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After a struggling season, many are overlooking the Pacers who still remain in the playoffs. With star Paul George and other great pieces, the Pacers look to be competitive in the playoffs. Experiencing a game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse is one of a kind so pick up some Indiana Pacers tickets today with Rukkus!

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How do I buy the best price Indiana Pacers tickets?

The best way to purchase Indiana Pacers tickets is to go directly to the specific Indiana Pacers page. There you will find the entire schedule for the Pacers listed in order starting with the games that are closest in geographical location. Proceeding that will be all of their games in chronological order with games from similar teams near the bottom. After finding a seat, you can flip through the pictures taken from each seating chart for the Bankers Life Fieldhouse that provides a seat view of every possible section. If you are either looking to purchase a ticket or have already bought your seat, our seat view will give you the ability to see exactly what the view of the game will be from your seat. The interactive seating charts of Bankers Life Fieldhouse provide a convenient way to preview everything about your experience so that you are completely informed before making your game purchase.

How much do Indiana Pacers tickets cost?

Rukkus uses algorithms to find the best Indiana Pacers tickets for your budget. Whether that is cheap tickets or more expensive tickets, Rukkus has access to thousands of great value tickets at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. You may encounter a high fluctuation of NBA ticket prices. If you are having trouble finding the perfect ticket, our fan operations team will be happy to take your call and make certain that you are able to buy the best ticket out there.

Can I buy away tickets for the Indiana Pacers?

Purchasing tickets for the Indiana Pacers when they are on the road is simple. Check the schedule for the night that they will be in town and go to the Indiana Pacers page. Rukkus has every home and away game listed from tonight on through the end of the season. Regardless of whether you bought a ticket last minute or months ahead of time, rest assured that we always guarantee every ticket sold.

When do Indiana Pacers tickets go on sale?

There a couple simply ways to be notified when Pacers tickets go on sale. They are usually able to be purchased a few months before the opening game. It is also possible to setup a personal price alert for both a team or a specific game, so that you can know right away if any game information has changed. Rukkus is one of the first companies to display tickets for a NBA game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for, please email our team over at:

Can I purchase home game tickets for the Indiana Pacers?

Rukkus makes it simple to find and buy home game tickets for the Pacers. The schedule for all games happening at Bankers Life Fieldhouse are listed on the team tickets page. Since Rukkus pulls all NBA ticket information, it is a simple process to purchase home game tickets for the Pacers. Whether your home game purchase is the cheapest, most expensive, or best ticket around, you can rest assured that Rukkus always guarantees every ticket sold. If there is even an issue with your ticket purchasing experience, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for help.

What makes Bankers Life Fieldhouse special?

Bankers Life Fieldhouse was designed specifically for basketball, providing excellent sightlines and views during NBA games, unlike ice hockey games which some seats have obstructed views due to the asymmetrical arrangement of the seating. Bankers Life Fieldhouse was ranked #1 venue in the NBA three straight years in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Who are some marquee players that have been a part of the Indiana Pacers team in the past?

The Indiana Pacers have been home to many legendary NBA players over the years including legendary three point shooter, Reggie Miller. As well as Miller, the Pacers have been represented by Bobby Leonard, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, George McGinnis, and Chris Mullin to name a few.

How have the Indiana Pacers performed historically?

The Indiana Pacers have never won an NBA Championship but were lucky enough to win three ABA Championships all coming within a four year span in the 1970s. As well as their three ABA Championships, the Pacers won the Eastern Conference in 2000, and has won their respective NBA division a total six times since 1995.

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Indiana Pacers Ticket Information

An incredible experience awaits you at an Indiana Pacers basketball game. Some of the best athletes in the world compete on the court for 48 minutes of non-stop NBA action. The fans in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse rock the building as they loudly cheer on their Pacers team. You can’t match this kind of thrilling entertainment anywhere else, so pick up your Indiana Pacers tickets today!

Led by a fun cast of young, talented players, the Pacers can score points with the best competition the NBA has to offer. These skilled “ballers” show off their skills by running up and down the court with amazing speed and putting the ball through the hoop with ease. Fans of all ages can enjoy the terrific basketball that is on display when the Indiana Pacers take the court. Get your tickets today and be a part of the fun!

The outstanding action on the court is complimented by the amazing facility at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the energy surrounding a Pacers game can be felt throughout the entire city. Whether you attend local bars and restaurants or participate in tailgating outside the stadium, there is never a dull moment in Indianapolis. Grab yourself some navy and gold Pacers gear and head down to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for hours of entertaining Pacers basketball!

You will be among some of the best “hoops” fans in the world when you attend a Pacers game. Indiana appreciates good basketball and they loudly support their team at every opportunity. The rich history of the Pacers organization has provided the fan base with unforgettable moments. Come join the Pacers’ faithful as they cheer their team to continued success. Buy your Indiana Pacers tickets now!

Indiana Pacers Overview

The Indiana Pacers took a big hit prior to the 2015 season when star player Paul George went down during a team USA scrimmage with a gruesome leg injury. George caught his leg on the stanchion of the hoop while attempting to block a shot and suffered an open fracture to his tibia and fibula. The injury was devastating to the up and coming superstar and to his team in Indiana. The Pacers who also let Lance Stephenson walk in free agency during the offseason struggled in the early stages of the season and just missed the playoffs after a late push. George, who was expected to miss the entire 2015 season, actually made a return late in the year. He gave Indiana a lift in limited minutes and more than anything he provided them with optimism for the 2016 season. Paul George was drafted by Indiana out of Fresno State back in 2010. Loaded with talent but still very raw, he started relatively quiet the first two years of his career. He exploded onto the scene two years ago and took over as the franchise player, replacing Danny Granger. Once fully healthy Paul George has arguably become a top ten player in the NBA. We will have to see how he fairs after this terrible injury but if he resumes his old form, the Pacers have a star to build around going forward.

