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Janet Jackson was born to be a star. As the youngest child of the Jackson family, she was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age. But it’s not Jackson’s rapid rise to fame that has made her such an important figure in the music business. Instead, it’s been her longevity as a performing artist. For more than four decades, Jackson has made pop music that transcends the genre, addressing social issues through music and wowing critics and audiences alike.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana. The Jacksons weren’t a rich family, but they were rich in talent: Janet’s older brothers performed as the Jackson 5 for years. The success of the Jackson 5 led the family to leave Gary and move the Los Angeles, California area. There, Jackson contemplated various careers but soon found herself attracted to music, which had become the family business.

The first Janet Jackson tickets were sold when Jackson was still very young. She was just seven years old when she first played shows on the Las Vegas strip, and was a child when she began appearing on her family’s reality show, The Jacksons, in 1976. By 1977, she’d landed a role in the popular sitcom Good Times. She would return to the world of television several times in her career, appearing on shows likeA New Kind of Family and Diff’rent Strokes.

Jackson signed her first major recording deal at just sixteen years old. The deal was negotiated by her father, Joseph Jackson, who had also been instrumental in the rise of his sons’ singing group. The elder Jackson was a difficult, emotionally withdrawn man, and his role in Janet’s career would trouble the singer for the next several years.

Janet Jackson’s self-titled debut album was released in 1982. It peaked at number 63 on the Billboard 200. It was a straightforward pop record, featuring much more lighthearted fare than Jackson would sing in her later career. Jackson’s second album, Dream Street (1984) featured similar fare, but failed to perform as well commercially.

The early years of Jackson’s career were difficult ones for her personally. She eloped with singer James DeBarge in the same year that Dream Street was released, only to annul the marriage the following year. She also cut business ties with her father, a difficult but necessary step in her career.

Jackson’s first album after leaving her father’s business influence behind was the aptly named Control (1986). The album was a more mature record, and it appealed to a much broader audience than her prior efforts. It was by far her most successful record to that point: it went multi-platinum, selling more than fourteen million copies worldwide. Control peaked at number one on the Billboard 200. Janet Jackson was a superstar.

Jackson’s label saw huge marketing potential in Control, and urged her to make a similar record as a follow-up. But Jackson was already seizing opportunities to make social and feminist statements, and she made sure that those themes were highlighted in her next album.

Audiences responded. Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) went multi-platinum and was critically acclaimed for its brave examination of social and cultural issues. Janet Jackson also began developing her trademark dress and performance style around this period.

Jackson went on tour for the first time to support Rhythm Nation 1814, giving fans around the world their first chance to buy Janet Jackson tickets. The tour featured her trademark styles: Janet Jackson tickets were passports to an energetic stage performance that featured midriff-baring outfits and sexual overtones. Jackson’s tour became the most successful debut tour in music history. After the tour, Jackson signed a new record deal that made her the highest-paid recording artist in history.

Jackson made good on her contract by producing another hit album, janet. (1993). janet. debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. It featured five hit singles, including “That’s the Way Love Goes,” which won a Grammy.

While dominating the pop charts, Jackson also expanded her cultural impact. She made her film debut in Poetic Justice (1993). Jackson would later return to the big screen in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000), Why Did I Get Married? (2007), Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010), and For Colored Girls (2010).

But while Jackson’s career attained dizzying heights, she suffered from private depression. She used her anxiety and sadness to help craft The Velvet Rope (1997), in which she once again addressed pivotal issues through her music. The Velvet Rope sent a message of belonging, and it did so powerfully – critics and fans agreed that it was one of Jackson’s best and most mature efforts yet. Jackson’s album took a powerful stance against homophobia and exclusion, winning her even more fans in the LGBTQ community.

Jackson followed The Velvet Rope with two more strong records, All for You (2001) and Damita Jo (2004). More than 20 years after her rise as a young singer, Jackson was firmly established as one of pop's most important and enduring figures.

But prior to the release of Damita Jo, Jackson’s provocative performance style put her at the center of one of music’s most shocking moments. During the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Justin Timberlake tore open Jackson’s costume, exposing her right breast to millions of viewers. Jackson insisted that the incident was the result of a “wardrobe malfunction,” but CBS penalized her anyway, forcing her to give up her role as a presenter at the Grammys.

Damita Jo was hit hard by the scandal, which caused several major outlets to refuse to play the songs. The blacklisting would continue for years, depressing Jackson’s album sales and singles performance.

But while the networks and radio conglomerates could slow Jackson’s commercial success, they couldn’t slow her production. She continued to release thoughtful, powerful pop albums throughout the 2000s. 20 Y.O. (2006), Discipline (2008), and Unbreakable (2015) continued to showcase the talents that had made Jackson one of pop music’s most indispensable stars.

Today, Jackson continues to record and perform for her legions of fans worldwide. Her enduring star power is a testament to her socially conscious brand of pop music, which remains both innovative and entertaining. For fans around the world, Jackson will always be the “Queen of Pop.”

