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Few artists have made as big of an impact on the electronic and rap music worlds as Diplo, the DJ, producer, rapper, and songwriter that has made his mark not only as a solo artist but as a producer and collaborator who works with big hip-hop, electronic, and dubsteb stars. But Diplo’ success in the music world was far from preordained. When he was born in the deep south, there was little about Thomas Wesley Pentz that would suggest he was destined to perform, record, and produce some of the biggest dance and hip-hop songs of the 2000s.

The man that would become Diplo was born Thomas Wesley Pentz in Tupelo, Mississippi on November 10, 1978. He grew up primarily in Miami, Florida, where he was first exposed to the thumping beats and iconic bass of the Miami music and club scenes. It was in his youth that Pentz first got hooked on the idea of making his own music. Diplo record deals and Diplo tickets were still a pipe dream, Pentz didn’t mind putting together his beats without the support of a major label. He was heavily influenced by the home-grown rap scene, and toiled away with a DIY ethic. It was his constant hard work and willingness to incorporate sounds from different areas of the electronic and rap worlds that would eventually help him find fame – but his success was still years away.

Diplo headed to college at the University of Central Florida but soon transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia. Philadelphia was a good fit for the young performer, thanks to its vibrant DJ and party scene. To this day, Diplo still maintains a presence in Philadelphia through his recording studio and performance space, “the Mausoleum.”

Diplo DJ’d in Philadelphia, working in clubs and hosting parties. He soon began a collaboration with fellow DJ Low Budget. Together, the two formed a DJ duo called Hooked and Hollertronix in 2003. Hooked and Hollertronix DJ’d some of the biggest parties in Philadelphia that year, and their success opened the door for them to record. The immediately took advantage of their shot. Diplo and Low Budget released a Hooked and Hollertronix mixtape that year, and both also recorded solo material.

The Hooked and Hollertronix mixtape Never Scared drew more attention to the group, as it was named one of the best albums of the year by the New York Times. Building on the success of his group, Diplo released his solo debut in 2004. Called Florida, it featured a quieter, more thoughtful tone that the upbeat party aesthetic that had made Hooked and Hollertronix such a success. The album got favorable reviews and become a favorite of fans. For the first time, Diplo tickets – and not just Hooked and Hollertronix ones – were a hot commodity.

Diplo’s success was building, though it was still largely limited to the DJ community. He used his Hooked and Hollertronix money to set up “the Mausoleum,” a recording studio and event space in Philadelphia. He began to connect with other up-and-coming stars, including M.I.A., who he met while performing in London in the early 2000s. The two bonded over their shared love of film and music, and soon collaborated on a mixtape. Diplo and M.I.A. began dating, and their close personal and professional relationships kept their careers intertwined for a half a decade. Diplo continued to work with M.I.A. and eventually co-produced her monster hit “Paper Planes” in 2008. The couple split that same year.

Diplo albums and Diplo tickets were still selling well in the late 2000s, but now Diplo had another job title: producer. His success with “Paper Planes” put him on the map and he soon collaborated with big-name stars like Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars, and Shakira. Diplo also brought in brand-new acts from Brazil, trying to promote the favela music scene that he had fallen in love with during his visits there. Diplo released albums through his own record label, Mad Decent, which he had fallen in love with in 2005.

Diplo also founded a new group of his own in the late 2000s. He’d met London-based DJ Switch when working with M.I.A. – Switch was the other producer on “Paper Planes” – and the two DJ/producers soon decided to start a group together. They called themselves Major Lazer. The group released its first album, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, in 2009. They’ve since released two more records and have received significant critical acclaim. The same fans who rush to buy Diplo tickets have also embraced Major Lazer, which has become one of Diplo’s most important projects. While Switch has left the group, Diplo has stayed on with new members Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.

Major Lazer isn’t Diplo’s only well-known collaboration. He’s also teamed up with popular dubstep performer Skillrex to form the duo Jack Ü. The two released an album together and have performed together several times.

By this time, Diplo was well established as one of electronic and rap music’s most important and most influential stars. Though he still did much of his work behind the scenes, working as a producer or performing as a collaborator under a group name, his touch was unmistakable on every track that he worked on.

Diplo’s wide range of collaborative efforts and his career as a producer help illustrate how varied his musical tastes and styles can be. He’s all over the place, from hip-hop to EDM to dubstep, bringing new ideas to new genres and improving the work of his fellow stars. Few artists working today can boast as broad a view of the musical world and as varied a style, yet Diplo’s work is always recognizable. It’s his innovative style that keeps fans lining up for Diplo tickets and Diplo albums, and those same fans are just as interested in his work as a producer and a collaborator. For Diplo, there’s something to love about every aspect of the music world, whether it be songwriting, recording, performing, producing, or collaborating. Diplo does it all – and his fans love it all.

Top 3 Diplo Tracks:

Boy Oh Boy
Big lost

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Penns Landing; Philadelphia, PA
$32.00 Diplo — 04/23/2016
Pool at Talking Stick Resort; Scottsdale, AZ
$33.00 Diplo — 10/29/2017
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$50.00 Shaggfest: Diplo and Travis Scott — 05/21/2016
Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach; Virginia Beach, VA
$52.00 Diplo — 06/19/2015
Encore Beach Club; Las Vegas, NV
$64.00 Diplo — 10/20/2017
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$70.00 Diplo — 11/25/2017
Echostage; Washington, DC
$71.00 Life In Color — 01/17/2015
Lansing Center; Lansing, MI
$72.00 Diplo — 08/19/2017
Encore Beach Club; Las Vegas, NV

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$273.00Diplo — 05/23/2015
Surrender Nightclub at Encore; Las Vegas, NV
$236.00Ottawa Bluesfest — 07/08/2015
Lebreton Flats; Ottawa, ON
$223.00Diplo — 05/30/2015
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$189.00Diplo — 05/02/2015
Surrender Nightclub at Encore; Las Vegas, NV
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$120.00Diplo — 07/26/2017
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$118.00Diplo — 10/04/2014
Emo's; Houston, TX
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Cowboys; Calgary, AB
$111.00Diplo — 12/30/2014
Echostage; Washington, DC