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Lil Wayne Bio

Lil Wayne has been a rap star for most of his life: Lil Wayne tickets and albums have been hot sellers since before Lil Wayne hit puberty. But unlike most child stars, Lil Wayne has developed a distinctive and mature style in the later part of his career. Lil Wayne is one of the rap industry’s most compelling voices, and best of all, he’s still in his prime. Weezy is poised to continue to dominate hip-hop for many years to come.

Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. on September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother was just 19 years old when she had him, and Dwayne Michael Carter the elder soon abandoned the family. Lil Wayne was raised by his mother and later by his stepfather, Rabbit, who was tragically killed before Lil Wayne rose to fame. Though Wayne’s biological father is still alive, the two don’t have a relationship. Wayne dropped the “D” from Dwayne in order to separate himself from his namesake.

Lil Wayne channeled his childhood frustrations into his music, which he began focusing on from a very young age. He first started rapping when he was in grade school and wrote his first full rap song when he was just eight years old. Lil Wayne soon found that he had a talent for rapping. The precocious young rapper began calling Bryan Williams, a rapper and the owner of a record company called Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne would rap into Williams’ answering machine, leaving messages in rhyme. Williams noticed the young Wayne’s talent and soon brought him into the studio.

At Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne contributed to recordings by more established artists and was mentored by Williams. At just 11 years old, Lil Wayne recorded his first album, a collaborative record with 14-year-old rapper B.G. Lil Wayne’s performing talent wasn’t limited to rapping, though – he also performed in his school’s production of The Wiz. In fact, Wayne achieved a lot in school, where he was an honor student until age 14. At 14, however, Lil Wayne dropped out of school for good, ready to focus entirely on his musical career.

Lil Wayne’s first big break came as a part of Hot Boys, a rap group that included several up-and-coming rappers tied to Cash Money Records. Hot Boys debuted with the album Get It How U Live! (1996) and later followed that record up with Guerilla Warfare (1999). The second album came after Cash Money Records had reached a distribution deal with Universal, and it gave Lil Wayne’s talents much wider exposure.

The same year that Guerilla Warfare was released, Lil Wayne released his solo debut: Tha Block Is Hot. Lil Wayne was still just 17 years old, but he was already tasting stardom: Tha Block Is Hot debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart and went platinum within a year of its release.

Lil Wayne followed his debut effort with two similar records, Lights Out (2000) and 500 Degreez (2002). Both records featured contributions from fellow members of Hot Boys, and both were moderate successes. But Lil Wayne’s early output would soon be overshadowed by his Tha Carter series of albums, the first of which would arrive two years after 500 Degreez.

Tha Carter (2004) showed a more innovative side of Lil Wayne. The album was a hit, and Lil Wayne followed with another innovative Southern rap album, Tha Carter II, the very next year. Along with collaborations with high-profile artists like Destiny’s Child and TI, these breakthrough records helped establish Lil Wayne as a rap superstar.

Lil Wayne had replicated his debut album’s success and had proven himself to be a consistent hip-hop hitmaker. Lil Wayne tickets and albums were selling better than ever, and Lil Wayne had become a household name. But Wayne didn’t immediately return with another full-length album. Instead, he spent some time working on collaborations, side projects, and mixtapes. In 2007, Lil Wayne even briefly reunited Hot Boys.

Lil Wayne’s mixtapes, however, were received as well as his albums. Da Drought 3 (2007) was particularly successful, and won Wayne high praise from critics and fans alike. By the time Lil Wayne was ready to drop a new album, his superb mixtapes had built anticipation into a fever pitch. Repeated delays and occasional leaks only served to further fuel expectations. All eyes were on Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records in 2008, when he finally released Tha Carter III.

Lil Wayne did not disappoint. Tha Carter III was Lil Wayne’s most popular album yet. Critics lauded it, calling it his most mature effort yet, and fans helped it go 3x platinum in the United States. The Carter III claimed the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 and also charted well in Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe. The record proved to be 2008’s best-selling album. Lil Wayne was nominated for eight Grammys, and was established as one of the most important musical artists on the planet.

Lil Wayne was on top of the world, but he didn’t let his success slow his artistic evolution. After several more mixtapes and side projects. Lil Wayne returned to the studio to record Rebirth (2010), a rap-rock album that was Lil Wayne’s first rock and roll effort. Despite the experimental style, the album was certified gold.

Lil Wayne returned to a purer form of hip-hop with I Am Not a Human Being (2010), an album recorded shortly before Wayne went to prison on weapons charges. I Am Not a Human Being hit the top spot on the Billboard 200, the second Lil Wayne album to do so (The Carter III was the other) and the first album by a jailed artist to do so since Tupac Shakur’s Me Against the World.

