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With the outstanding athletes and competitive games in the NFL, the popularity of football grows every year as more people are beginning to watch and follow the game. When the Giants and Jets meet they always have great and highly competitive games when two history NFL franchises compete to win and gain bragging rights of who the better New York team is. Watching these teams battle against one another is must see football for all because of the amount of pride that is on the line and all the great players competing against each other. Some of the great players include: Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, among countless others that make up the roster of these teams. Rukkus is the only ticket site that can 100% guarantee that our sports tickets are at the cheapest costs for Giants vs. Jets games. As the game improves every year the game becomes more exciting for fans to watch and Rukkus will provide you with the best cheap tickets for the NFL games like the Giants vs. Jets! When seeking out NFL tickets at the cheapest price, make sure to look at Rukkus or call our concierge line to help you get the best and cheapest Giants vs. Jets ticket prices available.

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As players improve every season, the games in the NFL become more impressive for fans to watch. All NFL teams provide a unique atmosphere and experience for fans when they attend a game that makes the atmosphere uncomparable to another sporting event because each game is one of a kind. The prices of games such as the Giants vs. Jets have increased over time due to the improving offenses of both teams and the high profile players each team has. Allow Rukkus to give you the best price for buying tickets to the next Giants vs. Jets game. This matchup will be one for the ages!

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Rukkus is the best and easiest place for fans to access Giants vs. Jets tickets that offer great seats for a very low price. With interactive tools on Rukkus it allows users to look at the best seating in sections and are assorted by price. Allowing users to explore the best deals for buying tickets to the next great game will allow them to have the best experience possible watching an awesome NFL rivalry matchup like the Giants vs. Jets from great seats in the stadium. Allow Rukkus to give you the best NFL game experience possible and check out our great offerings.

Giants Jets Recent Match-ups

December 6, 2015 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

New York Giants: New York Jets:

The battle for New York continues as the Giants and Jets battle for bragging rights as the best football team representing New York. This latest installment of this rivalry takes place for the first time since 2011 which found the Giants coming away with the win. But both teams are almost completely different from the last time these two teams matched up. With new rosters and both teams experiencing ups and downs over the past few seasons, both squads look to take the crown as New York’s best football team. Eli Manning and the Giants will take on Darrelle Revis and the Jets in this matchup that will be one for any football fan to watch.

December 24, 2011 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)

New York Giants: 29 New York Jets: 14

Two New York teams battle for bragging rights within the state for who is the better team as the Jets and Giants meet up for a classic game. The Giants defense looked strong throughout the game as they only allowed 2 touchdowns in the game and forced 3 Jet turnovers. Scoring was consistent for the Giants as they beat their New York rival with a score of 29-14 over the Jets. Eli Manning had a decent game with 225 passing yards and 1 touchdown while RB Ahmad Bradshaw had 2 rushing touchdowns in the game. The Giants defense allowed them to come away with the win intercepting Mark Sanchez 2 times.