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Top 3 Combichrist Tracks:

Combichrist Albums

The Joy of Gunz
  • Intruder Alert
  • Joy to the World
  • You Will Be the Bitch Now
  • Winteryear
  • Play Dead
  • Turmoil
  • Master Control
  • Vater Unser
  • The Line to the Dead
  • Bulletfuck
  • Human Error
  • God Wrapped in Plastic
  • History of Madness
  • Shrunken Heads For All Occasions
  • This is the Joy of Gunz
Everybody Hates You
  • This Shit Will Fuck You Up
  • Enjoy the Abuse
  • Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood
  • I'm Happy Anyway
  • Blut Royale
  • Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl?
  • Feed Your Anger
  • God Bless
  • Happy Fucking Birthday
  • This is My Rifle
  • Like to Thank My Buddies
  • Lying Sack of Shit
  • Without Emotions
What the Fuck is Wrong With You People?
  • Five AM Afterparty
  • What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?
  • Electrohead
  • Adult Content
  • Fuck That Shit
  • Brain Bypass
  • Get Your Body Beat
  • Deathbed
  • In the Pit
  • Shut Up and Swallow
  • Red
  • Are You Connected
  • Give Head if You Got It
  • All Your Bass Belongs to Us
Today We Are All Demons
  • No Afterparty
  • All Pain is Gone
  • Kickstart the Fight (featuring Gen from the Genitorturers)
  • I Want Your Blood
  • Can't Change the Beat
  • Sent to Destroy
  • Spit
  • New Form of Silence
  • Scarred
  • The Kill V2
  • Get Out of My Head
  • Today We Are All Demons
  • At the End of it All
  • Hidden Track (as a part of track 13)
Making Monsters
  • Declamation
  • Follow the Trail of Blood (feat. Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through)
  • Never Surrender
  • Throat Full of Glass
  • Fuckmachine
  • Forgotten
  • Just Like Me
  • Slave to Machine
  • Through These Eyes of Pain
  • Monster:Murder:Kill
  • They
  • Reclamation
No Redemption
  • Age of Mutation
  • Zombie Fistfight
  • Feed the Fire
  • Gimme Deathrace
  • Clouds of War
  • Buried Alive
  • Empty
  • I Know What I Am Doing (Planet Treason)
  • No Redemption
  • Falling Apart
  • Gotta Go
  • How Old Is Your Soul?
  • Pull the Pin
We Love You
  • We Were Made to Love You
  • Every Day Is War
  • Can't Control
  • Satan's Propaganda
  • Maggots At The Party
  • Denial
  • The Evil In Me
  • Fuck Unicorns
  • Love Is A Razorblade
  • From My Cold Dead Hands
  • We Rule The World Motherfuckers
  • Retreat Hell Part 1
  • Retreat Hell Part 2

Combichrist Members

  • Andy LaPlegua
  • Joe Letz
  • Z Marr
  • Abbey Nex
  • Eric13

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High: $73.00

Cheap Combichrist Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$31.00 Lords Of Acid with Combichrist — 10/24/2017
The Blind Tiger; Greensboro, NC
$31.00 Lords Of Acid — 10/19/2017
Vinyl Music Hall; Pensacola, FL
$31.00 Lords of Acid with Combichrist — 10/29/2017
Frankies; Toledo, OH
$34.00 Combichrist and The Birthday Massacre — 11/05/2015
Mill City Nights; Minneapolis, MN
$36.00 Lords Of Acid — 10/16/2017
Trees; Dallas, TX
$36.00 Combichrist — 11/17/2015
Gas Monkey Live; Dallas, TX
$37.00 Combichrist and The Birthday Massacre — 10/30/2015
Fete; Providence, RI
$38.00 Dracula's Ball with Combichrist and The Birthday Massacre — 10/31/2015
Trocadero Theatre; Philadelphia, PA
$38.00 Lords of Acid — 11/02/2017
The Ready Room; St. Louis, MO
$39.00 Lords Of Acid with Combichrist — 10/15/2017
Tricky Falls; El Paso, TX

Best and Most Expensive Combichrist Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$188.00Combichrist — 10/02/2014
Orpheum; Tampa, FL
$92.00Coal Chamber with Filter Combichrist and American Head Charge — 03/26/2015
The Opera House (Toronto); Toronto, ON
$73.00Lords Of Acid — 10/07/2017
Showbox at the Market; Seattle, WA
$72.00Dracula's Ball — 10/27/2017
Trocadero Theatre; Philadelphia, PA
$70.00Coal Chamber with Filter and Combichrist — 03/23/2015
7th Street Entry; Minneapolis, MN
$67.00Coal Chamber with Filter Combichrist and American Head Charge — 03/13/2015
Knitting Factory Spokane; Spokane, WA
$66.00Combichrist with William Control Davey Suicide and Darksiderz — 10/04/2014
Chameleon Club; Lancaster, PA
$65.00Coal Chamber with Filter Combichrist and American Head Charge — 04/09/2015
Heaven Stage at Masquerade - GA; Atlanta, GA
$45.00Lords of Acid with Combichrist — 10/30/2017
The Opera House (Toronto); Toronto, ON
$44.00Combichrist and The Birthday Massacre — 11/11/2015
Whisky A Go Go; West Hollywood, CA