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Kendrick Lamar bio

Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only rapper working right now, but at times it can feel that way. Lamar’s ability to innovate and defy expectations with his music makes him one of the most important musicians working in hip-hop – or, for that matter, any genre – today. In terms of innovation and importance, it might seem like Kendrick Lamar stands along. But, of course, Kendrick Lamar didn’t come out of nowhere. His personal history and his relationship to music in general and the hip-hop genre in particular are intimately related to his current style and his impact on the music business.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth’s life was tied up in music from the moment that he was born. Kendrick’s mother named him after the singer Eddie Kendricks, and even the place where he was born was full of meaning: Lamar was born in Compton, California, the city that was made famous by Dr. Dre and the rap group N.W.A. in the early days of hip-hop. As a Compton native and a hip-hop fan, Lama, West Coast rappers – particularly Dr. Dre, the superstar that had come out of Kendrick’s own home town. When Lamar was eight years old, he saw his heroes in person when Dr. Dre and the great Tupac Shakur came to record the music video for their hit “California Love.” From that very early age, Lamar knew that he would follow in Dr. Dre’s footsteps. Much later, the boy born Kendrick Lamar Duckworth would bring rap “Straight Outta Compton” just as his hero did.

Lamar didn’t do everything in the same way as his idols. He took school more seriously than many rappers, getting straight A’s in high school. Lamar’s intelligence would later help him craft elegant rhymes and bring new innovations to rap. But while Lamar was successful in school, education wasn’t his first love: music was. Lamar managed to fit rapping into his schedule even while earning top marks, and he finished his first mixtape in 2003. Crediting himself as K-Dot, Lamar self-published the mixtape and called it Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year).

The new mixtape gained Lamar a local following in Southern California and caught the attention of the new Carson, California-based record label Top Dawg Entertainment. Working with TDE, Lamar went back into the studio and recorded another mixtape. This one, called Training Day, was released in 2005. The young rapper from Compton was on the rise. Kendrick Lamar tickets still bore the K-Dot name at this point, but no matter what name he was performing under, Lamar was getting plenty of attention. He performed alongside other up-and-coming West Coast rappers and opened for more established acts, including The Game. Some of the young rappers that Lamar met during this time joined him in a supergroup called Black Hippy. While gaining a new group, Lamar shed an old name: he would perform as Kendrick Lamar, not K-Dot, from this point on.

Two more mixtapes and plenty of touring followed. Fans lucky enough to get Kendrick Lamar tickets around this time would have seen him perform with fellow rappers Tech N9ne and Jay Rock. The touring helped expose new fans to Lamar’s style, but it was the Internet that landed him his most important new fan: after seeing Lamar’s video for “Ignorance is Bliss,” Dr. Dre – the great Compton rapper that young Kendrick Lamar had grown up idolizing – decided he wanted to work with this exciting new rapper from his old home town. Lamar jumped at the chance. Lamar worked with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on Dre’s Detox album that year.

The following year, Kendrick Lamar had an album of his own come out: his first true album, Section.80. Section.80 received positive reviews and included some tracks, including “A.D.H.D.,” that remain among Lamar’s best-known efforts. The album sold quite well considering the limited marketing strategy, but it didn’t do as well as it perhaps should have. It appeared that Lamar’s talents were starting to outgrow the small independent Top Dawg Entertainment label.

The writing was on the wall: Lamar’s first independent album would turn out to his last. He said goodbye to TDE and signed a deal with Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment, giving his next effort the backing of a major label. That next album turned out to be the critically acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city. The album went platinum, and its singles, including “Swimming Pools (Drank)” charted well. As good as Section.80 was, it was completely overshadowed by the success of Lamar’s major-label debut.

good kid, m.A.A.d city had set Lamar apart with its thoughtful lyrics and superb production, but it was his next album, 2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly, that really shook up the hip-hop scene. In addition to the talents and technique that made good kid, m.A.A.d city a hit, To Pimp a Butterfly added samples from outside the hip-hop world and incorporated spoken word performances into the music. It was an innovative new kind of rap record, and critics adored it. Lamar netted 11 Grammy nominations that year, and fans snapped up copies of the new album along with Kendrick Lamar tickets, merchandise, and more.

