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Kenny Chesney is one of country music’s most popular and enduring stars. Since rising to fame in the 1990s, Chesney has stayed on top of the pop and country charts thanks to his talent, work ethic, and down-to-earth persona. His use of rock and pop elements in his songwriting has brought him crossover success even as he maintains a uniquely country-flavored style, and his evolution towards more gulf and western-influenced tunes gives has kept his style changing throughout his many years as a superstar.

But before Kenny Chesney was one of country music’s biggest superstars, he was just a kid from Eastern Tennessee. Chesney was born on March 26, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Chesney's were far from rich: Kenny’s father was a former schoolteacher, and his mother was a hairstylist. But Kenny loved his country upbringing, which would later influence his country songwriting style. The kid from East Tennessee grew up playing baseball and football – and, of course, the guitar.

Kenny got his first guitar when he was still a kid, and he soon set about teaching himself how to play his favorite songs. He called his instrument the “Terminator,” and he soon found that he could play it well. Though Kenny Chesney didn’t get much in the way of formal music education until later on in his life, his natural knack for playing helped him develop some serious chops.

After graduating from high school, Chesney headed to nearby East Tennessee State University, where he studied advertising. Chesney may have been majoring in advertising, but he also got a real education in music. He joined the university’s Bluegrass Program, which gave him valuable experience and instruction. He also began playing in local clubs around Johnson City, Tennessee, where the university was based. The first Kenny Chesney tickets were sold when Chesney was still an undergraduate. Audiences appreciated his songwriter and performances, but he was playing small venues and was a still a very long way from his future superstar status.

In 1989, the year before he graduated from East Tennessee State University, Kenny Chesney recorded a demo album and released it himself. He sold copies at his small-time local shows and had soon earned enough to buy himself a new guitar. After graduation in 1990, Chesney and his new guitar headed to Nashville, where performed often at a honky tonk bar called The Turf. He played night after night, waiting for record labels to notice his talent.

It didn’t take long. By 1992, a BMI executive had recommended Chesney to a friend at the Opryland Music Group. After an audition, Chesney had his first contract – as a songwriter.

But Chesney would get his break as a solo performer, too: his first album, In My Wildest Dreams, came out in 1994. It was only a minor success, produced by an independent label that soon got rid of its country division, but it helped put Chesney on the map in Nashville. When his first label folded, Chesney got a recording deal with BNA Records, a subsidiary of Sony. They’d noticed his first album and his first-ever charting single, “Whatever it Takes,” and they’d recognized that the young singer had superstar potential.

With BNA, Chesney released his major-label debut, All I Need to Know (1995). All I Need to Know featured a retro country sound that helped a couple of its singles crack the top 10 of the country music charts. Me and You (1996) followed, and also performed well.

In 1997, Chesney released his third major-label record, I Will Stand. I Will Stand’s first single, “She’s Got it All,” became Chesney’s first number one country song – a feat he’d repeat again and again in his career. I Will Stand went gold and, eventually, platinum. So did Me and You, as fans started to run out and buy Chesney’s back-catalog. Chesney was rising fast, and he’d become one of country’s most exciting young stars.

With Everywhere We Go (1999), Kenny Chesney’s stardom achieved dizzying new heights. Everywhere We Go was the first Kenny Chesney album to be certified 2x platinum, and it produced two number one country singles (“How Forever Feels” and “You Had Me From Hello”). Chesney’s songs were also beginning to generate crossover appeal, as his rock and pop influences made his tracks more accessible to a mainstream audience.

Chesney released his first greatest hits compilation in 2000, but he was far from done. In fact, he was just getting started: Chesney would continue to release hit albums for more than a decade afterwards. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (2002) went platinum four times over, and When the Sun Goes Down (2004) debuted at number one of the Billboard 200 albums chart. Like its predecessor, Be As You Are (Songs From an Old Blue Chair) (2005) debuted at number one on the albums chart. So did The Road and the Radio (2005). By the mid-2000s, Kenny Chesney was one of country’s biggest superstars and had successfully crossed over into mainstream success. His albums and singles were routinely appearing on Billboard’s overall charts, and Kenny Chesney tickets were selling as well in major coastal cities as they were in traditional country hotbeds like Nashville.

Chesney didn’t let success limit his creative freedom. He continued to evolve his sound, moving increasingly to a gulf and western style. Chesney increasingly took his listeners on trips to the beach, singing about boats and relaxation. He cultivated this sound on Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates (2007), Lucky Old Sun (2008), Hemingway's Whiskey (2010), Welcome to the Fishbowl (2012), Life on a Rock (2013), and The Big Revival (2014).

Today, Kenny Chesney is as big as ever. His fans have followed him throughout his musical journey, from his traditional country roots through his rock-edged mainstream breakout and into his gulf-influenced maturity. Throughout his career, Chesney has continued to fine-tune his musical vision. He’s also continued to sell albums and Kenny Chesney tickets at an incredible rate – a testament both to his songwriting and his authenticity, which has kept his music meaningful even as his artistic vision has evolved.

