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Everclear Bio

When Everclear burst one the scene in the 1990s, they won themselves a generation of fans. Their punk-grunge aesthetic was as tough and pure as the alcohol they’d named their band after, and the group’s brand of Northwestern disillusionment caught on quickly among Gen-Xers. But Everclear wasn’t a flash in the pan: in the years since their 90s heyday, they’ve held onto a dedicated core fanbase that can be counted upon to snatch up Everclear tickets wherever they go on sale. Frontman Art Alexakis has kept the group going through tough times, shaping Everclear into a project that more closely mirrors his artistic vision. The band still records and tours all over the world, bringing both 90s nostalgia and impressive new materials to their fans in the United States and beyond.

Life may be good now, but Everclear frontman Art Alexakis hasn’t always had it easy. He was raised by a single mother after his father walked out on the family. Alexakis spent his youth in the Los Angeles slums, where he ended up with a drug habit that he’d struggle with for much of his youth. Moving around didn’t help, though Alexakis found himself doing that often: he lived for a time with his father’s family in Houston and spent short stints elsewhere in the country. None of it seemed to help his problems with drugs, which followed him no matter where his parents sent him.

Alexakis finally managed to kick his drug addiction after a near-fatal cocaine overdose served as a wake-up call. After getting clean, he plunged headlong into a healthier obsession: music. He toiled for years in the Los Angeles music scene before heading up to San Francisco, where he hoped it would be easier to get noticed. There, he founded his own record label and tried to make his way in the growing Cowpunk (country-influenced punk/new wave) scene. Things went well for a time, but 1992 was a rough year for Alexakis, and both his label and his early 90s Cowpunk band dissolved before he could make it big. When his girlfriend got pregnant, Alexakis and she decamped for her hometown of Portland, Oregon, believing that a change of scenery could help him change his fortunes.

As fate would have it, that’s exactly what happened. Alexakis put an ad in the local music paper, The Rocket, looking for new bandmates. Bassist Craig Montoya and drummer Scott Cuthbert answered that ad, and Everclear was born.

Things were tough for Everclear early on. They recorded in a friend’s basement and were barely making ends meet. But this desperation bred creativity, and the group soon had their first EP, Nervous & Weird. By 1993, they had their first full-length album. That debut, World of Noise, was released that year by a small Portland record company called Tim/Kerr Records.

Everclear had a great album, but they didn’t yet have a big audience. Tim/Kerr lacked the resources to make their strong record a true hit, so Alexakis hired promoters to help it along. The band also sought a major-label deal. As the grunge movement grew, they found that they had suitors. After hearing multiple bids, Everclear chose Capitol Records. The same year, the band booted Cuthbert and replaced him with former Jollymon drummer Greg Eklund.

Everclear’s first major label release was Sparkle & Fade (1995). The album was released to mild initial success, but sales grew quickly on the success of “Santa Monica,” the second single off of the record. Eventually, the album went platinum. Everclear tickets and copies of Sparkle & Fade were selling at a clip that Alexakis could hardly have dreamed of just a few years earlier.

The band headed back to the studio to record a follow-up to Sparkle & Fade. The resulting record, So Much For the Afterglow (1997) is perhaps the band’s best-known record, but it built its success in the same slow way as Sparkle & Fade had. It wasn’t until the band released the third single from the record, “Father of Mine,” that they really hit the big time.

The band toured the world after the success of So Much For the Afterglow, but circumstances almost ended Everclear’s run for good that year. On multiple occasions during the tour’s stops in Australia, fan misbehavior injured band members. Alexakis was twice hit with shoes thrown from the crowds, and the stressed-out band was soon feuding. After nearly breaking up, the band cancelled several Australian tour dates and got out of the country. It would be more than 15 years before Australian fans would get another chance to buy Everclear tickets.

