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Les Miserables Tickets La Miranda

Les Miserables is a broadway musical based off of the original novel by French author Victor Hugo. The plot is set in 19th Century France and follows the part of Jean Valjean in his pursuit of redemption after being sentenced to almost two decades in confinement for a minor violation because he saves his sister's starving child. After breaking parole, Valjean leaves town and the police are determined to bringing him back into jail. Les Miserables is a story of love and sentiment, and is loved by critics and audience members alike. Aside from the book and theater show, the storyline was also adapted to the movie screen in 2012, showing just how beloved and outstanding this plot has been over the years. Les Miserables is the 5th longest running show in the history of broadway. It has been nominated for many awards and has won 8 Tony Awards for Best Musical and Best Original Score. The show also won Britain's "Number One Essential Musical" in an audience's poll created by BBC Radio 2, in which in won over 40% of the votes. Rukkus assures Les Miserables' loyal fans the lowest priced tickets money can purchase! The astonishing cast and crew of Les Miserables is once again coming to La Miranda and you don't want to miss out on the tickets at Rukkus that customers can't stop buying.

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Cheap Les Miserables Tickets in La Miranda

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