Is there an app?

Yes! Our free 5 Star rated app is available for iPhone and Android through the iTunes and Google Play stores.

How will my tickets be sent to me?

There are a few different ways you could receive your tickets depending on which event you are attending:
  • E-ticket/Instant Download
    These tickets will be made available for download from your Order Status Page and must be printed before heading to the venue.
  • Physical
    Physical tickets will be sent to the address you provided at checkout via FedEx. Once a tracking number is created, we will send that information over to you in an email.
  • Will Call
    Tickets will be available for you at the venue’s box office. You’ll need a valid ID to pick them.
  • Local Pick Up:
    The tickets will be available for pick up at one of our partners locations near the venue. Once the order is placed, Rukkus will confirm the location and will walk you through the steps of picking up the tickets.
  • Mobile Tickets:
    Mobile tickets are QR codes that you show on your smartphone at entry to the event. If you don’t have a smartphone or would like to print the tickets out, you can do so on your Order Status Page.
  • Electronic Transfer:
    Some venues choose to scan an ID or credit card rather than a ticket. In this case, we'll walk you through how to link your ticket to the ID or card of your choice.

Will my tickets arrive before the event?

Rukkus guarantees that all tickets will arrive prior to the event. If a situation arises where the tickets you purchased will not be able to be delivered within a reasonable amount of time before the event, Rukkus will provide you comparable replacement tickets.

Why is there a different name on my tickets?

If there is a different name on your tickets, don’t worry! The name on the tickets holds no bearing as to who uses it to get into the event. The barcode is the only part of the ticket that the venue needs to validate for entry.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. Rukkus cannot offer refunds or take back tickets on completed purchases. You cannot change or cancel any orders after the sale is complete.

Can Rukkus provide the ticketing for my event?

Yes! Rukkus can facilitate the ticketing for your event whether it is a super underground house concert or a full blown music festival. Interested? Contact hi@rukkus.com to find out how to get started.

Can I sell my tickets on Rukkus?

Not at the moment. All of our energy and focus is spent on finding the cheapest tickets and creating the best customer experience on Earth.

How trustworthy is Rukkus?

Rukkus is a venture backed startup based in New York City. We work tirelessly to create a seamless ticket buying experience for our customers. We have been featured by publications such as Forbes and are active members of the Better Business Bureau.

Rukkus also guarantees all tickets will be delivered in plenty of time for the event and that all tickets are valid for entry.

How can I contact Rukkus?

You can email, call, text or write to us anytime and our Fan Ops team will always be there to help! For more info check out our Contact Us page.