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Comedians often talk about integrity and ethics within the medium; there are hacks, joke-stealers, sell-outs, gimmicks, and panderers. At some point, everyone in comedy has to compromise a little bit here or there during their careers, and no one is big enough and funny enough not to – except Dave Chappelle. The only time any of those phrases could be hurled at comedy's white whale are when he sells out show after show after show, returning to stand-up after being away for eons in show business years (around seven in human years).

Chappelle is the son of two accomplished academics, including a mother with a stack of degrees who established the first PhD program in Black Studies in 1974, and he was personally chosen by James Lipton to turn the tables and interview Lipton on the 200th episode of "Inside the Actors Studio." Although Chappelle is allegedly the first of his family to not attend college, his career spent picking apart society’s hypocrisies and entertaining through often scathing satire has led many to call him a genius and a voice of his generation.

Like a child at the park inching closer and closer to a game that he wants to be asked to join, Chappelle has been quiet about his comeback, making a mark on his own time and his own turf. He spent a few years doing shows in small venues that were announced on short notice, presumably arriving on the motorcycle that he's been spotted on in various places around the country. The image conjured when all of this information is processed correctly is one of a nomadic, distressed genius, trying to come to grips with the world – wandering America, collecting stories to spin into world-class jokes, and hopping on a stage whenever he feels like it.

Now, a few years into his quote-unquote comeback, Chappelle is practically a regular ole celebrity; since 2013, the man who didn't show up to work and flew to South Africa instead could be spotted in places like "Inside the Actors Studio," "The Tonight Show," "Late Show with David Letterman," and even in the audience at the SNL 40th Anniversary show and the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber.

The apex of this return may still be yet to come: there are reports that he is taping an HBO special, sure to be chock-full of fresh material, considering Dave hasn't released a special since For What It's Worth in 2005, and frequently takes the stage without enough pre-written jokes to fill out the entire set but packs the routine with unique, on-the-fly thoughts, jokes, and heckler shut-downs.

The man with the cachet of Louis CK, the power of Jerry Seinfeld, and a unique sense of enigma may have seemed like an overnight success in 2003, with his Comedy Central sketch show Chappelle's Show launching his brand of subtle truth-to-power comedy into the stratosphere, but Dave's career was actually a long time coming. He began doing stand-up at age 14, and even attended a theater-oriented high school. This early start coupled with his profound comedic presence garnered him his first TV development deal at 19. He then wrote and starred in a feature film, Half Baked, by age 23.

The first season DVD of Chappelle's Show was the best-selling TV series set of all time the year it came out, and the second season has done quite well, too. Dave was offered $50 million by Comedy Central to do a third season, but had started to feel like he was getting the wrong kind of laughter - his satire of racism was doing as much to fuel racism as it was mocking it.

Since walking away from mega-stardom, Chappelle's preferred medium appears to be the stage. He is a prolific stand-up, who generates tons of material for each tour. He has broken his own stand-up endurance record multiple times, and holds the current record of 7 continuous hours of comedy. In the past two years, despite throngs of people shouting inappropriately timed former catchphrases and tossing banana peels on stage, Dave has returned to his former glory as a first-rate comedian and one of the greatest of all-time.

As for that integrity? The man who turned down a TV pilot at 23 because the network wanted to recast the lead female as a more "universally appealing" white girl and who walked away from a guaranteed $50 million dollar third season of his sketch show because he felt he was getting malicious laughs still has it: Chappelle walked off the stage during a set in Hartford, Connecticut in 2013 because of raucous and racist heckling, refusing to deal with such poor treatment, and yet, graced the city with another show less than a year later. And Dave's integrity goes beyond the trite sense of ethics that comedians lay out for themselves. Moreso than his heroes, the woman-beating Richard Pryor, the sequel-hungry fat-suit wearing Eddie Murphy, and Bill Cosby, Chappelle is a man of honor on and off the stage. He is a man who lives on a farm in Ohio, thousands of miles from the Hollywood machine he despises so much, where he is raising his children and living his life with nary a scandal, and who pushes the world around him towards an honest discourse on race, sexual orientation, and gender in unique and hilarious ways.

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