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From the moment that he was born in Macon, Georgia, Jason Aldean has been country through and through. His life, like his music, is full of the scenes and characters of country life and the bright lights of Nashville: from lucky breaks to tough times, from low-budget lifestyles to fame and fortune, and from love to loss. Aldean’s journey to country superstardom has been full of twists and turns, but his dedication to his craft has always seen him through. Aldean came close to giving up on his career a few times, but his long hours of practice paid off and his award-winning brand of country music is clearly here to stay.

Jason Aldean was born as Jason Aldine Williams in 1977. In fact, Jason Aldine Williams is still his legal name – he’s adopted an alternate spelling of his middle name as his stage name. He was born in Macon, Georgia, a city of about 150,000 people. Macon is known for being in the heart of Georgia – it’s in the very center of the state, about 90 miles south of Atlanta. Aldean came into the world in this classic country setting because his parents lived in Macon, but that wouldn’t be true for long: his parents divorced when he was just three years old, and his father headed further south to live in Florida.

Aldean’s mother stayed in Georgia, so Jason did, too. Macon was where Jason was raised, attended high school, and met his high school sweetheart, with whom he would later experience both marriage and heartbreak. It was in Macon, too, that Aldean first played country shows and found an audience that couldn’t get enough of his signature style.

Aldean still got to see his father, but only during the summer, when he’d head down to his dad’s home in Homestead, Florida, for a while. Jason’s Georgia upbringing can still be heard in his music, but his time in Homestead influenced him, too. It was Jason’s father that got him interested in music. Using pieces of notebook paper, Aldean’s father would write out guitar chords so that Jason would know where to put his fingers to play them. With those notebook-paper lessons as guidance, Jason soon learned how to play the instrument that would help make him famous.

If his father’s chord maps were Jason’s “formal” education, then the music of the country stars that went before him was his informal inspiration. The music of George Strait, Hank William Jr., and other classic country superstars was all the young Jason Aldine Williams wanted to listen to. The aspiring guitar player soon found that he had an ear for country music: after listening to a song just a few times, Aldean could find the right chords from his father’s lessons and play the classics just like his idols. In this way, he replicated the songs of some of the most famous country music stars in history. Someday, Aldean’s name would be in lights just like theirs were. To Jason, re-creating great country music came easily.

Of course, playing music was hard work, too. During those Homestead summers, Aldean would sit and practice for hours while his father was at work. And when he dad got home, he got out his own guitar and played along with Jason. These hours and hours of playing honed Aldean’s skills and developed his impressive talent for music. Aldean’s country work ethic was as important to his success as his natural talent.

Jason’s country life in Georgia and his impromptu guitar lessons in Florida combined to create a budding young talent. Soon, young Jason was playing his music in venues around his mother’s home in Georgia. He put on solo shows and joined bands in his teenage years, and started calling himself Jason Aldean to avoid confusion with other famous people named Jason Williams. He’d found his stage name. Now, he just needed a big enough stage.

Finding the right stage became a family affair. Both of Aldean’s parents helped him find gigs. At one such event, a concert that his father helped plan in Missouri, one of the “fans” holding Jason Aldean tickets wasn’t a fan at all: Aldean had caught the attention of a record company scout. He was signed and moved to Nashville. At 21, things seemed to be going just right for Aldean.

But it didn’t last. His recording contract was dropped; Aldean signed another, but got dropped again. Jason had trouble getting noticed a third time, and so he set a deadline to return home to Georgia, sure he was destined to fail. If he couldn’t get a contract again in a few months, then he would pack up his guitar and leave Nashville for good.

Destiny was on Aldean’s side – and on the side of country music fans, too. Just in time, Aldean was noticed again. This time he stuck long enough to get out his self-titled debut album, and a star was born. Aldean was once again on top of the world. He was married to his high school sweetheart and making music he loved. He toured with more established stars, and many country fans purchased Jason Aldean tickets for the first time. Soon, he was headlining his own shows. The next few years saw him release two more albums: 2008’s Relentless and 2010’s Wide Open.

Aldean’s personal life took a tough turn in 2013, when he separated from his wife and high school sweetheart after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with American Idol star Brittany Kerr. The next year, Aldean married Kerr. Throughout the ups and downs in his personal life, Aldean kept making music, touring, and winning a ton of awards for his music.

Aldean’s last album was 2014’s Old Boots, New Dirt, but fans will get another dose of his signature style in 2016, when his next album comes out. And thanks to his constant touring, fans all over the country can grab Jason Aldean tickets and experience his music live. At 38, Aldean still shows no signs of slowing down. His fans have a lot of great music to look forward to.

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Dirt Road Anthem
She's Country
Tattoos On This Town

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NRG Stadium; Houston, TX
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Brick Breeden Fieldhouse; Bozeman, MT
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Medicine Hat Arena; Medicine Hat, AB

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JQH Arena; Springfield, MO
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