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Hanson’s pop-rock stylings made them internationally famous in the 1990s, when they burst onto the scene with their monster hit “MMMBop” in 1997. In their late-90s heyday, the three brothers then formed Hanson were among the most popular acts in the world. Hanson tickets and copies of their major-label debut, Middle of Nowhere, sold quickly all around the world. In the years since their 1997 breakout and late-90s run of superstardom, Hanson fever has died down a bit. But the band still retains a core group of friends, and Hanson has been making quality pop rock for years under their own independent label. They’ve increasingly found ways to balance their artistic vision with their 90s legacy, pleasing fans of nostalgia as well as fans of innovation.

The Hanson brothers weren’t always famous, but they’ve been singing together for almost as long as they’ve been alive. The three brothers – Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zac Hanson – were singing together even back in the early 1990s, years before their massive major-label breakout. At the time, the three usually sang a cappella. They specialized in throwback hits like “Johnny B. Goode” and “Splish Splash.” The fledgling group’s first real performance was at the 1992 Mayfest Arts Festival in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1992. It was an important milestone for the band that was then known as the Hanson Brothers.

Though the Hanson Brothers were originally focused on acappella singing and covers of old hits, the band’s three brothers soon began to focus on writing their own original material and playing instruments. Each of the Hanson brothers learned first piano, and eventually other instruments. By the time the band reached its final form, Isaac could also play guitar and bass. Taylor and Zac, meanwhile, had mastered drums and the guitar.

In 1993, the boys changed their band’s name from the Hanson Brothers to simply Hanson, a change that fit their evolving style and move towards more modern pop music. By 1994, they were working on their first album. Boomerang (1995) didn’t have the backing of any major label – it was an independent release bankrolled by the boys’ father. They days of sold-out Hanson tickets and major-label support were still a few years away, but the young group had taken an important step.

The group’s second independent release, MMMBop (1996), was named after a track on the record. That track, of course, was “MMMBop,” the song that would later make the group internationally famous. As with Boomerang, copies of MMMBop were very limited. The group sold them at concerts and sent them to record companies, hoping to get noticed. Today, the records are rare collectors items.

The group’s big break came when they played at SXSW. There, music manager Christopher Sabec noticed them play and signed on as the group’s manager. He started shopping the band to various labels. The band caught a second break when a Mercury Records executive caught their performance at the Wisconsin State Fair. Hanson signed to Mercury and headed to the studio to record their first album.

Hanson’s debut album, Middle of Nowhere, would become their most iconic record. It was released on May 6, 1997, and it was an instant hit. The record sold 10 million copies worldwide and contained the group’s most famous hit: “MMMBop,” a re-recording of the original version that had been featured on the group’s MMMBop album.

1997 was the year of Hanson. That year, the band was everywhere. In the summer, they were featured in a documentary Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere. In the winter, the released a Christmas album. To celebrate their fame mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma declared “Hanson Day” in the city, a one-day celebration on May 6, 1997. Celebrating Hanson Day on May 6 has since become an annual tradition for Hanson fans. The band’s success continued in 1998, when they released a bestselling book (Hanson: The Official Book,/i>), earned three Grammy nominations for their 1997 album, and headlined a massively successful tour that gave fans all over the world their first chances to buy Hanson tickets.

But trouble was on the horizon for Hanson. Their second major-label album, This Time Around, finished recording just in time to see Mercury Records merge with Island Def Jam. Island Def Jam didn’t promote Hanson as vigorously as Mercury Records had, and the new album’s sales suffered. Citing the low sales, the record company pulled funding for Hanson’s next tour.

It was a turning point for Hanson. They decided to tour anyway, using their own funds to support the effort. When the record company started rejecting the group’s songs (citing marketability), they made the difficult decision to leave the label and strike back out on their own.

The Hanson brothers founded a label of their own, 3CG Records. By the mid-2000s, the band had re-emerged as a more mature and independent group. They made a documentary about their struggles with and departure from Island Def Jam, and they put out a new album, Underneath (2004).

Of course, Hanson didn’t completely leave their legendary late-90s heyday behind. They still played their old material in concert, and on May 6, 2007 (the 10th anniversary of Hanson Day), they re-recorded Middle of Nowhere in its entirety in a bar in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The band had found a way to balance its 90s fame with new material: they’d recorded the Middle of Nowhere tribute in the same year that they’d released a new album (The Walk) and a documentary series (Taking the Walk, about the production of The Walk). At the end of the year, they again paid homage to their 90s music, releasing an all-acoustic version of Middle of Nowhere.

In the years since, Hanson have continued to balance their musical vision with their retro appeal. They’ve released two new records on their independent label – Shout it Out (2010) and Anthem (2013) – and they continue to tour, giving fans with Hanson tickets the chance to hear both the classic 90s hits and the critically acclaimed new material.

Top 3 Hanson Tracks:

Hanson Albums

  • Fired Up
  • I've Got Soul
  • You Can't Stop Us
  • Get the Girl Back
  • Juliet
  • Already Home
  • For Your Love
  • Lost Without You
  • Cut Right Through Me
  • Scream and Be Free
  • Tragic Symphony
  • Tonight
  • Save Me from Myself (Encore)
3 Car Garage
  • Day Has Come
  • Two Tears
  • Thinking of You (1996 version)
  • River
  • Surely as the Sun
  • MMMBop (original version)
  • Soldier
  • Stories
  • Pictures
  • Sometimes
  • With You in Your Dreams (1996 version)

Hanson Members

  • Isaac Hanson
  • Taylor Hanson
  • Zac Hanson

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$6.00 Hanson — 11/28/2017
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$6.00 Hanson — 11/25/2017
Queen Elizabeth Theater Toronto; Toronto, ON
$6.00 Hanson — 11/29/2017
Playstation Theater; New York, NY
$9.00 Hanson — 11/24/2017
Queen Elizabeth Theater Toronto; Toronto, ON
$10.00 Hanson - 2 Night Pass — 10/24/2015
House of Blues Dallas; Dallas, TX
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House of Blues Dallas; Dallas, TX
$18.00 Hanson — 10/27/2017
House of Blues Houston; Houston, TX
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House of Blues Dallas; Dallas, TX
$26.00 Hanson — 09/13/2017
Emos; Austin, TX
$27.00 Hanson — 10/21/2017
House of Blues Anaheim; Anaheim, CA

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$355.00Hanson — 10/04/2017
The Danforth Music Hall Theatre; Toronto, ON
$257.00Hanson — 10/16/2015
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$247.00Hanson - 2 Night Pass — 10/16/2015
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$215.00Hanson — 09/27/2017
Carnegie Library Music Hall; Homestead, PA
$205.00Hanson — 10/19/2017
Aladdin Theater; Portland, OR
$159.00Hanson — 10/17/2015
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$157.00Hanson — 10/10/2017
7th Street Entry; Minneapolis, MN
$151.00Hanson — 10/14/2017
Summit Music Hall; Denver, CO
$139.00Hanson — 10/22/2015
House of Blues New Orleans; New Orleans, LA
$130.00Hanson — 09/30/2017
Playstation Theater; New York, NY