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Top 3 Emancipator Tracks:

Minor Cause
Black Lake
Old Devil

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High: $58.00

Cheap Emancipator Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$7.00 Emancipator — 10/09/2015
Georgia Theatre; Athens, GA
$26.00 Emancipator — 11/21/2015
Belly Up Tavern; Solana Beach, CA
$27.00 Emancipator — 02/08/2018
Majestic Theatre; Detroit, MI
$31.00 Emancipator — 11/13/2015
Roseland Theater; Portland, OR
$31.00 Emancipator — 10/16/2015
Theatre of Living Arts; Philadelphia, PA
$32.00 Emancipator — 10/31/2015
Mill City Nights; Minneapolis, MN
$34.00 Emancipator — 01/30/2018
Higher Ground; Burlington, VT
$34.00 Emancipator — 01/31/2018
Paradise Rock Club; Boston, MA
$39.00 Emancipator — 10/17/2015
Playstation Theater; New York, NY
$43.00 Emancipator — 10/13/2015
Northern Lights; Clifton Park, NY

Best and Most Expensive Emancipator Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$270.00Summer Camp Music Festival - 3 Day Pass — 05/27/2016
Three Sisters Park; Chillicothe, IL
$107.00Beats Antique with Shpongle and Emancipator — 10/19/2014
Riviera Theatre (Chicago); Chicago, IL
$70.00Emancipator — 10/22/2015
Vogue Theatre - Vancouver; Vancouver, BC
$70.00Emancipator — 10/10/2015
Marathon Music Works; Nashville, TN
$60.00Beats Antique with Shpongle and Emancipator — 10/18/2014
Riviera Theatre (Chicago); Chicago, IL
$58.00Emancipator — 08/27/2017
Red Rocks Amphitheatre; Morrison, CO
$56.00Emancipator — 10/15/2015
Paradise Rock Club; Boston, MA
$55.00Emancipator — 04/17/2015
Galaxy Theatre; Santa Ana, CA
$52.00Emancipator — 11/12/2015
Commodore Ballroom; Vancouver, BC
$46.00Emancipator — 10/08/2015
Variety Playhouse; Atlanta, GA