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Born in Atlanta, GA, Kanye West, grew up in the Chicago metropolitan area, after his mother, Donda C. West, an English professor and his father, Ray West, a former Black Panther, and first black photojournalist at The Atlanta Journal Constitution divorced and relocated for a position at Chicago State University. At a very young age, West began demonstrating an affinity and talent for a variety of art -- he began writing poetry when he was 5 and had a growing interest and passion for drawing and music that his mother Donda began noticing when he was in the third grade.

As a child of the 80s, the young Kanye West’s imagination was captured by hip-hop, and he not only started to rap himself, he started to get deeply involved in his hometown’s hip-hop scene. By the time he was a seventh grader, West had begun writing and selling songs to other artists, including one of his first songs “Green Eggs and Ham,” which he persuaded his mother to spend $25 an hour for time in a local recording studio. And it was at that studio where he wound up meeting a local producer and DJ, No ID, who became West’s mentor and close friend; in fact, No ID taught West how to sample and program beats after the then 15 year-old West had received his first sampler. By the mid 1990s, West had begun his musical career as a producer, working with several, local up-and-coming artists – and he had quickly developed a reputation for a sound that employed the use of sped up vocal samples form classic (and beloved) soul records.

For a brief period of time, West was a ghost producer for Deric “D-Dot Angelettie,” and as a result, West was prevented from releasing a solo album; however, West became a member (and producer) of the Go-Getters, an act that was comprised of West, GLC, Timmy G, Really Doe, and Arrowstar. The Go-Getters debut (and only) full-length effort, World Record Holders was released in 1999 and featured production by West, Arrowstar, Boogz, and Brian “All Day” Miller, and guest spots from several Chicago based emcees including Rhymefest, Mikkey Halstead, Miss Criss, Shayla G. and others. Seemingly as a result West had begun producing a number of songs by a number of well-known acts, including a song off Foxy Brown’s Chyna Doll, an album that became the first hip-hop album by a female emcee to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart in its first week; three tracks on Harlem World’s first and only album, The Movement, along with Jermaine Dupri and production team Trackmasters – and the West produced tracks featured guests spots by Nas, Drag-On and R&B vocalist Carl Thomas; and he produced a track on the last Goodie Mob album to feature all four of the act’s original members. He also produced six tracks on Tell ‘Em Why U Madd, an album that Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie released under the alias of The Madd Rapper, a character he created for a skit on Notorious B.I.G.’s posthumously released Life After Death. Those tracks featured guest appearances from Ma$e, Raekwon and Eminem.

Interestingly West was doing this while studying at the American Academy of Art, where he originally studied painting and eventually Chicago State, where he had studied English. And with music taking more of his time, West eventually dropped out of school – to his mother’s chagrin – to focus on music. He got his big break as a producer, when he began producing for artists for Jay Z and Damon Dash’s Roc-A-Fella Records in 2000; in fact, West rose to national and international prominence after producing several tracks on Jay Z’s critically and commercially successful 2001 release, The Blueprint. And as a result, West produced albums for several other artists on the label, including Beanie Siegal, Freeway and Cam’ron, as well as Ludacris, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson.

And yet despite his success as a producer, West had dreamed of being an emcee. Although he had meetings with a several labels, most of them rejected his work because they didn’t believe that his image or his sound was commercially viable as he wasn’t the “gangsta” artist that was burning up the airwaves at the time. Reportedly, Roc-A-Fella Records then-head Damon Dash had reluctantly signed West to a deal, in an attempt to keep West from joining another label. West’s breakthrough single, “Through The Wire” was inspired by near-fatal car crash that left him with a shattered jaw, which had to be wired shut in reconstructive surgery about a year after he had signed with Roc-A-Fella. West had reportedly recorded the song two weeks after being admitted to the hospital – with his jaw still wired shut. Featuring a sped up sample from Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire,” the single first appeared on the Get Well Soon . . . mixtape and later on his breakthrough solo debut, College Dropout, an album with an overall theme that West has publicly said was to “make your own decisions. Don’t let society tell you ‘This is what you have to do.’”

After West revised and remastered the tracks on The College Dropout several times, adding strings and a gospel choir to several songs, Roc-A-Fella Records released the album in 2004 to critical and commercial acclaim – the album quickly shot up to number two on the Billboard 200 as “Through The Wire” peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks. The album’s second single “Slow Jamz” featuring Twista and Jamie Foxx wound up as the first number one hit for all three artists. But it was the release of “Jesus Walks,” a song that openly talked about Christianity and faith, that turned Kanye West into a crossover success, as the song hit the Billboard Top 20 – despite record industry executives claiming that a song with such open declarations of faith would never be a success. Eventually, Dropout was certified triple platinum in the US, nominated for 10 Grammy nominations including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album – winning Best Rap Album. His first tour in support of the album, the Touch the Sky tour saw prices for Kanye West tickets skyrocket as he reached international fame.