Top 3 Kenny Chesney Tracks:

I Go Back
There Goes My Life
You and Tequila

Kenny Chesney Albums

In My Wildest Dreams
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Somebody's Callin'
  • The Tin Man
  • High and Dry
  • I Finally Found Somebody
  • When She Calls Me Baby
  • In My Wildest Dreams
  • I Want My Rib Back
  • Angel Loved the Devil
  • I'd Love to Change Your Name
  • 30:07
All I Need to Know
  • Fall in Love
  • Grandpa Told Me So
  • The Bigger the Fool (The Harder the Fall)
  • All I Need to Know
  • Honey, Would You Stand by Me
  • Someone Else's Hog
  • Me and You
  • Between Midnight and Daylight
  • Paris, Tennessee
  • The Tin Man
  • 30:20
Me and You
  • Back in My Arms Again
  • Ain't That Love
  • When I Close My Eyes
  • Back Where I Come From
  • Turn for the Worse
  • Me and You
  • (Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight
  • Another Friday Night
  • No Small Miracle
  • My Poor Old Heart
  • It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye
  • 36:27
I Will Stand
  • She's Got It All
  • You Win, I Win, We Lose
  • She Gets That Way
  • I Will Stand
  • That's Why I'm Here
  • Steamy Windows
  • From Hillbilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell (featuring George Jones and Tracy Lawrence)
  • She Always Says It First
  • Lonely, Needin' Lovin'
  • A Chance
  • When I Close My Eyes (acoustic version)
  • 40:05
Everywhere We Go
  • What I Need to Do
  • How Forever Feels
  • You Had Me from Hello
  • Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
  • Life Is Good
  • Everywhere We Go
  • She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
  • California
  • Baptism (featuring Randy Travis)
  • A Woman Knows
  • I Might Get Over You
  • 40:59
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
  • Young
  • I Remember
  • A Lot of Things Different
  • The Good Stuff
  • Big Star
  • On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful
  • Never Gonna Feel Like That Again
  • Dreams
  • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
  • Live Those Songs
  • One Step Up
  • I Can't Go There (acoustic version)
  • 49:57
When the Sun Goes Down
  • There Goes My Life
  • I Go Back
  • When the Sun Goes Down (duet with Uncle Kracker)
  • The Woman with You
  • Some People Change
  • Anything But Mine
  • Keg in the Closet
  • When I Think About Leaving
  • Being Drunk's a Lot Like Loving You
  • Outta Here
  • Old Blue Chair
  • 58:12
Be as You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair)
  • Old Blue Chair
  • Be as You Are
  • Guitars and Tiki Bars
  • Island Boy
  • Somewhere in the Sun
  • Boston
  • Something Sexy About the Rain
  • French Kissing Life
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Sherry's Living in Paradise
  • Magic
  • Soul of a Sailor
  • Old Blue Chair (ocean mix)
  • 55:07
The Road and the Radio
  • The Road and the Radio
  • Living in Fast Forward
  • Who You'd Be Today
  • You Save Me
  • Summertime
  • In a Small Town
  • Beer in Mexico
  • Freedom
  • Tequila Loves Me
  • Somebody Take Me Home
  • Like Me
  • 40:43
Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates
  • Never Wanted Nothing More
  • Don't Blink
  • Shiftwork (duet with George Strait)
  • Just Not Today
  • Wife and Kids
  • Got a Little Crazy
  • Better as a Memory
  • Dancin' for the Groceries
  • Wild Ride (duet with Joe Walsh)
  • Scare Me
  • Demons
  • 48:43
Lucky Old Sun
  • I'm Alive (duet with Dave Matthews)
  • Way Down Here
  • Boats
  • Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (featuring The Wailers)
  • Down the Road (duet with Mac McAnally)
  • Spirit of a Storm
  • Ten with a Two
  • The Life
  • Key's in the Conch Shell
  • Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be
  • That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) (duet with Willie Nelson)
  • 43:28
Hemingway's Whiskey
  • The Boys of Fall
  • Live a Little
  • Coastal
  • You and Tequila (featuring Grace Potter)
  • Seven Days
  • Small Y'all (featuring George Jones)
  • Where I Grew Up
  • Reality
  • Round and Round
  • Somewhere with You
  • Hemingway's Whiskey
  • 43:58
Welcome to the Fishbowl
  • Come Over
  • Feel Like a Rock Star (with Tim McGraw)
  • Sing 'Em Good My Friend
  • Welcome to the Fishbowl
  • I'm a Small Town
  • El Cerrito Place
  • Makes Me Wonder
  • While He Still Knows Who I Am
  • Time Flies
  • To Get to You (55th and 3rd)
  • Always Gonna Be You
  • You and Tequila (live with Grace Potter)
Life on a Rock
  • Pirate Flag
  • When I See This Bar
  • Spread the Love (with The Wailers and Elán)
  • Lindy
  • Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson)
  • It's That Time of Day
  • Life on a Rock
  • Marley
  • Must Be Something I Missed
  • Happy on the Hey Now (A Song for Kristi)
The Big Revival
  • The Big Revival
  • Drink It Up
  • Til It's Gone
  • American Kids
  • Wild Child (duet with Grace Potter)
  • Beer Can Chicken
  • Rock Bottom
  • Don't It
  • Save It for a Rainy Day
  • Flora-Bama
  • If This Bus Could Talk

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$267.00Kenny Chesney with Jason Aldean — 08/29/2015
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$170.00Kenny Chesney — 07/09/2015
Quicken Loans Arena; Cleveland, OH
$157.00Kenny Chesney — 07/28/2016
North Dakota State Fair; Minot, ND