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A musical about the founder of the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States doesn’t exactly sound like the sort of thing that would have crowds going wild. But as anyone who has tried to get their hands on Hamilton tickets can tell you, the founding fathers can in fact make for pretty great theater. Theatergoers in New York and beyond are mad about Hamilton, the musical that tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life and work. The history behind the musical is compelling – and so is the story of the play itself, which started as an off-Broadway production and has since become a monster hit. Hamilton’s journey to the forefront of the Broadway scene hasn’t been a straightforward one, but it was always inevitable that this unforgettable musical would capture our hearts.

The story of the musical Hamilton starts with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind the production. Miranda was also the force behind In the Heights, the popular musical about New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood in northern Manhattan. It was while he was on vacation from In the Heights that Lin-Manuel Miranda first came upon the idea for Hamilton. In the airport bookshop looking for reading material for his flight, Miranda picked up a copy of a biography of Alexander Hamilton. The sensibly titled Alexander Hamilton was a scholarly biography by Ron Chernow, a historian. Chernow’s biography is an excellent book, but it is perhaps not the sort of thing that would inspire most people to make music. But Miranda is not most people, and he knew right away that he had the makings of a hit. He would develop a musical based on Chernow’s biography, he decided. He would tell the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life through song.

After researching to make sure that no recent shows had covered the same ground, Lin-Manuel Miranda put together his first songs for what would become Hamilton. A version called The Hamilton Mixtape debuted in a workshop production at Vassar College, and soon the final cast had been assembled for the play’s off-Broadway debut.

Hamilton did well as an off-Broadway show – so well, in fact, that it quickly made the jump to Broadway. Universal critical acclaim and delighted audience made a Broadway venue a necessity, so Hamilton hit the big time and made its Broadway debut at the Richard Rodgers Theatre – a place Miranda knew well as the home of his musical In the Heights. But even with more Hamilton tickets to go around, admission was still hard to come by. Hamilton continued to pack in the crowds even in the large venue. And, exposed to still more critics, generated further acclaim in publications in New York City and beyond. Audiences, of course, loved it as much as the critics did. Miranda had found the hit musical hidden within the unlikely Chernow source material.

The success has led to further big plans for Hamilton. Soon, some Hamilton tickets will list other locations besides Manhattan’s Richard Rodgers Theater: the show is going on tour and will offer a Chicago production in the coming years.

One secret to the show’s massive success is the surprisingly compelling story of Alexander Hamilton, who had a far more interesting life than stuffy portraits of him might suggest. Hamilton was not always a wealthy man: he grew up as an orphan in the Caribbean, and his town was destroyed by a hurricane when he was just 17 years old. He headed to America – then just a set of colonies, not a nation – to pursue his education.

In America, Hamilton met Aaron Burr, a man who would loom large in his life and, later, death. Hamilton wanted to emulate Burr’s success, but he found that Burr’s advice didn’t suit him. The two went their separate ways, and Hamilton instead took up with a group of revolutionary thinks. These, of course, were the same revolutionaries that would establish the United States.

Of course, we know what comes next: the founding fathers rebelled against the British monarchy and the Revolutionary War began. The musical Hamilton, like Chernow’s detailed biography, follows Hamilton throughout the Revolutionary War and beyond. Hamilton is, of course, made the first Secretary of the Treasury by President George Washington, but his political journey doesn’t begin or end there. Hamilton disagreed with some of Washington’s decisions during the war, and Washington denied Hamilton some of the power he sought. In the war and later, Hamilton dealt with other leaders besides Washington and other rivals besides Burr. The play makes use of them all, weaving a compelling portrait of Hamilton’s life and work that includes his most important conflicts, convictions, successes, and failure.

Hamilton follows its title character far beyond his years as Secretary of the Treasury. It covers his later political life, including his further disagreements with rival Aaron Burr and the impact they had on the now-defunct Federalist Party – not to mention the United States as a whole. Other famous historical figures, such as president Thomas Jefferson, appear onstage and off, influencing the action of the musical in much the same way as they influenced the history of the country. No part of Hamilton’s important life is neglected: the audience learns about his personal struggles and failures, including an illicit love affair. The play covers the entirety of Hamilton’s life and ends in the same way that Hamilton’s life did: in a duel to the death with Burr. At that moment, like every other, the play gives the audience new insights into the action, meaning that the story is never boring despite being something that we all learned about in school.

Hamilton’s success is a testament to Miranda’s skill as well as to the incredible life of Alexander Hamilton, one of our most important and most interesting Founding Fathers. There can be no surprises in the plot of a play like this – it’s all a matter of historical record, after all – but the powerful story is riveting all the same, thanks to the skillful writing, unforgettable music, and powerful live performances. No wonder fans from all over are lining up for Hamilton tickets.

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