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NHL action continues to intrigue and attract hockey fans as the teams continue to get better and better each season. Teams like the Kings and Predators both play great hockey and continue to improve every season. Some great players on each team are: Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick, Jeff Carter, James Neil, Craig Smith, Pekka Rinne, and many more players that make these teams some of the greatest to watch. Tickets to these great hockey games are often difficult to come by and can sometimes be very expensive but on Rukkus, fans get the cheapest and best choices on tickets to games like the Kings vs. Predators and more! When looking for great deals on tickets to games like the Kings vs. Predators or other great NHL matchups, check out Rukkus for the best and cheapest ticket prices available!

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NHL teams continue to put on great hockey showings each and every season for hockey loving fans itching for great action. All NHL teams have amazing and unique arenas with very talented rosters, which allows for a new and diverse experience for those in attendance at the games. Prices of games like the Kings vs. Predators have increased over time because of how popular the NHL is becoming and the star power on each team. Join the Rukkus movement and buy tickets to your favorite Kings vs. Predators games at Rukkus to get the best prices!

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Kings Predators Recent Match-ups

March 14, 2015 Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Kings: 1 Nashville Predators: 2

The Kings had a small lead but looked to be cruising to a win entering the 3rd period against the Predators. The Kings had played solid defense that the Predators just couldn't solve which helped them keep their 1-0 lead. But the Predators did in fact figure out their defense and scored 2 goals in the 3rd period to win the game 2-1. The rally from the Predators was a shock to the Kings as well as their fans as they lose to the Predators.

January 3, 2015 Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Kings: 6 Nashville Predators: 7

A huge offensive performance from both squads went into overtime as the Kings and Predators took turns scoring which made this game very interesting. Both squads went on big scoring runs at different times in the game which made it difficult for either team to have the edge over the other. In the overtime period, Roman Josi scored the game winning goal for the Predators just before the overtime period ended. This high scoring win was huge for the Predators and was a great game to watch.

October 31, 2015 Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles Kings: Nashville Predators:

The Kings and Predators provided hockey fans with great matchups last season and we assume the same of their matchups this year. The Kings are trying to get back to an elite level and prove that they belong with the best teams. They missed the playoffs last season which basically shocked the world. The Predators made the playoffs last season but were bounced out in the first round by the eventual champs, the Chicago Blackhawks. These two squads have their eye on the prize and will provide a great game for all to watch! Don't miss out!