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In many ways, Fetty Wap embodies what it means to be a modern music star. His breakout single, “Trap Queen,” was a uniquely Millennial achievement: it mashed up styles and took off on the web, where it went viral through streaming and iTunes sales without the help of a major label or large-scale marketing push. Fetty Wap rode the wave of his surprise hit to stardom, parlaying his success with the song into a series of hits. Now, Fetty Wap tickets and albums sell well all around the world. Fetty Wap is a true Internet age success story – but he also has the talent to back up his success. In the time since his viral breakout, he’s put together multiple top 40 hits in a very short time. Fetty Wap is the real deal, and he’s here to stay.

Fetty Wap was born William Maxwell on June 7, 1991. He’s a New Jersey native, born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, a city in the northern part of the state. Maxwell didn’t have an easy life: when he was still young, he developed glaucoma in both eyes. The doctor’s could save both eyes – though Fetty Wap can see out of his right eye, his left eye is a prosthesis.

Maxwell always had a talent for music, but it wasn’t until the 2010s that he started getting into rapping as a hobby. Maxwell began making music in earnest in 2013. It would not take him long to make his mark – only a year later, he’d have his first mega-hit.

But before “Trap Queen,” there were other songs and other recordings. Maxwell began recording under the stage name Fetty Wap, a combination of his nickname (“Fetty,” slang for money, a reference to Maxwell’s ability to quickly make cash) and a tribute to Gucci Mane (“Wap” references “GuWop,” Gucci Mane’s rap alias). The reference to Gucci Mane is telling. Gucci Mane is a major figure in the Southern Rap scene, and Southern Rap is one of Fetty Wap’s main influences. Though Fetty Wap grew up in New Jersey, far from Southern Rap hotbeds like Atlanta, he listened to a lot of Southern Rap and grew to love the style. Heavy Southern Rap influences can be heard in most of Fetty Wap’s tracks, including “Trap Queen.”

Early in his musical career, Fetty Wap only rapped. Soon, though, he felt that he needed to do something different. So he added singing to his repertoire, making music that featured both of his two talents. Soon, his singing would make him a superstar.

In 2014, Fetty Wap made the song that would become his first single and his breakout hit. “Trap Queen” was recorded in February of 2014, and Fetty Wap posted it on SoundCloud, and online music streaming service. No major label bought advertising or sold Fetty Wap tickets to promote the song – it was just presented on its own merits, free to stream online.

Fans found it. In mid-November, the plays on SoundCloud started piling up and the single began to sell on marketplaces like iTunes. Critics found the song and praised its catchy tune and upbeat style. Clubs and radio stations started to play the track, too. When all was said and done, Fetty Wap’s first single had made him a star. The single went platinum and reached number two on the Billboard charts. It received heavy airplay and was one of the year’s hottest tracks. Fetty Wap was suddenly everywhere: he was named to XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class, and he announced a new mixtape called Fetty Wap: The Mixtape.

Fetty Wap’s viral track had made him a star, but Internet fame is fleeting. Fetty Wap rushed back to the studio to maintain his success and prove that he was no one-hit wonder. He accomplished that with his second single, released in June of 2015. “679” was the second hit in a row for Fetty Wap: it peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, only a couple of spots shy of “Trap Queen’s” peak of number 2. Though Fetty Wap had proven that he was more than a viral star, his release of “679” included a nod to his viral roots – the song was released on the online video streaming service YouTube before it got any commercial release.

Fetty Wap didn’t stop with just those two hits. He released yet another track, “My Way,” which had previously appeared on SoundCloud but now became a massive mainstream hit. “My Way” peaked at number seven, and Wap followed it with yet another hit, “Again.” “Again” was an appropriate title for the song: it was the fourth straight big hit for the newcomer. Fetty Wap was recording hits again and again.

Fetty Wap’s incredible run of success matched previous hip-hop high-water marks – and set new ones, too. After the release of “My Way,” Wap was the first male rapper since Eminem to get three of his songs into the top 20 at once. The last time a male rapper had two songs in the top 10 before Fetty Wap was Lil Wayne in 2011. And Fetty Wap didn’t just have two songs in the top 10 – he had four in the top 10, the first time that any rapper had accomplished that feat in history.

Fetty Wap had his hit singles. Soon, he had his hit album. Fetty Wap released his debut record, the self-titled Fetty Wap, on September 25 of 2015. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and earned the debut rapper two Grammy nominations. Belatedly, the music industry was recognizing what fans had seen the year before, when they first started streaming “Trap Queen.”

Fetty Wap is one of hip-hop’s most exciting new acts. In a very short time, he’s done things that no hip-hop artist in history has done before. Fans who had never heard of Fetty Wap two years ago now line up for Fetty Wap tickets and buy Fetty Wap’s album, all because his great music was good enough to be noticed on its own. Fetty Wap’s multiple top 10 hits have proven that he’s no flash in the pan. The music world will be waiting to see what he accomplishes next.

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