his biggest impact while avoiding major labels, electing instead to enjoy the creative freedom that comes with working for his own label, Rainwater Recordings. That freedom has made Citizen Cope one of the most distinctive artists working today.

While it’s true that Citizen Cope now enjoys both creative freedom and a huge fan base, things haven’t always gone his way. The man who was born Clarence Greenwood toiled for decades to earn the position he’s in now.

Clarence Greenwood was born May 20, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. He moved around the South as a child, spending time in Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi, but he was primarily raised in Washington, D.C. There, he worked early and often on his music. Citizen Cope wasn’t always a solo act: back in the 1990s, Greenwood was the DJ for the hip-hop group Basehead. But it was his solo career that would eventually take off. Capital Records came calling 1997, but Greenwood – by then performing as Citizen Cope – moved to Dreamworks before releasing his first album in 2002. That debut album, titled simply Citizen Cope, received great critical reviews. From the start, musical critics realized what many record companies did not: that Citizen Cope’s unique and experimental style was a strength, not a weakness.

Citizen Cope changed record labels again after his debut. He joined RCA for a better deal and more control of his musical vision. It wouldn’t be the last time that Citizen Cope changed labels, but he got along with RCA for long enough to record another great album. He followed up his successful debut with The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (2004), a strong sophomore effort. Once again, critics adored the album – and, increasingly, fans were beginning to take notice. Citizen Cope’s next RCA record, 2006’s Every Waking Moment, peaked at #69 on the Billboard albums chart.

With his successful run of three albums, Citizen Cope had proved that his unique experimental style, which blends influences from wildly different genres into a new kind of music, could be commercially viable. His records proved that consumers were listening to his one-of-a-kind recordings, and the sale of Citizen Cope tickets proved that fans loved his live performances, too. Citizen Cope made a type of music that the music industry wasn’t prepared to appreciate, but fans were one step ahead of the executives, and Citizen Cope’s career was taking off.

Citizen Cope saw that fans were ready for his creative vision, but that the major labels were not. He decided to part ways with RCA in order to maintain more complete control over his musical direction. Every Waking Moment would prove to be the last Citizen Cope album released on a major label.

Rather than try to find a like-minded independent label, Citizen Cope elected to start up his own. He started his own record label, Rainwater Recordings, which would release all future Citizen Cope recordings. For the first time since the struggling 1990s days when he didn’t have a label at all, Citizen Cope was completely free from major label pressure. No executives would tell him how to make or market his music, and no outside producers would try to steer his music towards a broader commercial appeal. Citizen Cope’s career was finally the way that Clarence Greenwood had always imagined it: all about the music.

In 2010, the same year that he founded his new record label, Citizen Cope released The Rainwater LP. The album, named after his new record label, won still more critical acclaim for the artist.

Critical acclaim was one thing, but commercial success was another. Would Citizen Cope’s new self-produced music still hold appeal for the fans? Major labels, which had always stood between Citizen Cope and complete creative control of his music, would have assumed the worst. They also would have been wrong. The Rainwater LP was commercially successful and drew mainstream fans, including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who invited him on her show to perform his song “Healing Hands.”

Cope followed up The Rainwater LP with his second album on his own independent label. Called One Lovely Day, it too met with critical approval. Citizen Cope also continued to tour. Though he has freed himself from many of the marketing demands of major labels, he still often performs live. Fans with Citizen Cope tickets know that Citizen Cope’s live performances are about more than just promoting his latest album – they’re powerful communal experiences.

The man who was born Clarence Greenwood and become Citizen Cope is now nearly 50 years old, but he’s in the prime of his career. Having fought for decades to get noticed and to gain creative control over his music, he’s now in the position to make his musical visions into reality. His albums aren’t crippled by the marketing concerns of major labels, and Citizen Cope tickets aren’t just sold to promote a brand. Fans of Citizen Cope get the real deal: the real music that the artist really wants to make, unfiltered by any label or marketing executives. That makes Citizen Cope’s career one of the most exciting things in music. Nobody except for the man himself knows which direction his music or his live shows will take next – but everyone expects great things from one of the most talented and critically acclaimed artists of his generation.

Top 3 Citizen Cope Tracks:

Let The Drummer Kick
Son's Gonna Rise

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