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Top 3 Dream Theater Tracks:

Behind the Veil
Along For the Ride
As I Am

Dream Theater Albums

Falling into Infinity
  • New Millennium
  • You Not Me
  • Peruvian Skies
  • Hollow Years
  • Burning My Soul
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Lines in the Sand
  • Take Away My Pain
  • Just Let Me Breathe
  • Anna Lee
  • Trial of Tears I. It's Raining II. Deep in Heaven III. The Wasteland
  • 78:12
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
  • Scene One: Regression (music: Petrucci)
  • Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
  • Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu
  • Scene Three: I. Through My Words (music: Petrucci)
  • Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
  • Scene Four: Beyond This Life
  • Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
  • The Glass Prison I. Reflection II. Restoration III. Revelation
  • Blind Faith
  • Misunderstood
  • The Great Debate
  • Disappear
  • 54:18
Train of Thought
  • As I Am
  • This Dying Soul IV. Reflections of Reality (Revisited) V. Release
  • Endless Sacrifice
  • Honor Thy Father
  • Vacant (music: Myung, Rudess)
  • Stream of Consciousness
  • In the Name of God
  • 69:21
  • The Root of All Evil VI. Ready VII. Remove
  • The Answer Lies Within
  • These Walls
  • I Walk Beside You
  • Panic Attack
  • Never Enough
  • Sacrificed Sons
  • Octavarium I. Someone Like Him II. Medicate (Awakening) III. Full Circle IV. Intervals V. Razor's Edge
  • 75:44
Systematic Chaos
  • In the Presence of Enemies - Part I I Prelude II Resurrection
  • Forsaken
  • Constant Motion
  • The Dark Eternal Night
  • Repentance VIII Regret IX Restitution
  • Prophets of War
  • The Ministry of Lost Souls
  • In the Presence of Enemies - Part II III Heretic IV The Slaughter of the Damned V The Reckoning VI Salvation
  • 78:41
Black Clouds & Silver Linings
  • A Nightmare to Remember
  • A Rite of Passage
  • Wither (music: Petrucci)
  • The Shattered Fortress X. Restraint XI. Receive XII. Responsible
  • The Best of Times
  • The Count of Tuscany
  • 75:25
A Dramatic Turn of Events
  • On the Backs of Angels
  • Build Me Up, Break Me Down
  • Lost Not Forgotten
  • This Is the Life
  • Bridges in the Sky
  • Outcry
  • Far from Heaven (LaBrie)
  • Breaking All Illusions (Myung, Petrucci)
  • Beneath the Surface
  • 77:01
Dream Theater
  • False Awakening Suite I. Sleep Paralysis II. Night Terrors III. Lucid Dream (instrumental; music by Petrucci, Rudess)
  • The Enemy Inside
  • The Looking Glass
  • Enigma Machine (instrumental; music by Petrucci, Rudess, Myung, Mangini)
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Behind the Veil
  • Surrender to Reason (lyrics by Myung)
  • Along for the Ride (music by Petrucci, Rudess)
  • Illumination Theory I. Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire (instrumental) II. Live, Die, Kill III. The Embracing Circle (instrumental) IV. The Pursuit of Truth V. Surrender, Trust & Passion (includes a hidden instrumental track)
  • 68:01
When Dream and Day Unite
  • A Fortune in Lies
  • Status Seeker
  • The Ytse Jam (music: Petrucci, John Myung, Kevin Moore, Mike Portnoy)
  • The Killing Hand I The Observance II Ancient Renewal III The Stray Seed IV Thorns V Exodus
  • Light Fuse and Get Away
  • Afterlife
  • The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
  • Only a Matter of Time
  • 51:25
Images and Words
  • Pull Me Under
  • Another Day
  • Take the Time
  • Surrounded
  • 6:00
  • Caught in a Web
  • Innocence Faded
  • A Mind Beside Itself: I. Erotomania
  • A Mind Beside Itself: II. Voices
  • A Mind Beside Itself: III. The Silent Man (music: Petrucci)
  • The Mirror
  • Lie
  • Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
  • Scarred
  • Space-Dye Vest (music: Moore)
  • 74:56

Dream Theater Members

  • John Myung
  • John Petrucci
  • James LaBrie
  • Jordan Rudess
  • Mike Mangini

Todays Dream Theater Tickets

You will always find cheap Dream Theater tickets everyday, up until the last minute before the Dream Theater concert.

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Low: $19.00

High: $146.00

Cheap Dream Theater Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$5.00 Dream Theater — 04/20/2016
Oakdale Theatre; Wallingford, CT
$8.00 Dream Theater — 04/18/2016
Palace Theatre Albany; Albany, NY
$11.00 Dream Theater — 05/01/2016
State Theatre; Minneapolis, MN
$12.00 Dream Theater — 04/23/2016
Radio City Music Hall; New York, NY
$13.00 Dream Theater — 04/16/2016
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts; Toronto, ON
$19.00 Dream Theater — 11/15/2017
Orpheum Theatre - MA; Boston, MA
$19.00 Dream Theater — 04/19/2016
Orpheum Theatre - MA; Boston, MA
$22.00 Dream Theater — 05/07/2016
Wiltern Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$24.00 Dream Theater — 11/18/2017
Paramount Theatre; Asbury Park, NJ
$30.00 Dream Theater — 04/30/2016
The Chicago Theatre; Chicago, IL

Best and Most Expensive Dream Theater Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$210.00Dream Theater — 05/03/2016
Paramount Theatre; Denver, CO
$161.00Dream Theater — 10/07/2016
Kirby Center; Wilkes Barre, PA
$146.00Dream Theater — 11/03/2017
The Chicago Theatre; Chicago, IL
$131.00Dream Theater — 11/08/2017
Palace Theatre (Greensburg); Greensburg, PA
$129.00Dream Theater — 10/25/2016
Lakewood Civic Auditorium; Lakewood, OH
$127.00Dream Theater — 05/06/2016
Wiltern Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$125.00Dream Theater — 10/26/2017
Wiltern Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$112.00Dream Theater — 05/10/2016
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall; Portland, OR
$105.00Dream Theater — 04/29/2016
Royal Oak Theatre; Royal Oak, MI
$91.00Dream Theater — 11/21/2017
Paramount Theatre Huntington; Huntington, NY