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OK Go is an alt-rock group with roots ranging from electronic to classic rock. In addition to entertaining live performances, they are known for their offbeat (and Grammy award-winning) music videos, one of which involves a dance routine on treadmills.

The band consists of Damian Kulash (lead vocals/guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass guitar/backing vocals), Dan Konopka (drums/percussion), and Andy Ross (guitar/keyboard/backing vocals). Since their inception, they have been extremely active in charity. OK Go fans were recently enlisted to help with “The Burrito Project,” which involved handing out burritos to homeless people before OK Go concerts.

A charitable attitude, quirky performances and awesome music- what’s not to love about OK Go? Grab tickets online today!

Top 3 OK Go Tracks:

OK Go Albums

Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
  • WTF?
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • All Is Not Lost
  • Needing/Getting
  • Skyscrapers
  • White Knuckles
  • I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe
  • End Love
  • Before the Earth Was Round
  • Last Leaf
  • Back from Kathmandu
  • While You Were Asleep
  • In the Glass
  • 51:14
Hungry Ghosts
  • Upside Down & Inside Out
  • The Writing's on the Wall
  • Another Set of Issues
  • Turn Up the Radio [18]
  • Obsession
  • I'm Not Through
  • Bright as Your Eyes
  • I Won't Let You Down
  • The One Moment
  • If I Had a Mountain
  • The Great Fire
  • Lullaby
  • 41:57
  • Get Over It
  • Don't Ask Me
  • You're So Damn Hot
  • What to Do
  • 1000 Miles per Hour
  • Shortly Before the End (Contains elements from Jeeves by Neal Hefti) (Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Neal Hefti)
  • Return (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • There's a Fire (Kulash, Andy Duncan)
  • C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • The Fix Is In (Kulash, Duncan)
  • Hello, My Treacherous Friends
  • Bye Bye Baby (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • 40:43
Oh No
  • Invincible
  • Do What You Want (Kulash, Timothy Nordwind)
  • Here It Goes Again
  • A Good Idea at the Time (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • Oh Lately It's So Quiet
  • It's a Disaster
  • A Million Ways (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • No Sign of Life
  • Let It Rain (Kulash, Nordwind)
  • Crash the Party
  • Television, Television
  • Maybe, This Time (Andrew Duncan, Kulash)
  • The House Wins
  • 41:40

OK Go Members

  • Damian Kulash
  • Andy Ross

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$19.00 OK Go — 04/04/2015
The Pageant; St Louis, MO
$19.00 Ok Go — 04/17/2015
Warehouse Live; Houston, TX
$27.00 OK Go — 04/28/2015
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$31.00 OK Go — 09/09/2017
Moore Theatre; Seattle, WA
$35.00 OK Go — 05/01/2015
House of Blues San Diego; San Diego, CA
$38.00 OK Go — 10/12/2014
Magic Stick Lounge; Detroit, MI
$39.00 OK Go — 05/02/2015
Wiltern Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$39.00 OK Go — 04/20/2015
Aztec Theater; San Antonio, TX
$40.00 OK Go — 04/09/2015
House of Blues Boston; Boston, MA
$43.00 Ok Go — 10/24/2014
Crescent Ballroom; Phoenix, AZ

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$193.00Life Is Beautiful Festival — 10/24/2014
Downtown Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$193.00OK Go — 10/18/2014
Tipitinas; New Orleans, LA
$191.00OK Go — 09/08/2017
Roseland Theater; Portland, OR
$191.00OK Go — 06/29/2017
Vic Theatre; Chicago, IL
$181.00OK Go — 06/30/2017
Kresge Auditorium (Interlochen); Interlochen, US
$148.00OK Go — 10/20/2014
The Parish; Austin, TX
$104.00OK Go — 03/21/2015
The Warfield; San Francisco, CA
$95.00OK Go — 04/30/2015
Rialto Theatre-Tucson; Tucson, AZ
$95.00OK Go — 04/15/2015
Tabu Night Club; Orlando, FL
$84.00Wits: Hari Kondabolu & Ok Go — 11/14/2014
Fitzgerald Theater; Saint Paul, MN