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Singer-songwriter and pianist Elton John is one of the most successful musicians in history. He’s been writing and recording monster hits for more than 50 years – at one point, he’d maintained a constant presence on the Billboard Hot 100 for thirty straight years. He’s received countless awards and honors, including six Grammys and British knighthood.

Elton John’s incredibly successful career had its roots in his childhood. John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947. His parents didn’t marry until he was six years old, and he was raised largely by his grandparents. The boy that would become Elton John fell in love with music early, but not everyone thought that was such a good idea. His father, a military man, tried to convince him to pursue a more reliable way of making a living. Though both of Elton John’s parents were lovers of music, his father was very much against the idea of his son committing his whole life to the passion.

But Elton John’s love of music couldn’t be contained. A pianist since the age of three, John enjoyed classical training that would later help guide his songwriting. When his mother and father divorced, he gained a more accepting home thanks to his mother and her new husband. Young Elton John began performing in public at 15, after his mother and stepfather helped get him a gig playing piano on weekends in a pub. There were no such thing as Elton John tickets or albums in those days – he wasn’t even going by that stage name yet – but the flourish that would make him a star was already visible.

Elton played in a couple of bands around this time, too. Most notably, he formed Bluesology, a group that caught on as a backing band for American R&B acts like the Isley Brothers. But John’s big break wouldn’t come on stage – instead, he’d get recognized for his songwriting talents.

In 1967, Elton John answered an ad for a songwriter. When the record company executive who had placed the ad asked Elton to work with lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, a partnership was formed that would last a lifetime. Together with Taupin, Elton John wrote a series of songs for other performers in 1967 and 1968.

In 1969, the pair decided to try something new: they wrote more complex songs (they’d focused on easy listening music in most of their prior work) and had Elton John himself record them. The man who was still known as Reginald Dwight adopted a new name for his first album: Elton John. The debut album was called Empty Sky, and it showed a lot of promise – though it failed to make much of a splash on the album charts.

It was the follow-up to Empty Sky, the self-titled Elton John, that would put Elton on the map. The songs “Your Song” and “Border Song” were hits on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and the album charted at numbers 4 and 5, respectively, on the US and UK album charts.

Elton John was a star: his albums were selling, and fans around the world suddenly wanted Elton John tickets. Elton didn’t waste his chance: he released nine more albums from 1970-1976, an incredibly prolific run. The early 70s saw the release of many of Elton John’s most iconic records: Madman Across the Water (1971), Honky Château (1972), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975) were all released within a few years of each other.

The late 70s saw Elton John greet the first hardships of his career. He announced that he was done performing live, parted ways with collaborator Bernie Taupin, and tried out disco music in his poorly received album Victim of Love. Fortunately, none of these changes stuck. John reunited with Taupin a few years later and, in 1983, he released “I’m Still Standing” and “I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues,” two hits that helped re-establish him as a superstar.

John was back on top in the 1980s, and he also made an important announcement about his personal life. After his 1984 marriage failed, John came out as gay in 1988. He had previously stated that he was bisexual, but had never before embraced his homosexuality. In the years since his announcement, John has become an important force in the LGBTQ world, campaigning for important queer issues like AIDS awareness.

In the 1990s, John continued to dominate the pop charts and write iconic songs. He collaborated with Tim Rice on the sounds for Disney’s The Lion King, winning an Academy Award for “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” In 1997, he re-wrote his hit “Candle in the Wind” to honor Princess Diana. The new version became the fastest-selling and best-selling single in music history. It went “diamond” – platinum ten times over – in the United States. It was the only single ever to do so in history.

In the 2000s, Elton John continued to innovate. He signed a deal to perform shows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and fans rushed to buy Elton John tickets in the exclusive venue. He toured with fellow piano-rock superstar Billy Joel in the Face to Face tour, which ran for years in the late 2000s. He performed at Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Elton even promoted Ed Sheeran’s career by agreeing to perform with him at the Grammys.

Nearly 50 years after he released his first album, Elton John is as important as ever to the music industry. His unique songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin – the two are never in the same room when writing songs together – has produced some of the most iconic songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. John does it all, from movie soundtracks to live shows, and he does it all well. Fans lucky enough to get their hands on Elton John tickets know that the singer-songwriter can still bring power and emotion to his live performances, which routinely sell out. Elton John is a living legend, and his talent for writing and performing is unmatched.

Top 3 Elton John Tracks:

Step Into Christmas
Candle in the Wind
I'm Still Standing

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