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Top 3 Mayday Parade Tracks:

Jamie All Over

Mayday Parade Albums

Mayday Parade
  • When You See My Friends (acoustic version)
  • Oh Well, Oh Well (acoustic version)
  • 53:32
Monsters in the Closet
  • Ghosts
  • Girls
  • Last Night for a Table of Two
  • 12 Through 15
  • The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing
  • Even Robots Need Blankets
  • Repent and Repeat
  • Demons
  • Sorry, Not Sorry
  • Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About
  • Hold Onto Me
  • Angels
  • 45:38
A Lesson in Romantics
  • Three Cheers for Five Years (Acoustic)
  • One Man Drinking Games
Anywhere but Here
  • So Far Away
  • The Memory
  • The Silence (music video)
  • Anywhere But Here (music video)

Mayday Parade Members

  • Derek Sanders
  • Daryl Ramsey
  • Alex Garcia
  • Brooks Betts
  • Jeremy Lenzo
  • Jake Bundrick

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Cheap Mayday Parade Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$21.00 Mayday Parade with The Maine — 03/22/2015
House of Blues Houston; Houston, TX
$22.00 Mayday Parade — 10/14/2015
House of Blues Boston; Boston, MA
$31.00 Mayday Parade — 11/03/2015
Summit Music Hall; Denver, CO
$31.00 Mayday Parade — 10/23/2015
House of Blues Cleveland; Cleveland, OH
$32.00 Mayday Parade — 10/15/2015
The Electric Factory; Philadelphia, PA
$33.00 Mayday Parade — 11/18/2015
House of Blues Houston; Houston, TX
$33.00 Mayday Parade — 11/20/2015
House of Blues Dallas; Dallas, TX
$34.00 Mayday Parade — 11/15/2015
Hard Rock Hotel; Las Vegas, NV
$36.00 Mayday Parade — 11/25/2015
House of Blues Orlando; Orlando, FL
$37.00 Mayday Parade — 10/18/2015
The Fillmore Silver Spring; Silver Spring, MD

Best and Most Expensive Mayday Parade Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$254.00Mayday Parade — 10/25/2014
Blue Moose Tap House; Iowa City, IA
$248.00Mayday Parade — 10/24/2014
Durty Nellie's; Ridley, PA
$150.00Mayday Parade — 10/18/2014
The Waiting Room - NY; Buffalo, NY
$99.00Mayday Parade — 11/11/2014
Zydeco; Birmingham, AL
$94.00Mayday Parade — 03/13/2016
Mercury Ballroom; Louisville, KY
$88.00Mayday Parade — 10/15/2014
9:30 Club; Washington, DC
$86.00Mayday Parade — 10/25/2015
The Crofoot Ballroom; Pontiac, MI
$81.00Mayday Parade — 11/01/2014
MacEwan Hall; Calgary, AB
$81.00Mayday Parade — 11/03/2014
Vogue Theatre - Vancouver; Vancouver, BC
$80.00Mayday Parade — 10/21/2015
Town Ballroom; Buffalo, NY