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Idina Menzel has risen to superstardom on the strength of her voice and her acting prowess. In a show business marketplace that sometimes seems to put a premium on image and marketing, Idina Menzel is an impressive example of talent triumphing over everything else. Her rise to fame as the powerful voice of Maureen Johnson in Rent and her subsequent career on Broadway, the big screen, and concert stages around the world have cemented her as one of the most iconic voices of her generation. No matter where Menzel goes, fans rush to buy Idina Menzel tickets.

Menzel earned every bit of her fame. She didn’t grow up with any industry connections – she was raised in Syosset, New York, a world away from the bright lights of Broadway. Menzel was born Idina Kim Mentzel on May 30, 1971. She later changed the spelling of her name to “Menzel,” dropping the “t” in order to emphasize the pronunciation that her Russian Jewish family had used since arriving in America two generations earlier. Music was her passion, but her family didn’t have much in the way of industry connections: her mother was a therapist, and her father was a pajama salesman. Little about the circumstances of her upbringing suggested that Menzel would one day be a superstar in the acting and music businesses.

When Idina Menzel was just 15 years old, her parents split up. It was a tough time for Menzel, but she focused on the hobby she loved: singing. She found a way to make money while singing when she began working as a professional singer at weddings and bar mitzvahs. Throughout her time in high school and in college, Menzel continued to work as a wedding and bar mitzvah singer, accumulating valuable experience and funding her dreams of stardom.

Menzel’s success as a wedding singer and her obvious talent for singing led her to focus on music in college. She attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she honed her craft. She hoped to make it big on Broadway. She didn’t have to wait long to get her first chance.

In 1995, Menzel got her first big break. She auditioned for Rent, which was then a small off-broadway production. Rent opened at the New York Theatre Workshop in 1996, but it didn’t stay there long. Its immense popularity with fans led it to be moved to Broadway.

Menzel was immediately recognized as the show’s breakout star. She won a Tony award, and critics and audiences alike praised her powerful voice and poise on stage. During the show’s initial run, Rent tickets might as well have been marketed as Idina Menzel tickets: as great as the musical was, it was clear the Menzel was stealing the show night after night.

Menzel didn’t stick with Rent forever. She left the production in 1997 and began to expand her career. She released an album as a solo singer, 1998’s Still I Can’t Be Still. The album is recognized by critics and fans now, but it was a disappointment at the time. After slow sales, it went out of print. It would remain a rarity for years, until Menzel’s second surge in fame sparked the album’s re-release.

Menzel had other acting roles in the late 90s and early 2000s, but it was her 2003 role in Wicked that would turn her from a star into a superstar. She played the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked, which was an adaptation of Gregory Maguire’s charming alternate-reality Wizard of Oz novel. As she had with Rent, Menzel stole the show. In New York, Wicked tickets became synonymous with Idina Menzel tickets. Menzel took home another Tony award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. Her disappointing debut album returned to print, suddenly in demand. Once again, Menzel was on top of the world.

By the time Menzel left Wicked in 2005, she was a true superstar. In addition to her on-stage accomplishments, she’d become an on-screen star: she reprised her role as Maureen Johnson in 2005’s film version of Rent, establishing herself as a box-office draw. She recorded an EP, Here, and self-released it in the hopes of reviving her solo recording career; the plan worked, and by 2008 she had another studio album,I Stand. By the early 2010s, Menzel was giving solo performances, giving many fans their first chance to buy Idina Menzel tickets.

In 2013, Menzel gained a new generation of fans by starring in Disney’s smash hit Frozen as a voice actress. Her powerful voice helped “Let it Go” win the Oscar for best original song at the 2014 Academy Awards. Menzel recorded a Christmas album in 2014 that cracked the top 10 on the Billboard 200 – a remarkable feat for a seasonal album, and a far cry from the disappointing performance of her initial solo release. The Christmas album joined two cast recordings (for Frozen and the musical If/Then) in the top 10 of the Billboard 200, a record for a female recording artist. That same year, the success of her solo singing career led Billboard to honor her with a Breakthrough Artist award at the Women in Music awards ceremony.

In 2015, Menzel announced her first world tour as a solo artist. For the first time, fans around the world would have the chance to buy Idina Menzel tickets and see her as a solo performer. For Menzel, who had built her solo career on the success of her stage and film career, recognition as a solo singer was the fruit of years of hard work.

Today, Menzel is a genuine superstar. She remains one of the most famous stage actresses of her generation, and her crossover success in the film and recorded music businesses have made her one of show business’ most recognizable figures. Her tours as a solo artist and with stage productions sell out all over the United States and beyond, and her returns to Broadway are a cause for celebration among New York theater fans.

Top 3 Idina Menzel Tracks:

Larissa's Lagoon
Let It Go
Defying Gravity

Idina Menzel Albums

I Stand
  • I Stand
  • Better to Have Loved
  • Brave
  • Gorgeous
  • Where Do I Begin
  • Don't Let Me Down
  • I Feel Everything
  • Forever
  • My Own Worst Enemy
  • Perfume and Promises

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$7.00 Idina Menzel — 07/11/2015
Mohegan Sun Arena; Uncasville, CT
$8.00 Idina Menzel — 07/16/2017
BB&T Pavilion; Camden, NJ
$15.00 Idina Menzel — 07/30/2017
Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie; Grand Prairie, TX
$17.00 Idina Menzel — 07/26/2017
Smart Financial Centre; Sugar Land, TX
$20.00 Idina Menzel — 10/03/2015
Hollywood Bowl; Hollywood, CA
$20.00 Idina Menzel — 07/08/2017
Bank of America Pavilion; Boston, MA
$22.00 Idina Menzel — 07/12/2015
PNC Bank Arts Center; Holmdel, NJ
$23.00 Idina Menzel — 07/16/2015
Mann Center for the Performing Arts; Philadelphia, PA
$24.35 Idina Menzel — 07/29/2017
Bass Concert Hall; Austin, TX
$24.96 Idina Menzel — 07/12/2017
Nautica Pavilion; Cleveland, OH

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$442.00Idina Menzel — 09/01/2017
Pechanga Resort and Casino Showroom; Temecula, CA
$370.00Idina Menzel — 07/11/2017
Heinz Hall; Pittsburgh, PA
$320.00Idina Menzel — 09/01/2015
Theatre Maisonneuve; Montreal, PQ
$250.00If / Then — 11/29/2014
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY
$229.00If / Then — 10/05/2014
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY
$216.00If / Then — 11/05/2014
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY
$216.00If / Then — 10/19/2014
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY
$216.00If / Then — 11/13/2014
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY
$215.00Idina Menzel — 08/19/2017
Kenley Amphitheater; Layton, UT
$206.00If / Then — 01/03/2015
Richard Rodgers Theatre; New York, NY