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Deer Tick Tickets

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Top 3 Deer Tick Tracks:

Deer Tick Albums

Born on Flag Day
  • Easy
  • Little White Lies
  • Smith Hill
  • Song About A Man
  • Houston, TX
  • Straight Into a Storm
  • Friday XIII
  • The Ghost
  • Hell On Earth
  • Stung (running slightly under three minutes, followed by a three minute gap, followed by a live cover of Goodnight Irene)
The Black Dirt Sessions
  • Choir of Angels
  • Twenty Miles
  • Goodbye, Dear Friend
  • Piece by Piece and Frame by Frame
  • Sad Sun
  • Mange
  • When She Comes Home
  • Hand In My Hand
  • I Will Not Be Myself
  • Blood Moon
  • Christ Jesus (a new re-recorded version of the same track from War Elephant)
Divine Providence
  • The Bump
  • Funny Word
  • Let's All Go to the Bar
  • Clownin Around
  • Main Street
  • Chevy Express
  • Something to Brag About
  • Walkin Out the Door
  • Make Believe
  • Now It's Your Turn
  • Electric
  • Miss K. (Miss K. ends at 3:18 and an unlisted cover of Paul Westerberg's Mr Cigarette begins at 33:37[3])
  • The Rock
  • The Curtain
  • Just Friends
  • The Dream's In The Ditch (Ian Patrick O'Neil)
  • Mirror Walls
  • Mr. Sticks
  • Trash
  • Thyme (Dennis Michael Ryan)
  • In Our Time (Ft: Vanessa Carlton)
  • Hey Doll
  • Pot Of Gold
  • Big House

Deer Tick Members

  • John Joseph McCauley
  • Christopher Dale Ryan
  • Dennis Michael Ryan
  • Ian Patrick O'Neil
  • Robert Barry Crowell

Todays Deer Tick Tickets

We have tickets for Deer Tick tomorrow at $191. Cheap tickets for Deer Tick this Friday sell for $191. You will always find cheap Deer Tick tickets everyday, up until the last minute before the Deer Tick concert.

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Low: $29.00

High: $191.00

Cheap Deer Tick Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$20.00 Deer Tick — 12/30/2014
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
$20.00 Deer Tick — 12/26/2014
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
$29.00 Deer Tick — 09/19/2017
Terminal West; Atlanta, GA
$30.00 Deer Tick — 12/29/2014
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
$32.00 Deer Tick — 12/30/2015
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
$32.00 Deer Tick — 11/11/2017
Teragram Ballroom; Los Angeles, CA
$41.00 Deer Tick — 09/17/2017
Saturn; Birmingham, AL
$42.00 Deer Tick — 12/27/2014
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
$42.00 Deer Tick — 11/26/2017
The Met; Pawtucket, RI
$50.00 Deer Tick — 11/12/2017
Crescent Ballroom; Phoenix, AZ

Best and Most Expensive Deer Tick Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$191.00Deer Tick — 09/22/2017
Haw River Ballroom; Saxapahaw, NC
$191.00Deer Tick — 10/31/2017
The Urban Lounge; Salt Lake City, UT
$191.00Deer Tick — 11/10/2017
Belly Up Tavern; Solana Beach, CA
$191.00Deer Tick — 10/27/2017
Black Sheep; Colorado Springs, CO
$191.00Deer Tick — 11/02/2017
The Bartlett; Spokane, WA
$191.00Deer Tick — 10/22/2017
Bluebird Nightclub; Bloomington, IN
$191.00Deer Tick — 10/24/2017
Codfish Hollow Barnstormers; Maquoketa, IA
$191.00Deer Tick — 10/21/2017
Metro Smart Bar; Chicago, IL
$191.00Deer Tick — 11/07/2017
The Independent; San Francisco, CA
$191.00Deer Tick — 11/04/2017
Neumos; Seattle, WA