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NHL hockey is the best fans can get when great teams get on the ice to compete for a win. Teams like the Jets and Canadiens both play great hockey and which is provided by their multitude of talent on the roster. Some players on for the Jets and Canadiens include: Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little, PK Subban, Brendan Gallagher, Carey Price, and many more players that make these teams great to watch. Tickets to these great hockey games are often rare to come by and are often very expensive but with Rukkus, fans can find the cheapest and best options to games like the Jets vs. Canadiens and more! When looking for great deals on tickets to games like the Jets vs. Canadiens or other great NHL matchups, check out Rukkus for the best and cheapest deals prices!

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Live NHL games are the best hockey action that a fan can get. Different teams have amazing and unique arenas and stadiums along with very talented players on each team, which allows for a new and diverse experience for those attending the game. Prices of games like the Jets vs. Canadiens have increased over time because of how popular the NHL is and the great players on each franchise. Join the Rukkus movement and buy tickets to your favorite Jets vs. Canadiens games at Rukkus to get the best prices! Make sure to check out all that Rukkus has to offer today!

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Jets Canadiens Recent Match-ups

March 26, 2015 MTS Centre (Winnipeg, MB)

Winnipeg Jets: 5 Montreal Canadiens: 2

The Winnipeg Jets put on a great performance that left the home crowd leaving happy as they beat the Montreal Canadiens 5-2. The Jets had consistent scoring as they found the net at least once in each period. A big 2nd period that featured 3 goals really sprung them to victory. The defensive effort was solid as Montreal struggled to get past the Winnipeg defense only scoring 2 goals throughout the game and struggling to keep up. Goalie Ondrej Pavelec put on a strong performance with 41 SA’s in the game for the Jets. Pavelec was named the 1st star of the night.

November 11, 2014 Centre Bell (Montreal, QC)

Winnipeg Jets: 0 Montreal Canadiens: 3

The Canadiens played masterful defense as they shut out the Winnipeg Jets at home and won 3-0. The game started off slow with it being 0-0 at the end of the first period, but in the 2nd period was when the scoring started to pick up for the Canadiens. The defense of the Canadiens was key in the game and goalie, Carey Price, put up a great game with 29 SA’s and 0 allowed goals. Price was named the 1st star of the night in the shutout win.

November 1, 2015 Centre Bell (Montreal, QC)

Winnipeg Jets: Montreal Canadiens:

Two playoff squads from 2015 matchup and look to come out victorious that will add to their campaign in making the playoffs. The Jets and Canadiens both found themselves in the postseason last year and both teams were knocked out. With the goal to make it back, these teams desire winning every time they have a game and they will do anything to make it back for a shot at the Stanley Cup. Make sure not to miss out on this great matchup between two playoff squads.