Alexakis’ next project was supposed to be a solo album, but he decided at the last minute to bring in his Everclear bandmates and create Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile. The album was well received, but the follow-up, Songs from an American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude, led to confusion among consumers, who weren’t sure which album was which (or if there were two at all). Things went further south for the group when their next album, Slow Motion Daydream, got little support from their label. Everclear left Capitol Records, and Montoya and Eklund bailed on the group.

Alexakis, however, would not give up. He assembled a new lineup and headed back to the studio to record Welcome to the Drama Club (2006). The album was released on an independent label, which allowed Alexakis more creative freedom.

Alexakis had always been the driving force behind Everclear. Now he had complete control. Suddenly, Everclear was able to do more with their sound: they even released an album of covers. In the years since the band’s split with Capitol, Everclear has featured Alexakis and a rotating supporting cast. They’ve released three independent releases: the aforementioned Welcome to the Drama Club (2006), Invisible Stars (2012), and Black is the New Black (2015). In between, the group has toured, giving a new and old fans alike – including, at last, those in Australia – the chance to buy Everclear tickets again.

Top 3 Everclear Tracks:

Santa Monica
Heroin Girl
One Hit Wonder

Everclear Albums

Invisible Stars
  • Tiger in a Burning Tree
  • Falling in a Good Way
  • Be Careful What You Ask For
  • Volcano
  • Santa Ana Wind (Alexakis, David Walsh)
  • Wishing (Alexakis, Chloe Lowery)
  • I Am Better Without You
  • Aces
  • Jackie Robinson
  • The Golden Rule
  • Rocket for the Girl
  • Promenade
  • 38:22
So Much for the Afterglow
  • So Much for the Afterglow
  • Everything to Everyone
  • Ataraxia (Media Intro) (Actually an excerpt from The Relaxed Wife.)
  • Normal Like You
  • I Will Buy You a New Life
  • Father of Mine
  • One Hit Wonder
  • El Distorto de Melodica
  • Amphetamine
  • White Men in Black Suits
  • Sunflowers
  • Why I Don't Believe in God
  • Like a California King / Hating You for Christmas

Everclear Members

  • Art Alexakis
  • Sean Winchester

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$0.00 Summerland 2015 Ft. Everclear, Toadies, Fuel & American Hi Fi — 07/23/2015
The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy; Saint Louis, MO
$5.00 Summerland Tour — 06/12/2015
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park; Alpharetta, GA
$10.00 Summerland Tour — 07/11/2015
Headwaters Park; Fort Wayne, IN
$16.00 Everclear — 07/16/2015
Cedar Park Center; Cedar Park, TX
$18.00 Summerland Tour — 06/13/2015
Uptown Amphitheatre at NC Music Factory; Charlotte, NC
$20.00 Summerland Tour — 07/16/2015
Cedar Park Center; Cedar Park, TX
$21.00 Everclear — 11/08/2015
Saint Andrews Hall; Detroit, MI
$24.00 Everclear — 11/06/2015
Bogart's; Cincinnati, OH
$27.00 Summerland Tour — 06/25/2015
Sands Bethlehem Event Center; Bethlehem, PA
$28.00 Summerland Tour — 06/24/2015
House of Blues Boston; Boston, MA

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$268.00Buzzfest — 04/16/2016
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion; The Woodlands, TX
$191.00Everclear — 06/30/2017
The Republik; Honolulu, HI
$191.00Everclear — 07/03/2017
Marquee Theatre; Tempe, AZ
$115.00Summerland Tour: Sugar Ray — 07/10/2016
Lava Cantina Baton Rouge; Baton Rouge, LA
$100.00Summerland Tour: Sugar Ray — 07/08/2016
Fourth Street Live; Louisville, KY
$99.00Everclear — 11/07/2015
Vogue Theatre; Indianapolis, IN
$91.00Everclear — 11/05/2015
City Winery - Nashville; Nashville, TN
$88.00Everclear — 08/09/2015
Marquee Theatre; Tempe, AZ
$86.00Everclear — 03/21/2015
Atlantic City Convention Center; Atlantic City, NJ
$85.00Everclear — 11/11/2015
City Winery; Chicago, IL