Just two albums into his major-label career, Lamar had already made two modern hip-hop classics. His unforgettable music is tied up in his artistic vision. “You can’t really categorize my music,” Lamar has said. “It’s human music.” Lamar’s work goes beyond hip-hop by incorporating elements of other musical genres and even of non-musical art forms like poetry. Fans snap up Kendrick Lamar tickets and buy Kendrick Lamar albums not because they know what to expect, but because they don’t – they’re ready to be surprised and impressed by the tricks that Lamar has up his sleeve this time. It’s easy to see that Lamar is on his way to hip-hop immortality, but it’s impossible to know what his next album or project will sound like, and that’s what makes him such an important figure in the hip-hop genre and the music industry at large.

Top 3 Kendrick Lamar Tracks:

Bitch, Dant Kill My Vibe
Ronald Reagan Era

Kendrick Lamar Albums

Overly Dedicated
  • The Heart Pt.2 (featuring Dash Snow)
  • Growing Apart (To Get Closer) (featuring Jhené Aiko)
  • Night of the Living Junkies
  • P&P 1.5 (featuring Ab-Soul)
  • Alien Girl (Today With Her)
  • Opposites Attract (Tomorrow Without Her) (featuring JaVonte)
  • Michael Jordan (featuring Schoolboy Q)
  • Ignorance Is Bliss
  • R.O.T.C. (Interlude) (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid)
  • Barbed Wire (featuring Ash Riser)
  • Average Joe
  • H.O.C.
  • Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)
  • Heaven & Hell (featuring Alori Joh)
  • Fuck Your Ethnicity
  • Hol' Up
  • A.D.H.D
  • No Makeup (Her Vice) (featuring Colin Munroe)
  • Tammy's Song (Her Evils)
  • Chapter Six
  • Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)
  • Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice) (featuring GLC)
  • The Spiteful Chant (featuring Schoolboy Q)
  • Chapter Ten
  • Keisha's Song (Her Pain) (featuring Ashtrobot)
  • Rigamortus
  • Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid)
  • Blow My High (Members Only)
  • Ab-Soul's Outro (featuring Ab-Soul)
  • HiiiPoWeR

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$26.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/25/2017
Prudential Center; Newark, NJ
$36.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/29/2017
Spectrum Center; Charlotte, NC
$41.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/20/2017
United Center; Chicago, IL
$43.00 Kendrick Lamar — 11/08/2015
The Forum; Inglewood, CA
$43.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/08/2017
STAPLES Center; Los Angeles, CA
$44.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/22/2017
Value City Arena (Schottenstein Center); Columbus, OH
$46.00 Kendrick Lamar — 08/30/2017
Bridgestone Arena; Nashville, TN
$53.00 Kendrick Lamar — 09/02/2017
AmericanAirlines Arena; Miami, FL
$56.00 Kendrick Lamar — 09/01/2017
Amalie Arena; Tampa, FL
$56.00 Kendrick Lamar — 07/19/2017
Wells Fargo Center PA; Philadelphia, PA

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$369.00National Symphony Orchestra: Kendrick Lamar — 10/20/2015
Kennedy Center Concert Hall; Washington, DC
$367.00Kendrick Lamar — 11/10/2015
Fox Theatre Oakland; Oakland, CA
$286.00Kendrick Lamar — 08/04/2017
Oracle Arena; Oakland, CA
$282.00Day N Night - 3 Day Pass — 09/08/2017
Angel Stadium of Anaheim; Anaheim, CA
$277.00FYF Festival - 2 Day Pass — 08/27/2016
Exposition Park; Los Angeles, CA
$274.00Kendrick Lamar — 07/14/2017
American Airlines Center; Dallas, TX
$233.00FYF Festival — 08/27/2016
Exposition Park; Los Angeles, CA
$224.00Panorama Music Festival 3 Day Pass Tickets — 07/22/2016
Randalls Island; New York, NY
$188.00Kendrick Lamar — 07/22/2017
TD Garden; Boston, MA
$185.00Kendrick Lamar — 08/01/2017
Tacoma Dome; Tacoma, WA