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Mac Miller doesn’t sound like other rappers. He’s an outsider in the genre, a white kid from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who grew up in totally different way from most rap superstars. Miller didn’t have any industry connections when he got started – he just had a love of hip-hop and a burning desire to succeed. Those things have served him well: Miller rose rapidly to stardom on the success of his independently released debut album, Blue Slide Park. Since then, Miller stayed on top by staying committed to the work ethic and musical style that helped him reach this point. His fans remain committed, as well: the same fans that helped springboard Miller to stardom continue to line up to get their hands on Mac Miller tickets and Mac Miller albums.

Mac Miller was born on January 19, 1992. Not much about his upbringing suggested that he would one day be a rap superstar: Miller was born Malcolm James McCormick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a town with a relatively small hip-hop community. Miller was of mixed Jewish ancestry, was raised Jewish, and grew up in of Point Breeze, a relative affluent neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Mac Miller was just a normal kid: he loved sports, parties, and girls.

Of course, there were early hints of Miller’s future in music. Miller played multiple instruments, all of which he taught himself to play. Miller learned the drums, bass, guitar, and piano, all at a fairly young age. He told friends and family that he wanted to grow up to be a professional singer. And Miller loved hip-hop – he spent hours listening to the rappers who would later influence his own hip-hop career.

At age 14, Miller picked up a hobby that would change his life. He began to rap, practicing that art that he’d heard so many times on CD. By 15, he realized that he had a talent for it – and also realized that only the hardest-working artists made it in hip-hop. Miller began to focus on his rapping obsessively, and by the end of the year, he had his first mixtape. But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy dropped in 2007. It would not be the last time that the world heard from the rising star.

Along with his fellow Pittsburgh rapper Beedie, Miller formed the hip-hop group Ill Spoken. Ill Spoken’s mixtape How High came out in 2008, and Miller released two more solo efforts in 2009: The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown and The High Life. In just a few years, Miller had put three solo mixtapes and one group mixtape while founding a hip-hop duo.

Miller’s hard work paid off. Rostrum Records, an independent record company based in Pittsburgh, soon noticed the young rapper. Miller had contact with Rostrum records for a few years, but the recording company didn’t sign him until they heard the work he’d been doing on his fourth mixtape. That mixtape, K.I.D.S., showed a major evolution in Miller’s style. The maturation of Miller’s rapping won him a record deal, and when K.I.D.S. was released late in 2010, it came out on Rostrum Records.

K.I.D.S. was a big break for Miller, but his bigger break came through his live performances. Miller went on tour after being signed, and fans couldn’t get enough of him. Mac Miller tickets sold out at every stop on the Incredibly Dope Tour, and that put Miller on the hip-hop industry’s radar.

Miller was able to get better-known producers to work on his next mixtape, Best Day Ever (2011). He followed that up with his first EP, On and On and Beyond (2011). On and On and Beyond featured a couple of the best tracks from Best Day Ever, and the EP became a minor hit, rising to number 55 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Miller was a rising star, and his smart social media presence helped him grow his new fan base. Miller began releasing a new song for every 100,000 new followers he got on Twitter, and eventually released a new mixtape to celebrate hitting 1,000,000 followers. That mixtape, I Love Life, Thank You, was yet critical and commercial hit.

Miller had his fans, but he didn’t yet have his debut album. He solved that problem with Blue Slide Park, which was released late in 2011. Thanks to Miller’s established fan base, the album’s sales took off quickly. The album topped the Billboard 200 and caused a sensation in the hip-hop community. Miller was still with Rostrum Records, and the fact that his smash hit was an independent release only drew more attention to his achievements. It had been more than 15 years since the last independently distributed debut album had topped the Billboard 200.

Suddenly, Mac Miller was everywhere. He was featured XXL’s freshman class in 2011, and made his television debut playing a fictionalized version of himself on VH1. He performed at Governor’s Ball and around the country on the Blue Slide Park Tour, giving more fans a chance to get their hands on Mac Miller tickets.

But Miller wasn’t about to coast on the success of his debut album. He was soon back in the studio working on new material. Miller had worked relentlessly before his big breakout, and he continued to be prolific after his rise to fame. He dropped a new mixtape, Macadelic, in 2012. Singles, videos, and a free song called “PlaneCarBoat” soon followed. Miller also worked on a side project, an experimental EP called You (2012) that featured him as a singer rather than as a rapper. You included jazz songs, which Miller sang over in a jazz crooner style.

In 2013, Miller returned with his second full-length album. Watching Movies With the Sound Off was a more introspective album for Miller, and marked a more mature turn for his music. Critics were impressed by the evolution, and fans loved it, too: the album debuted number three on the Billboard 200 and sold well.

Once again, Miller wasted no time in releasing more of his material. He released a mixtape under the alias Delusional Thomas and live album called Live From Space, both in 2013. In 2014 he released his eleventh mixtape, Faces.

Miller’s next official album release came in 2015 with GO:OD AM. GO:OD AM was yet another commercial and critical success. It was Miller’s third strong album in three tries, and it established him as one of hip-hop’s most consistent and prolific talents.

Today, Mac Miller remains as popular as ever. Since exploding onto the scene with his independently released debut, he’s stayed at the top by constantly innovating and constantly releasing new material. For Miller, crafting hip-hop hits is all in a day’s work.

Top 3 Mac Miller Tracks:

Bird Call
Another Night

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$16.00 Mac Miller — 09/25/2015
S.O.B.'s; New York, NY
$19.00 Mac Miller — 06/03/2016
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$19.00 Mac Miller — 10/08/2015
Music Hall of Williamsburg; Brooklyn, NY
$29.00 Mac Miller — 09/17/2015
Hard Rock Live Orlando; Orlando, FL
$30.00 Mac Miller — 11/17/2015
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$31.00 Mac Miller — 10/14/2015
The Fillmore Detroit; Detroit, MI
$35.00 Mac Miller — 12/02/2015
Florida Theatre Jacksonville; Jacksonville, FL
$36.00 Mac Miller — 12/01/2016
Murat Egyptian Room; Indianapolis, IN
$38.00 Mac Miller — 09/18/2016
Stage AE; Pittsburgh, PA
$38.00 Mac Miller — 10/27/2015
Cains Ballroom; Tulsa, OK

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Cool River Ranch Tube Rental and Concert Venue; Martindale, TX
$182.00Mac Miller — 12/12/2015
The Fillmore Philadelphia; Philadelphia, PA
$177.00Mac Miller — 11/24/2015
Alamo City Music Hall; San Antonio, TX
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Intersection; Grand Rapids, MI
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Vogue Theatre - Vancouver; Vancouver, BC
$159.00400 Festival - 2 Day Pass — 07/21/2017
Indianapolis Motor Speedway; Indianapolis, IN
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$127.00Mac Miller — 11/18/2015
House of Blues San Diego; San Diego, CA