The Indiana Pacers organization was founded back in 1967 as part of the ABA. They joined the NBA in 1976 and have yet to win a championship since. The franchise started out very successful in the ABA days winning three championships in four years, but unfortunately could not translate that success to the NBA. That is not to say they have not had any successful years. In the NBA the franchise has 6 division titles and one conference championship in the year 2000. The most relevant era for the Indiana Pacers started in 1987 with the drafting of guard Reggie Miller. Miller became the face of the franchise but it took time. Success for the team also took time as the Pacers still struggled mightily in Millers first few seasons. Miller ended up playing each and every one of his 18 seasons in an Indiana jersey and along the way the team improved.

From 1989 to 1993 the Pacers were good enough to earn one of the last playoff positions but each year fell in the opening round. Going into the following season they made a coaching change and brought in coach Larry Brown. Brown immediately took them to the next level as they won their first ever playoff series. They swept the Orlando Magic in the first round and moved on to face to Atlanta Hawks who they would also defeat. They lost in the conference finals to their rivals, the New York Knicks. Reggie Miller would make a name for himself during that series, especially in game five. Miller scored 25 points in the final quarter and erased a 15 point New York lead to give Indiana the 3-2 series lead. Even though they lost the next two games that was Millers coming out party. That summer Reggie Miller won a gold medal with team USA and was the leading scorer on the team. The Pacers reached the conference finals again the following season but lost again. They added another key player alongside Miller in point guard Mark Jackson.

The next year of big change was 1997 when the team added another shooter in Chris Mullin. They also added a new coach. Larry Brown was out and the legendary Larry Bird took over the reins. Larry Bird was one of the best players ever but coaching was not for him. His coaching career was short but his ties with the Pacers organization only grew stronger. Bird is now the President of the Indiana Pacers and is attempting to build a championship roster. However, Bird did have a successful first season as a coach taking the team to the conference finals once again, but with the same results. In the 2000 season the Pacers would finally break through and earn their first finals appearance. Reggie Miller was a great clutch shooter, one of the best to ever play, but his time in Indiana came without a championship. The Pacers were a very good team during his era. They consistently contended for a championship but could never break through. Miller was another great player to fall victim to the era dominated by Michael Jordan. After Reggie Miller retired it was Danny Granger who looked to take the team to the promised land. Granger led the Pacers in scoring for five consecutive seasons. Granger ended up suffering a knee injury that still holds him back to this day. He never returned to his old form and Indiana cut bait. They since struggled until 2010 when they drafted Paul George, whom they hope can return back to his old form. Going forward Paul George is not the only question mark in the organization.

President Larry Bird declared that he wants to adopt a new playing style in the 2016 season and beyond. The Pacers have predicated their team around defense, using a very slow offensive pace in recent years, and Bird wants to change that. That brings up large question marks surrounding center Roy Hibbert and power forward David West. Both of whom employ a physical style of play and do not exactly get up and down the court at lightning speed. Bird sees how the game has changed in recent years and is attempting to evolve with it, which is a positive sign. The team already let Lance Stephenson go and if they allow Hibbert and West to walk they will be left with point guard George Hill and Paul George, followed by a string or role players. Their future is very much up in the air and this offseason could be telling as into which direction they are heading. When it comes to future everything starts with the health of Paul George.

Indiana Pacers Lineup

  • Lavoy Allen
  • Chris Copeland
  • Paul George
  • Roy Hibbert
  • George Hill
  • Solomon Hill
  • Ian Mahinmi
  • C.J. Miles
  • A.J. Price
  • Damjan Rudez
  • Luis Scola
  • Donald Sloan
  • Rodney Stuckey
  • C.J. Watson
  • David West
  • Shayne Whittington

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You will always find cheap the Indiana Pacers tickets everyday, up until the last minute before the the Indiana Pacers game.

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The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$1.00 Los Angeles Clippers at Indiana Pacers — 12/10/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 NBA Preseason: Indiana Pacers at Dallas Mavericks — 10/12/2014
American Airlines Center; Dallas, TX
$2.00 Preseason: Dallas Mavericks at Indiana Pacers — 10/18/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers — 12/08/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Preseason: Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers — 10/10/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Preseason: Minnesota Timberwolves at Indiana Pacers — 10/07/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Utah Jazz at Indiana Pacers — 11/10/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers — 11/04/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Minnesota Timberwolves at Indiana Pacers — 01/13/2015
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2.00 Portland Trail Blazers at Indiana Pacers — 12/13/2014
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN

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The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$11,702.00NBA Finals: TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 4 (If Necessary) — 06/18/2015
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$9,150.00NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Indiana Pacers at Toronto Raptors - Game 7 — 05/01/2016
Air Canada Centre; Toronto, ON
$7,130.00NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 2 — 05/20/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2,974.00NBA Finals: Indiana Pacers vs. TBD - Home Game 4 — 06/19/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2,724.00NBA Finals: Indiana Pacers vs. TBD - Home Game 3 — 06/13/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2,724.00NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 3 — 05/26/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2,724.00NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals:TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 4 — 05/15/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$2,724.00NBA Eastern Conference Finals: TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 4 — 05/30/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN
$1,797.00Indiana Pacers at Brooklyn Nets — 03/26/2016
Barclays Center; Brooklyn, NY
$1,180.00NBA Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: TBD at Indiana Pacers - Home Game 4 — 04/30/2016
Bankers Life Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, IN