Top 3 Janet Jackson Tracks:

Janet Jackson Albums

Janet Jackson
  • Say You Do
  • You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)
  • Young Love
  • Love and My Best Friend
  • Don't Mess Up This Good Thing
  • Forever Yours
  • The Magic Is Working
  • Come Give Your Love to Me
Dream Street
  • Don't Stand Another Chance
  • Two to the Power of Love
  • Pretty Boy
  • Dream Street
  • Communication
  • Fast Girls
  • Hold Back the Tears
  • All My Love to You
  • If It Takes All Night
  • Control
  • Nasty
  • What Have You Done for Me Lately
  • You Can Be Mine
  • The Pleasure Principle
  • When I Think of You
  • He Doesn't Know I'm Alive
  • Let's Wait Awhile
  • Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)
Rhythm Nation 1814
  • Interlude: Pledge
  • Rhythm Nation
  • Interlude: T.V.
  • State of the World
  • Interlude: Race
  • The Knowledge
  • Interlude: Let's Dance
  • Miss You Much
  • Interlude: Come Back
  • Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  • Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make)
  • Alright
  • Interlude: Hey Baby
  • Escapade
  • Interlude: No Acid
  • Black Cat
  • Lonely
  • Come Back to Me
  • Someday Is Tonight
  • Interlude: Livin'...In Complete Darkness
  • Interlude: Morning
  • That's the Way Love Goes
  • Interlude: You Know...
  • You Want This
  • Interlude: Be a Good Boy...
  • If
  • Interlude: Back
  • This Time (featuring soprano by Kathleen Battle)
  • Interlude: Go On Miss Janet
  • Throb
  • What'll I Do (written by Jackson, Steve Cropper and Joe Shamwell; produced by Jackson and Jellybean Johnson)
  • Interlude: The Lounge
  • Funky Big Band
  • Interlude: Racism
  • New Agenda (featuring rap by Chuck D)
  • Interlude: Love Pt. 2
  • Because of Love
  • Interlude: Wind
  • Again
  • Interlude: Another Lover
  • Where Are You Now
  • Interlude: Hold On Baby
  • The Body That Loves You
  • Interlude: Rain
  • Any Time, Any Place
  • Interlude: Are You Still Up
  • Sweet Dreams (includes the hidden track Whoops Now, which starts at 0:34) (written by Jackson)
The Velvet Rope
  • Interlude: Twisted Elegance
  • Velvet Rope (featuring Vanessa-Mae)
  • You
  • Got 'til It's Gone (featuring Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip)
  • Interlude: Speaker Phone
  • My Need
  • Interlude: Fasten Your Seatbelts
  • Go Deep
  • Free Xone
  • Interlude: Memory
  • Together Again
  • Interlude: Online
  • Empty
  • Interlude: Full
  • What About
  • Every Time
  • Tonight's the Night
  • I Get Lonely
  • Rope Burn
  • Anything
  • Interlude: Sad
  • Special (Hidden track Can't Be Stopped starts at 3:42)
All for You
  • Intro
  • You Ain't Right
  • All for You
  • 2wayforyou (Interlude)
  • Come On Get Up
  • When We Oooo
  • China Love
  • Love Scene (Ooh Baby)
  • Would You Mind
  • Lame (Interlude)
  • Trust a Try
  • Clouds (Interlude)
  • Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (with Carly Simon)
  • Truth
  • Theory (Interlude)
  • Someone to Call My Lover
  • Feels So Right
  • Doesn't Really Matter
  • Better Days
  • Outro
  • 73:01
Damita Jo
  • Looking for Love (Intro)
  • Damita Jo
  • Sexhibition
  • Strawberry Bounce
  • My Baby (featuring Kanye West)
  • The Islands (Interlude)
  • Spending Time with You
  • Magic Hour (Interlude)
  • Island Life
  • All Nite (Don't Stop)
  • R&B Junkie
  • I Want You
  • Like You Don't Love Me
  • Thinkin' Bout My Ex
  • Warmth
  • Moist
  • It All Comes Down to Love (Interlude)
  • Truly
  • The One (Interlude)
  • SloLove
  • Country (Interlude)
  • Just a Little While
20 Y.O.
  • 20 (Intro)
  • So Excited (featuring Khia) (Samples Rock It performed by Herbie Hancock)
  • Show Me
  • Get It Out Me
  • Do It 2 Me (Samples If Only for One Night performed by Brenda Russell)
  • This Body
  • 20 Part 2 (Interlude)
  • With U
  • Call on Me (with Nelly)
  • 20 Part 3 (Interlude)
  • Daybreak
  • Enjoy
  • 20 Part 4 (Interlude)
  • Take Care
  • Love 2 Love
  • 20 Part 5 (Outro)
  • I.D. (Intro)
  • Feedback
  • Luv
  • Spinnin (Interlude)
  • Rollercoaster
  • Bathroom Break (Interlude)
  • Rock with U
  • 2nite
  • Can't B Good
  • 4 Words (Interlude)
  • Never Letchu Go
  • Truth or Dare (Interlude)
  • Greatest X
  • Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
  • So Much Betta
  • Play Selection (Interlude)
  • The 1 (featuring Missy Elliott)
  • What's Ur Name
  • The Meaning (Interlude)
  • Discipline
  • Back (Interlude)
  • Curtains

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$153.00Janet Jackson — 07/18/2016
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