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Top 3 Of Montreal Tracks:

Steppin' Out
Psychotic Feeling
Gronlandic Edit

Of Montreal Albums

Satanic Panic in the Attic
  • Disconnect the Dots
  • Lysergic Bliss
  • Will You Come and Fetch Me
  • My British Tour Diary
  • Rapture Rapes the Muses
  • Eros' Entropic Tundra
  • City Bird
  • Erroneous Escape into Erik Eckles
  • Chrissy Kiss the Corpse
  • Your Magic Is Working
  • Climb the Ladder
  • How Lester Lost His Wife
  • Spike the Senses
  • Vegan in Furs
Lousy With Sylvianbriar
  • Fugitive Air
  • Obsidian Currents
  • Belle Glade Missionaries
  • Sirens of Your Toxic Spirit
  • Colossus
  • Triumph of Disintegration
  • Amphibian Days
  • She Ain't Speakin' Now
  • Hegira Émigré
  • Raindrop in My Skull
  • Imbecile Rages
False Priest
  • I Feel Ya' Strutter
  • Our Riotous Defects (feat. Janelle Monáe)
  • Coquet Coquette
  • Godly Intersex
  • Enemy Gene (feat. Janelle Monáe)
  • Hydra Fancies
  • Like a Tourist
  • Sex Karma (feat. Solange)
  • Girl Named Hello
  • Famine Affair
  • Casualty of You
  • Around the Way
  • You Do Mutilate?
Paralytic Stalks
  • Gelid Ascent
  • Spiteful Intervention
  • Dour Percentage
  • We Will Commit Wolf Murder
  • Malefic Dowery
  • Ye, Renew the Plaintiff
  • Wintered Debts
  • Exorcismic Breeding Knife
  • Authentic Pyrrhic Remission
Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse
  • Good Morning Mr. Edminton
  • Peacock Parasols
  • Look at the Bell (Andy Instructs the Turkish Moths to Acquire Him More Bells or Else...)
  • An Introduction for Isabell
  • Let's Do Everything for the First Time Forever
  • Coquelicot's Tea Party
  • Rose Robert
  • It's a Very Starry Night
  • Mimi Merlot
  • Butterscotching Mr. Lynn
  • Coquelicot, Claude and Lecithin Dance Aboard the Ocean Liner
  • Go Call You Mine
  • The Events Leading Up to the Collapse of Detective Dulllight
  • Penelope
  • A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You
  • Hello from Inside a Shell (Zombies Enter the Harbor)
  • Lecithin's Tale of a DNA Experiment That Went Horribly Awry
  • It's Just So
  • The Frozen Island
  • Upon Settling on the Frozen Island, Lecithin Presents Claude and Coquelicot With His Animal Creations for Them to Approve or Reject (The Rejected Inventions Walk Towards the Reverse Magnetizer)
  • Let's Go for a Walk (Coquelicot Leaves the Frozen Island to Resume Her Work as an Efeblum With Claude and Lecithin in Tow)
  • The Hopeless Opus or The Great Battle of the Unfriendly Ridiculous

Of Montreal Members

  • Kevin Barnes

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$20.00 Of Montreal and Pillar Point — 10/13/2014
Wonder Ballroom; Portland, OR
$22.00 Of Montreal — 10/22/2014
Trees; Dallas, TX
$22.00 Of Montreal and Pillar Point — 10/21/2014
Cains Ballroom; Tulsa, OK
$24.00 Of Montreal & Pillar Point — 10/07/2014
Wooly's; Des Moines, IA
$25.00 Of Montreal — 11/10/2015
Mohawk; Austin, TX
$25.00 Of Montreal — 09/04/2015
Walter's; Houston, TX
$25.00 Of Montreal — 05/14/2015
Masquerade; Atlanta, GA
$26.00 Of Montreal — 10/24/2015
Wooly's; Des Moines, IA
$27.00 Of Montreal — 10/17/2014
Crescent Ballroom; Phoenix, AZ
$27.00 Of Montreal — 11/06/2015
Crescent Ballroom; Phoenix, AZ

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$511.00Of Montreal — 08/25/2015
Lincoln Theatre (Raleigh); Raleigh, NC
$208.00Of Montreal — 05/07/2015
The Ready Room; St. Louis, MO
$131.00Of Montreal — 10/29/2016
Walter's; Houston, TX
$118.00Of Montreal — 09/06/2016
The Jefferson Theatre; Charlottesville, VA
$105.00Of Montreal — 03/21/2015
Rialto Theatre-Tucson; Tucson, AZ
$103.00Of Montreal — 10/14/2014
Great American Music Hall; San Francisco, CA
$100.00Of Montreal — 10/27/2015
The Record Bar; Kansas City, MO
$97.00Of Montreal — 11/02/2015
Great American Music Hall; San Francisco, CA
$93.00Of Montreal — 05/15/2015
Music Farm Columbia; Columbia, SC
$93.00Of Montreal — 09/20/2015
The Grey Eagle; Asheville, NC