Join the Rukkus

Who We Are

We are a rapidly growing, enthusiastic group of pioneers changing the way fans experience live events. We are early adopters, innovators, and reinventors and we never settle for mediocrity. We have fun while pushing the boundaries of our industry. We are the originators behind a 5 star rated iTunes app that helps thousands of people everyday. We are a rapidly expanding startup looking for entrepreneurial rockstars to join the Rukkus family.
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At Our Core

What We Value

  • Fan Experience

    Going the extra mile for each fan is the most important thing we can accomplish each day. We are fans that make decisions as fans, for fans.


    Attitude is everything. Determination, dedication and a positive outlook make all the difference at Rukkus.

    Our Team

    All for one, and one for all. That’s our team culture and we live by it.

    Relentless Innovation

    We never liked the way tickets were bought and sold so we decided to do something completely different. We are on a quest to constantly improve everything we do.
  • Our Community

    We believe experiencing live events change lives. When your community is healthy, everyone benefits. That’s why we give back to the people that make our community better every chance we can. “Be the tide that raises all ships.”
  • Taking on Goliaths

    Why do something if your not going to be the best at it? Every goliath started small. Our plan is change the status quo and do it the right way.
  • Collaboration

    We break down silo’s and crowdsource all our feedback from each other and our community.

    Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

    We never settle for mediocrity. “A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what a ship is built for.”

    Shaping Our Destiny

    We make every day our masterpiece. We celebrate small victories but never rest on our laurels.

    Rewriting the Rules

    Experiencing events can always be improved. If it can be better we will try it. On your terms.

What Comes with the Job

  • Paid Vacation

  • Arcade games

  • Casual Dress Code

  • Free HBO account

  • Beer on Tap

  • Unlimited coffee and energy drinks

  • Gym Discounts

  • Welcome Plant

  • Weekly Snack Orders

  • Travel Discounts

  • Team Outings

  • Volunteer Opportunities

What Drives Us

Why We Love What We Do

  • We're building something greater than ourselves.

  • We're a part of a revolutionary group of entrepreneurs.

  • Together, we're creating a culture from the ground up.

  • We are living the brand 24/7 in everything we do.