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Kesha is a uniquely modern music star. Her mix of singing and rapping made her a star in the electropop genre, but her musical evolution has taken her all over the map, from dance pop to so-called “cock rock.” Throughout it all, her legions of fans have made Kesha albums and Kesha tickets some of the hottest sellers in the industry. Kesha’s songs encourage listeners to dance, party, and sing along – and her huge fan base is more than happy to comply.

Music runs in Kesha’s family. She was born Kesha Rose Sebert in Los Angeles on March 1, 1987 to a singer-songwriter mother, Patricia Rose "Pebe" Sebert. The elder Sebert is best known for writing the song “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You,” a country tune which was later made famous by Dolly Parton.

Despite Sebert’s talent, the Seberts were far from rich. Kesha and her brother grew up poor, and the family often had to rely on food stamps. Pebe Sebert continued to perform throughout Kesha’s youth, and sometimes even brought Kesha to gigs when she couldn’t afford day care. Pebe later got a new deal as a songwriter and moved the family to Nashville. She began bringing the kids to recording studios instead of to gigs.

Kesha grew up in this environment, surrounded by live performances and recording studios. Kesha sang from an early age, and her mother encouraged her talents. Kesha took songwriting classes and often practiced writing songs with her mother. Since she didn’t fit in at her high school, Kesha took solace in music and in songwriting.

Kesha may not have fit in at high school, but she did well there. Her grades and standardized test scores earned her a full scholarship at Barnard University. But Kesha wasn’t destined to head to Barnard – instead, she was fated to head to Los Angeles to start a music career.

Kesha had been recording demos and trying to catch on as a pop star. Her lucky break came when famous pop producer Dr. Luke noticed her demo tape and encouraged her to come to Los Angeles. Kesha didn’t miss her chance: she decided against Barnard and dropped out of school immediately. She got her GED and flew to Los Angeles, where she started working with Dr. Luke and his record label, a subsidiary of Sony.

But Kesha would have to deal with still more hurdles before her big breakout. After Dr. Luke’s success with Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway album, he had less time for Kesha. Kesha worked as a backup singer and appeared in one of Katy Perry’s music videos, but she wasn’t making her own songs and albums as planned. Kesha was running out of money, and began ironically stylizing her name as “Ke$ha.”

It was four years later, in 2009, than Kesha finally signed a deal with the company that would produce her first record. She inked a deal with Dr. Luke’s imprint of RCA Records and began recording her first album. She wrote 200 songs as potential tracks for the album, which would eventually have just 14 tracks. But those 14 tracks were hits: the album, Animal (2010), debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart and featured “TiK ToK,” an electropop hit that remains one of Kesha’s most popular and memorable tracks. “TiK ToK” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and also topped charts in Australia and several European countries.

The success of “TiK ToK” and Animal made Kesha an international superstar. Around the world, fans rushed to buy Kesha tickets and copies of the new album. Kesha had worked all of her life to become a music star, and she’d finally done it. Kesha was larger than life: she adopted a hard-partying on-stage persona that only partially represented her true personality. Critics questioned the wild persona, but fans loved it, and Kesha was 2010’s breakout pop superstar.

Kesha quickly moved to capitalize on her success. An EP, Cannibal, was released later in 2010 (it was released both as a stand-alone EP and as a bonus disc on the deluxe version of her debut record). The following year, Kesha released an entire album of remixes called I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album. It performed very well for a remix record: I Am the Dance Commander + I Command You to Dance: The Remix Album cracked the top 40 on the albums chart and took the top spot on the U.S. Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Kesha had risen to stardom as an electropop act, but she didn’t allow her success to limit her creativity. Her next album, Warrior (2012), incorporated rock influences into her electropop style and featured collaborations with established rock acts like Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. It was a more personal Kesha album, and a sign of her maturing musical style. Though sales of Warrior were slower than they were for Kesha’s mega-hit debut record, her fans still helped the album go gold, and critics were quick to praise the album as her strongest and most mature work yet. The album’s hit single, “Die Young,” generated controversy over its lyrical content but ultimately performed well on the charts.

Warrior represented a change in musical direction for Kesha, but it still showed the heavy influence of pop producer Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke had reportedly rejected dozens of Kesha’s songs for the album, and was also involved in shutting down a full-length collaborative project with The Flaming Lips. Fans reacted angrily, and Kesha and her mother both spoke out in the press, making for a strained relationship between Kesha and her label.

Kesha’s stressful situation helped contribute to serious personal problems, and in 2014 she had to take a break from the spotlight and check into an Illinois rehab center. Kesha went there to treat an eating disorder.

When Kesha emerged from rehab, she sued Dr. Luke, alleging that he had raped her repeatedly and that the stress of these incidents had contributed to her eating disorder. She also sought to be freed from her recording deal with RCA.

The ugly lawsuit and Kesha’s personal problems have not kept her from her musical mission. Even while in rehab, Kesha was making music. She has reportedly recorded fourteen new tracks for the album. Kesha is also involved in side projects, including a country/classic-rock act called Yeast Infection.

Kesha’s journey towards full musical freedom has been difficult, and it continues today. But throughout her career, Kesha has shown an ability to break with pop molds and make unique, powerful music. Her talent as a songwriter and her commitment to creating her own type of music have won her the respect of fans around the world. Kesha rose to stardom with catchy electropop, but her talents as a singer, rapper, and songwriter aren’t limited to any one genre. Fans seek out Kesha tickets and Kesha albums because they know that Kesha’s ever-evolving style will give them a fresh reason to dance every time they hear it.

Top 3 Kesha Tracks:

Wherever You Are

Kesha Albums

  • Your Love Is My Drug
  • Tik Tok
  • Take It Off
  • Kiss n Tell
  • Stephen
  • Blah Blah Blah (featuring 3OH!3)
  • Hungover
  • Party at a Rich Dude's House
  • Backstabber
  • Blind
  • Dinosaur
  • Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
  • Boots & Boys
  • Animal
  • Warrior
  • Die Young
  • C'mon
  • Thinking of You
  • Crazy Kids
  • Wherever You Are
  • Dirty Love (featuring Iggy Pop)
  • Wonderland
  • Only Wanna Dance with You
  • Supernatural
  • All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
  • Love Into the Light
  • 44:27

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