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Few figures in music history have had as much of an impact as Eric Clapton, the guitarist and singer-songwriter who has been making great music for more than five decades. Since the days when “Clapton is God” first started being scrawled on British bathroom stalls in the early 60s, Clapton has been without peers in the world of rock guitar music. He’s the only musician in history to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three separate times (as a solo artist and as a member of both the Yardbirds and Cream). He’s won an unbelievable 18 Grammy awards, and he’s still making new albums. Eric Clapton tickets are still hot sellers, and Clapton continues to innovate and refine his iconic sound.

Of course, Clapton wasn’t born a superstar. In fact, there wasn’t much about his early life that suggested he was destined for fame and fortune – though there was plenty to suggest that he’d try to make his way in music. Clapton was born in 1945 to a 16-year-old Surrey girl. He was the son of a Canadian soldier who returned to Canada after the war and played no part in raising his son. Clapton was raised by his maternal grandparents, believing for much of his young life that his mother was actually his sister.

At thirteen, Clapton got his first guitar as a birthday present. It was a German-made Hoyer guitar, and at first its tough steel strings didn’t appeal to Clapton. But at around age 15, Clapton picked his neglected guitar back up and began a love affair with the instrument that would last his whole life. Soon, playing guitar was all he wanted to do. He was dismissed from the Kingston College of Art because he would focus on nothing besides his music, but the teenaged Clapton hardly cared. He began playing gigs around London with various groups, including the Roosters and Casey Jones & the Engineers. In 1963, the teenaged Clapton joined the Yardbirds, and was on his way.

Clapton played with the Yardbirds from 1963 to 1965, and soon it seemed like everyone in England was talking about young Clapton. The Yardbirds’ first major hit, 1965’s “For Your Love,” featured Clapton on guitar – but Clapton, upset with the Yardbirds’ turn towards more a more commercial sound, left the band the same year. He spent a few months with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, took a break, and returned – but it was clear that the Bluesbreakers wouldn’t be a long-term solution for Clapton. He left the Bluesbreakers in 1966 and joined Cream, a supergroup that also included drummer Ginger Baker and bassist Jack Bruce.

Cream toured the United States soon after its formation, giving American fans one of their first chances to get Eric Clapton tickets. It was in the U.S. that Cream would record Disraeli Gears, a landmark album in the history of British blues-rock. Cream brought Clapton the international fame that he’d flirted with since his time in the Yardbirds. But at the peak of its power, Cream dissolved: drug use and egos combined to bring down the supergroup, and Clapton was on his own once again.

Clapton and Cream guitarist Ginger Baker got back together to form the supergroup Blind Faith in 1969. Blind Faith released one album – an instant classic – but the group, like Cream before it, soon dissolved. Clapton didn’t slow down, though: he continued to tour as a solo act and with other groups. He played with John Lennon and George Harrison, continuing relationships that had existed since the Beatles’ heyday (Clapton’s relationship with the Beatles was so strong that he was, at one point, rumored to be replacing George Harrison on guitar).

Clapton was undeniably a star, but he wasn’t fully comfortable with that idea. He wanted to show his fans that he could use his guitar to accompany music, not just dominate it. With that in mind, he formed Derek and the Dominos, a band that also included guitarist Duane Allman. This band, too, would prove to be short lived. But before the group split in 1971, they recorded “Layla,” one of Clapton’s most enduring hits. The song was a love letter to Pattie Boyd – the wife of Clapton’s close friend, George Harrison.

The 1970s were a tough time in Clapton’s personal life – he was infatuated with Boyd and addicted to drugs. But his musical career took off in this period. Clapton began to release solo material and play more shows as a solo act. For the first time, fans could buy Eric Clapton tickets and truly just see Eric Clapton: alone, playing the music he wrote himself. Fans loved it, and critics did, too. Clapton released a string of huge hits in the 1970s. His albums Eric Clapton (1970), 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974), There’s One in Every Crowd (1975), No Reason to Cry (1976), Slowhand (1977), and Backless (1978) all came out in the decade. It was the most prolific decade of Clapton’s solo career.

By the end of the 1970s, Clapton had quit using heroin, a drug that plagued him in the earlier part of the decade. He married Pattie Boyd in 1979 and seemed relatively stable. But substance abuse caught up with him again in the 1980s, when he admitted he was an alcoholic. He headed to rehab in the early 1980s, but his output suffered.

Clapton made a resurgence in the 1990s. He wrote “Tears in Heaven,” a brilliant song that had its roots in tragedy: Clapton’s son died that year at just four years old after falling out of an apartment building window.

In the 2000s, Clapton returned to the blues styles that had so influenced him early in his career. He made collaborative records with blues legends B.B. King (Riding With the King, 2000) and J.J. Cale (The Road to Escondido, 2006). In between, Clapton continued to make strong solo records. He also toured, giving a new generation of fans the chance to grab Eric Clapton tickets for the first time. Now in his 70s, Clapton remains one of the music world’s most talented and iconic guitarists – a living legend and a great performer.

Top 3 Eric Clapton Tracks:

Tears in Heaven
I Shot The Sheriff
After Midnight

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Royal Albert Hall; London, UK
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Royal Albert Hall; London, UK
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Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$124.00Eric Clapton — 05/15/2015
Royal Albert Hall; London, UK
$118.00Eric Clapton — 05/02/2015
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Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
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