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Top 3 Glen Hansard Tracks:

Glen Hansard Albums

Rhythm and Repose
  • You Will Become
  • Maybe Not Tonight
  • Talking with the Wolves
  • High Hope
  • Bird of Sorrow
  • The Storm, It's Coming
  • Love Don't Leave Me Waiting
  • What Are We Gonna Do
  • Races
  • Philander
  • Song of Good Hope
  • 46:43

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Cheap Glen Hansard Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$19.00 Glen Hansard — 02/06/2015
The Social; Orlando, FL
$37.00 Glen Hansard — 09/23/2016
Cains Ballroom; Tulsa, OK
$38.00 Glen Hansard — 11/28/2015
D.A.R. Constitution Hall; Washington, DC
$39.00 Glen Hansard — 09/13/2016
Orpheum Theatre - MA; Boston, MA
$39.00 Glen Hansard — 11/17/2015
Uptown Theater; Kansas City, MO
$43.00 Glen Hansard — 09/28/2016
Birch North Park Theatre; San Diego, CA
$43.00 Glen Hansard — 09/25/2016
Stubbs Restaurant; Austin, TX
$44.00 Glen Hansard — 09/27/2016
Rialto Theatre-Tucson; Tucson, AZ
$45.00 Glen Hansard — 12/01/2015
Beacon Theatre; New York, NY
$45.00 Glen Hansard — 11/23/2015
The Pageant; St Louis, MO

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The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$273.00Glen Hansard — 03/11/2018
Walt Disney Concert Hall; Los Angeles, CA
$199.00Glen Hansard — 09/24/2016
Majestic Theatre Dallas; Dallas, TX
$149.00Glen Hansard — 09/19/2016
Massey Hall; Toronto, ON
$127.00Glen Hansard — 09/17/2016
Michigan Theater; Ann Arbor, MI
$115.00Glen Hansard — 02/10/2015
Lincoln Theatre (DC); Washington, DC
$107.00Glen Hansard — 11/21/2015
The Chicago Theatre; Chicago, IL
$101.00Glen Hansard — 02/05/2015
Ponte Vedra Concert Hall; Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
$92.00Glen Hansard — 11/20/2015
State Theatre; Minneapolis, MN
$84.00Glen Hansard — 11/24/2015
Taft Theatre; Cincinnati, OH
$66.00Glen Hansard — 09/21/2016
Vic Theatre; Chicago, IL