Lil Wayne’s next effort was delayed by his prison sentence, but it proved to be worth the wait. Tha Carter IV set an iTunes sales record en route to going double platinum.

Once again, Lil Wayne returned to making mixtapes: he released a fourth installment of his series of Dedication mixtapes, an ongoing collaboration with DJ Drama. Lil Wayne returned to full-length albums in 2013 with I Am Not a Human Being II.

Today, Lil Wayne remains a prolific producer of mixtapes and one of the most important artists working in hip-hop. His willingness to experiment with his style and his incredible output have helped him maintain a huge fan base. Lil Wayne’s impact on hip-hop is immeasurable, but he’s far from done: fans can look forward to many more chances to get their hands on Lil Wayne tickets and albums in the years to come.

Top 3 Lil' Wayne Tracks:

A Milli
She Will
Mr. Carter

Lil' Wayne Albums

Tha Block Is Hot
  • Intro (featuring Big Tymers)
  • Tha Block Is Hot (featuring Juvenile and B.G.)
  • Loud Pipes (featuring Big Tymers, Juvenile and B.G.)
  • Watcha Wanna Do
  • Kisha (featuring Hot Boys)
  • High Beamin' (featuring B.G.)
  • Lights Off
  • Fuck tha World
  • Remember Me (featuring B.G.)
  • Respect Us (featuring Juvenile)
  • Drop It Like It's Hot (featuring B.G. and Mannie Fresh)
  • Young Playa (featuring Big Tymers)
  • Enemy Turf (featuring Juvenile)
  • Not Like Me (featuring Big Tymers)
  • Come On (featuring B.G.)
  • Up to Me (featuring Turk)
  • You Want War (featuring Turk)
  • 70:18
Lights Out
  • Intro (Watch Them People)
  • Get Off the Corner
  • On the Grind
  • Hit U Up (featuring Hot Boys)
  • Everything
  • Fuck Wit Me Now
  • Lil One (featuring Big Tymers)
  • Break Me Off (featuring Big Tymers and Unplugged)
  • Skit
  • Wish You Would
  • Grown Man
  • Shine (featuring Hot Boys)
  • Jump Jiggy
  • Realized
  • Tha Blues
  • Let's Go (featuring Big Tymers)
  • Biznite
  • Act a Ass (featuring B.G.)
  • Beef
  • 75:35
500 Degreez
  • Look at Me
  • Fly Talkin'
  • Way of Life (featuring Big Tymers and TQ)
  • Big Tigger Live on the Radio
  • Gangsta and Pimps (featuring Baby)
  • Lovely
  • Gangsta Shit (featuring Petey Pablo)
  • Bloodline
  • Where You At
  • Worry Me
  • 500 Degreez
  • Go Hard
  • Young'n Blues
  • Believe That (featuring Blaque and Mannie Fresh)
  • Rob Nice Live on the Radio
  • Fuck You (featuring Big Tymers)
  • What Does Life Mean to Me (featuring TQ and Big Tymers)
  • Get that Dough (featuring Baby, Tateeze and Cristale)
  • Fo Sheezy
  • Fly Talkin' Go Home
  • 70:21
Tha Carter
  • Walk In
  • Go D.J.
  • This Is the Carter (featuring Mannie Fresh)
  • BM J.R.
  • On the Block #1 (skit)
  • I Miss My Dawgs (featuring Reel)
  • We Don't (featuring Birdman)
  • On My Own (featuring Reel)
  • Tha Heat
  • Cash Money Millionaires
  • Inside
  • Bring It Back (featuring Mannie Fresh)
  • Who Wanna
  • On the Block #2 (skit)
  • Get Down (featuring Birdman)
  • Snitch
  • Hoes (featuring Mannie Fresh)
  • Only Way (featuring Birdman)
  • Earthquake (featuring Jazze Pha)
  • Ain't That a Bitch
  • Walk Out
  • 79:07
Tha Carter II
  • Tha Mobb
  • Fly In
  • Money on My Mind
  • Fireman
  • Mo Fire
  • On tha Block #1
  • Best Rapper Alive
  • Lock and Load (featuring Kurupt)
  • Oh No
  • Grown Man (featuring Curren$y)
  • On tha Block #2
  • Hit Em Up
  • Carter II
  • Hustler Musik
  • Receipt
  • Shooter (featuring Robin Thicke)
  • Weezy Baby (featuring Nikki)
  • On tha Block #3
  • I'm a D-Boy (featuring Birdman)
  • Feel Me
  • Get Over (featuring Nikki)
  • Fly Out
  • 77:22
Tha Carter III
  • 3 Peat
  • Mr. Carter (featuring Jay-Z)
  • A Milli
  • Got Money (featuring T-Pain)
  • Comfortable (featuring Babyface)
  • Dr. Carter
  • Phone Home
  • Tie My Hands (featuring Robin Thicke)
  • Mrs. Officer1 (featuring Bobby V & Kidd Kidd)
  • Let the Beat Build
  • Shoot Me Down (featuring D. Smith)
  • Lollipop (featuring Static Major)
  • La La (featuring Brisco & Busta Rhymes)
  • Playing with Fire2 (featuring Betty Wright)
  • You Ain't Got Nuthin (featuring Juelz Santana & Fabolous)
  • Dontgetit
  • 76:31
  • American Star (featuring Shanell)
  • Prom Queen (featuring Shanell)
  • Ground Zero
  • Da Da Da
  • Paradice
  • Get a Life
  • On Fire
  • Drop the World (featuring Eminem)
  • Runnin' (featuring Shanell)
  • One Way Trip (featuring Kevin Rudolf)
  • Knockout (featuring Nicki Minaj)
  • The Price Is Wrong
  • 46:43
I Am Not a Human Being
  • Gonorrhea (featuring Drake)
  • Hold Up (featuring T-Streets)
  • With You (featuring Drake)
  • I Am Not a Human Being
  • I'm Single
  • What's Wrong with Them (featuring Nicki Minaj)
  • Right Above It (featuring Drake)
  • Popular (featuring Lil Twist)
  • That Ain't Me (featuring Jay Sean)
  • Bill Gates
  • YM Banger (featuring Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and Tyga)
  • YM Salute (featuring Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and Nicki Minaj)
  • I Don't Like the Look of It (featuring Gudda Gudda)
  • 55:42
Tha Carter IV
  • Intro
  • Blunt Blowin
  • MegaMan
  • 6 Foot 7 Foot (featuring Cory Gunz)
  • Nightmares of the Bottom
  • She Will (featuring Drake)
  • How to Hate (featuring T-Pain)
  • Interlude (performed by Tech N9ne)
  • John (featuring Rick Ross)
  • Abortion
  • So Special (featuring John Legend)
  • How to Love
  • President Carter
  • It's Good (featuring Jadakiss and Drake)
  • Outro (performed by Bun B, Nas, Shyne and Busta Rhymes)
  • 60:25
I Am Not a Human Being II
  • Curtains (featuring Boo)
  • Days and Days (featuring 2 Chainz)
  • Gunwalk (featuring Gudda Gudda)
  • No Worries (featuring Detail)
  • Back to You
  • Trigger Finger (featuring Soulja Boy)
  • Beat the Shit (featuring Gunplay)
  • Rich As Fuck (featuring 2 Chainz)
  • Trippy (featuring Juicy J)
  • Love Me (featuring Drake and Future)
  • Romance
  • God Bless Amerika
  • Wowzers (featuring Trina)
  • Hello (featuring Shane Heyl)