After his early production style became the sound du jour, West began seeking out a new sound, largely inspired by Portishead’s Roseland Live NYC album. The result was his critically applauded and commercially successful sophomore and third efforts, Late Registration (2005), which included arrangements by Jon Brion and was one of the most successful releases that year, and Graduation (2007). Graduation features West’s second number one hit single, “Stronger” which features a sample from Daft Punk and was considered a key moment for changing the face and tone of contemporary, mainstream hip-hop as it moved from hardcore/gangsta to an eccentric individualism, allowing for the success of artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and others. His fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak (2008) was inspired by the breakup of a lengthy relationship and his mother’s sudden death had West singing – and was arguably his most emotionally vulnerable effort to date. He switched it up yet again, by embracing maximalism on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), which was inspired by the arena rock exploits of U2, who he had opened for during their Vertigo tour, the work of Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones, and lyrically by the work of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Reportedly, the album thematically deals with excess and celebrity. The album included “All of the Lights,” which was an international hit, and Billboard hits “Power,” “Monster” and “Runaway.” West followed that up with the collaborative effort Watch the Throne with Jay-Z. Employing a sales strategy that released the album digitally weeks before its physical counterparts, the album was one of the few major label efforts to avoid being leaked. The effort featured “N**** in Paris” which peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2011. His album in support of the record, the Watch the Throne Tour, saw he and Jay-Z take the stage together, and once again, Kanye West tickets became the hottest item around.

His sixth effort, Yeezus (2013) featuring production by Rick Rubin is influenced by an abrasive industrialism and electronic music genres such as Chicago drill, dancehall, acid house and others. Adding to his experimentalism, he’s recently collaborated with Rihanna, Paul McCartney and several others.

West has been one of the most critically applauded and commercially successful artists in modern recording industry history selling more than 21 million albums, 100 million digital downloads, winning 21 Grammy Awards and nominated for 53. And with a countless number of controversial interviews and public appearances, Kanye West has proven to be one of contemporary music’s most influential, experimental and infuriating artists to date.

Top 3 Kanye West Tracks:

Blood on the Leaves
I'm in It
I Am a God

Kanye West Albums

The College Dropout
  • Intro
  • We Don't Care
  • Graduation Day
  • All Falls Down (featuring Syleena Johnson)
  • I'll Fly Away
  • Spaceship (featuring GLC and Consequence)
  • Jesus Walks
  • Never Let Me Down (featuring Jay-Z and J. Ivy)
  • Get Em High (featuring Talib Kweli and Common)
  • Workout Plan
  • The New Workout Plan
  • Slow Jamz (featuring Twista and Jamie Foxx)
  • Breathe In Breathe Out (featuring Ludacris)
  • School Spirit (skit 1)
  • School Spirit
  • School Spirit (skit 2)
  • Lil Jimmy (skit)
  • Two Words (featuring Mos Def, Freeway and the Boys Choir of Harlem)
  • Through the Wire
  • Family Business
  • Last Call
Late Registration
  • Wake Up Mr. West
  • Heard 'Em Say (featuring Adam Levine)
  • Touch the Sky (featuring Lupe Fiasco)
  • Gold Digger (featuring Jamie Foxx)
  • Skit #1
  • Drive Slow (featuring Paul Wall & GLC)
  • My Way Home (featuring Common)
  • Crack Music (featuring The Game)
  • Roses
  • Bring Me Down (featuring Brandy)
  • Addiction
  • Skit #2
  • Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix) (featuring Jay-Z)
  • We Major (featuring Nas & Really Doe)
  • Skit #3
  • Hey Mama
  • Celebration
  • Skit #4
  • Gone (featuring Cam'ron & Consequence)
  • Diamonds from Sierra Leone (bonus track)
  • Late (hidden track)
  • Good Morning
  • Champion
  • Stronger
  • I Wonder
  • Good Life (featuring T-Pain)
  • Can't Tell Me Nothing
  • Barry Bonds (featuring Lil Wayne)
  • Drunk and Hot Girls (featuring Mos Def)
  • Flashing Lights (featuring Dwele)
  • Everything I Am (featuring DJ Premier)
  • The Glory
  • Homecoming
  • Big Brother
  • Gay Fish
808s & Heartbreak
  • Say You Will
  • Welcome to Heartbreak (featuring Kid Cudi)
  • Heartless
  • Amazing (featuring Young Jeezy)
  • Love Lockdown
  • Paranoid (featuring Mr Hudson)
  • RoboCop
  • Street Lights
  • Bad News
  • See You in My Nightmares (featuring Lil Wayne)
  • Coldest Winter
  • Pinocchio Story (freestyle live from Singapore, hidden track)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Gorgeous (featuring Kid Cudi and Raekwon)
  • Power
  • All of the Lights (Interlude)
  • All of the Lights
  • Monster (featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver)
  • So Appalled (featuring Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce and RZA)
  • Devil in a New Dress (featuring Rick Ross)
  • Runaway (featuring Pusha T)
  • Hell of a Life
  • Blame Game (featuring John Legend)
  • Lost in the World (featuring Bon Iver)
  • Who Will Survive in America
Watch the Throne
  • No Church in the Wild (featuring Frank Ocean)
  • Lift Off (featuring Beyoncé)
  • Niggas in Paris
  • Otis (featuring Otis Redding)
  • Gotta Have It
  • New Day
  • That's My Bitch
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Who Gon Stop Me
  • Murder to Excellence
  • Made in America (featuring Frank Ocean)
  • Why I Love You (featuring Mr Hudson)
  • On Sight
  • Black Skinhead
  • I Am a God (featuring God)
  • New Slaves
  • Hold My Liquor
  • I'm in It
  • Blood on the Leaves
  • Guilt Trip
  • Send It Up
  • Bound 2
  • 40:01

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