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G-Eazy is one of hip-hop’s most important rising stars and one of the industry’s best live acts. He made his major label debut in 2014, but his story goes back much further than that – G-Eazy has long been a force in the world of hip-hop, both as a producer and as a rapper. Thanks to his legions of fans, G-Eazy tickets regularly sell out all over the country. And G-Eazy has played more than his share of those sold-out shows: he’s worked his way up from relative obscurity thanks to his work ethic.

The road to the top has been a long one for G-Eazy, and the roadblocks came early and often in his life. G-Eazy was born Gerald Earl Gillum on May 24, 1989. He was raised first in Berkley, California, and later in North Oakland. His parents were divorced, and when he was around 12 years old, his mother began to date a woman. Gillum overcame youthful confusion and began to grow close to his mother’s new girlfriend, Melissa Mills. But Mills was a manic depressive and struggled with her illness. She eventually overdosed on pills. It was Gillum, still just a boy, who came home and found his mother’s lover dead in his childhood home.

The incident deeply affected Gillum – years later, when performing as G-Eazy, he would include the incident in one of his songs. But Gillum also found solace in his love for music, which he carried with him throughout his childhood. When the time came for Gillum to head to college, he crossed the country to attend Loyola University at New Orleans. But while Gillum was leaving North Oakland far behind, he didn’t leave his love for music – he chose to major in music industry studies, a course of study that would touch on music production as well as the business side of music, including marketing.

It was around this time that G-Eazy put out one of his earliest efforts: an auto-tuned pop song called “Candy Girl.” It was released on MySpace, where it gained a viral following. G-Eazy’s breakout was still years away, but he’d gained the first of the fans that would one day lead the charge to buy his albums and G-Eazy tickets.

“Candy Girl” wasn’t G-Eazy’s only early project. He also worked on producing tracks and joined a hip-hop group back in his Bay Area home. Called The Bay Boyz, this group promoted their work on MySpace and made a small splash in the East Bay scene that also included rising rappers Lil B and Crohn. Over the following few years, G-Eazy ground away, selling G-Eazy tickets and recording mixtape after mixtape. He released three mixtapes in 2009, another in 2010, and two more in 2011.

By 2011, plays of “Candy Girl” on MySpace were rising and G-Eazy was starting to get more recognition. G-Eazy’s latest mixtape, The Endless Summer, was also getting a positive reaction. The Endless Summer was made available through a variety of websites and distributors, and it helped spread G-Eazy’s appeal across the country.

That set the stage for G-Eazy to join rapper Shwayze on a national tour. G-Eazy went on tour again the very next year, playing every stop of the Warped Tour in 2012. That same year, he self-released his debut album, Must Be Nice: The Album.

Must Be Nice: The Album continued G-Eazy’s slow but unstoppable rise to the top. It peaked at number 3 on the iTunes hip-hop charts, an impressive feat for an independent release. That made G-Eazy a big enough deal to get a gig opening for Lil Wayne’s America’s Most Wanted Tour in 2013.

After slowly building his fan base for half a decade, G-Eazy had become a mainstream commodity. The major labels took notice. Soon, G-Eazy had a deal with RCA and was hard at work recording his major-label debut. The result was These Things Happen (2014), an immediate hit. These Things Happen hit number 3 on the Billboard 200 and topped hip-hop and rap charts.

G-Eazy was finally a true superstar. He embarked on his first world tour as a headliner. G-Eazy tickets for the From the Bay to the Universe Tour sold out all around the world, as fans as far away as Australia and New Zealand got their first chance to buy G-Eazy tickets.

In 2015, G-Eazy continued his success by playing major festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits. He also headed back to the studio to record another album.

G-Eazy’s second major-label album, When It’s Dark Out, established him as a consistent force in the hip-hop community. For the second time in as many years, he had a hit album: in fact, When It’s Dark Out actually outsold his major-label debut, These Things Happen. The album’s first single, “Me, Myself & I” hit number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the most successful G-Eazy track yet. He was a long way from “Candy Girl” and its MySpace release.

G-Eazy’s road to the top wasn’t easy. He did it the hard way, putting in hours of recording and playing countless live shows in order to promote himself when no one else would. G-Eazy was largely ignored by hip-hop publications and critics, but his growing fan base eventually made him too important to ignore. By the time he hit the big time in 2012, he already had an army of fans in San Francisco’s Bay Area and all across the United States, thanks to his MySpace singles and relentless touring. Now, at the top, G-Eazy has proven himself to be a consistent hitmaker and an innovative artist. The critics, finally forced to pay attention, have pegged him as one of hip-hop's most exciting young stars.

G-Eazy has expanded his business interests since his breakout, even getting into the fashion business. But he hasn’t neglected his music career, and he’s been more prolific than ever since signing with a major label. For G-Eazy, it’s business as usual: constant live shows and lots of time in the recording studio. The only difference is that, these days, everyone is watching and listening.

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$11.00 G-Eazy with ASAP Ferg — 01/24/2016
Terminal 5; New York, NY
$11.00 G-Eazy — 01/16/2015
Webster Hall; New York, NY
$13.00 G-Eazy — 11/18/2014
Rave/Eagles Ballroom; Milwaukee, WI
$14.00 G-Eazy — 01/25/2016
Terminal 5; New York, NY
$14.00 Band Together Bay Area: Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, G-Eazy — 11/09/2017
AT&T Park; San Francisco, CA
$18.00 G-Eazy and Logic — 07/21/2016
PNC Bank Arts Center; Holmdel, NJ
$19.00 G-Eazy — 01/14/2015
Corona Theater; Montreal, PQ
$20.00 G-Eazy — 04/19/2016
Santa Barbara Bowl; Santa Barbara, CA
$21.00 G-Eazy — 04/27/2016
Sloss Furnace; Birmingham, AL
$21.00 G-Eazy — 11/18/2014
Rave/Eagles Ballroom; Milwaukee, WI

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$1,055.00G-Eazy — 04/04/2016
Shaw Conference Centre; Edmonton, AB
$305.00G-Eazy — 11/20/2014
Granada Theater (Lawrence); Lawrence, KS
$271.00G-Eazy — 04/09/2016
Reno Events Center; Reno, NV
$264.00G-Eazy — 02/17/2016
The Republik; Honolulu, HI
$255.00G-Eazy — 02/06/2015
The Warfield; San Francisco, CA
$213.00G-Eazy with ASAP Ferg — 02/01/2016
Bayou Music Center; Houston, TX
$195.00G-Eazy — 02/18/2016
The Republik; Honolulu, HI
$195.00G-Eazy with ASAP Ferg — 01/29/2016
Hard Rock Live Orlando; Orlando, FL
$193.00Life Is Beautiful Festival — 10/24/2014
Downtown Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$177.00G-Eazy — 01/03/2015
Marquee Theatre; Tempe, AZ