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$25.00 Lil' Wayne — 03/03/2016
State Farm Center; Champaign, IL
$28.00 Lil' Wayne — 02/20/2016
Blue Cross Arena; Rochester, NY
$30.00 Lil' Wayne — 02/26/2016
E. J. Nutter Center; Dayton, OH
$31.00 Lil Wayne with Rae Sremmurd — 01/29/2016
Cajundome; Lafayette, LA
$33.00 Lil' Wayne — 03/01/2016
Denny Sanford Premier Center; Sioux Falls, SD
$33.00 Lil' Wayne — 01/31/2016
CenturyLink Center; Bossier City, LA
$35.00 Lil' Wayne — 02/05/2016
Oakdale Theatre; Wallingford, CT
$40.00 BET Experience - Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz — 06/25/2016
STAPLES Center; Los Angeles, CA
$41.00 Lil' Wayne — 01/24/2016
American Bank Center Arena; Corpus Christi, TX
$41.00 Lil Wayne — 02/03/2016
Crown Complex; Fayetteville, NC

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$1,120.00Lil' Wayne — 01/23/2016
State Farm Arena; Hidalgo, TX
$243.00Tidal X — 10/20/2015
Barclays Center; Brooklyn, NY
$202.00Lil' Wayne — 08/28/2015
Champions Square; New Orleans, LA
$169.00Summer Jam: Lil Wayne with Young Jeezy and OT Genasis — 06/12/2016
Milwaukee Panther Arena; Milwaukee, WI
$147.00Lil' Wayne — 09/03/2017
Drai's After Hours; Las Vegas, NV
$112.00Hot 97 Hot For The Holidays — 12/05/2015
Prudential Center; Newark, NJ
$107.00Lil Wayne — 12/18/2015
Everett Event Center; Everett, WA
$102.00Lil Wayne — 09/01/2017
Jannus Live; Saint Petersburg, FL
$97.00Lil' Wayne — 10/29/2017
Drai's After Hours; Las Vegas, NV
$94.00Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz — 06/11/2016
Chene Park; Detroit, MI