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Led by MVP candidate and one of the most ruthless players in the game, Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder are a team to pay attention to. With a lot of passion and energy, the Thunder can compete with anyone and can be dangerous in the playoffs. Make sure to find the cheapest Thunder tickets on Rukkus!

Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets

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How do I buy the best price Oklahoma City Thunder tickets?

The best way to purchase Oklahoma City Thunder tickets is to go directly to the specific Oklahoma City Thunder page. There you will find the entire schedule for the Thunder listed in order starting with the games that are closest in geographical location. Proceeding that will be all of their games in chronological order with games from similar teams near the bottom. After finding a seat, you can flip through the pictures taken from each seating chart for Chesapeake Energy Arena that provides a seat view of every possible section. If you are either looking to purchase a ticket or have already bought your seat, our seat view will give you the ability to see exactly what the view of the game will be from your seat. The interactive seating charts of Chesapeake Energy Arena provide a convenient way to preview everything about your experience so that you are completely informed before making your game purchase.

How much do Oklahoma City Thunder tickets cost?

Rukkus uses algorithms to find the best Oklahoma City Thunder tickets for your budget. Whether that is cheap tickets or more expensive tickets, Rukkus has access to thousands of great value tickets at Chesapeake Energy Arena. You may encounter a high fluctuation of NBA ticket prices. If you are having trouble finding the perfect ticket, our fan operations team will be happy to take your call and make certain that you are able to buy the best ticket out there.

Can I buy away tickets for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Purchasing tickets for the Oklahoma City Thunder when they are on the road is simple. Check the schedule for the night that they will be in town and go to the Oklahoma City Thunder page. Rukkus has every home and away game listed from tonight on through the end of the season. Regardless of whether you bought a ticket last minute or months ahead of time, rest assured that we always guarantee every ticket sold.

When do Oklahoma City Thunder tickets go on sale?

There a couple simple ways to be notified when Thunder tickets go on sale. They are usually able to be purchased a few months before the opening game. It is also possible to setup a personal price alert for both a team or a specific game, so that you can know right away if any game information has changed. Rukkus is one of the first companies to display tickets for a NBA game at Chesapeake Energy Arena. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for, please email our team over at: hi@rukkus.com

Can I purchase home game tickets for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Rukkus makes it simple to find and buy home game tickets for the Thunder. The schedule for all games happening at Chesapeake Energy Arena are listed on the team tickets page. Since Rukkus pulls all NBA ticket information, it is a simple process to purchase home game tickets for the Thunder. Whether your home game purchase is the cheapest, most expensive, or best ticket around, you can rest assured that Rukkus always guarantees every ticket sold. If there is even an issue with your ticket purchasing experience, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for help.

What makes Chesapeake Energy Arena special?

The Chesapeake Energy Arena was not originally built with the intentions of housing a major NBA franchise. Originally opened in 2002, the Chesapeake Energy Arena hosted a minor league hockey team, as well as the New Orleans Hornets during the 2005-2007 seasons because of extensive damage to what is now known as the Smoothie King Center . The Chesapeake Energy Arena in the past 5 years has undergone many improvements in order to optimize the arena’s use as the home of a NBA franchise.

Who are some marquee players that have been a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder team in the past?

Since the Oklahoma City Thunder have only been a part of the NBA for a grand total of 8 seasons, there are only so many players to be named. However, some current greats include Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka. However, if you include the great players that suited up for the Seattle Supersonics, the franchise name before the Oklahoma City Thunder, players such as Nate McMillian, Fred Brown, Gary Payton, Ray Allen, Lenny Wilkens, Spencer Haywood, Shawn Kemp, and Rashard Lewis.

How have the Oklahoma City Thunder performed historically?

During their tenure in Oklahoma City, the Thunder have won 1 Conference Title and 4 Division Titles, but no NBA Championships. However, including the franchise’s time in Seattle, they have won 1 NBA Championship in 1979, 4 total Conference Titles, and 10 total Division Titles.

Oklahoma City Thunder Details

Oklahoma City Thunder Ticket Information

The Oklahoma City Thunder are an appealing NBA team that provides an amazing live experience. When you attend a game at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, you will see talented athletes, competitive basketball, and an incredible atmosphere in the stadium. Come and cheer on the Thunder as they take the court donning their unmistakable blue uniforms. Get your Oklahoma City Thunder tickets today!

The Thunder have played to the delight of their home crowd since arriving in Oklahoma City in 2008. Their recent success includes many division championships, regular season victories, and deep playoff runs. The core players on this team are second to none, and are looking to take this Thunder team to the next level. The offense is centered on a consistently strong attack to the basket while the defense provides a solid effort every night. Come to Oklahoma City and cheer on the Thunder!

The atmosphere in sports-crazy Oklahoma City adds to the enjoyment of attending a Thunder game. The city is very passionate about their basketball team, through the ups and downs of an NBA season. The colors of blue, white and gold can be seen throughout the city during game days, while restaurants and bars are known to be festive environments. Make sure to get the full experience of an Oklahoma City Thunder game by visiting the wonderful city as well!

There is no better way to watch a basketball game than to experience it live at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The passionate fan base and exciting “hoops” will have you coming back for more. Come join the thousands of Thunder fans at “The Thunderdome” and be a part of thrilling NBA action. Be sure to grab your Thunders tickets today!

Oklahoma City Thunder Overview

The Oklahoma City Thunder, formally known as the Seattle Supersonics, came about just seven years ago in 2008. The owner of the Supersonics sold the team to Oklahoma City investors in 2006 and after some legal issues, the Thunder had their opening season in 2008. The team struggled in their first season as the Thunder, but they were not without talent. Their turnaround was quick and serious. After going 23-59 in their inaugural season in Oklahoma City, the Thunder drafted James Harden with the third overall pick. Harden would slide into the sixth-man role and provide a much needed scoring boost off the bench. Along with the Harden, the Thunder already had other future superstars in store. Scoring machine Kevin Durant was drafted by Seattle prior to the 2007 season and point-guard Russell Westbrook was drafted in 2008 just before the team relocated to Oklahoma City. With the drafting of Harden, the team had three young but ultra-talented potential stars in the making. They also had a big man named Serge Ibaka who would provide defense and rebounding to go along with the three dynamic scorers.

In 2009 the Thunder made a complete 180 from their prior season. The team, led by Kevin Durant, reached the 50 win total and earned a playoff berth. Kevin Durant won the scoring title during the regular season with an average of more than 30 points per game. He became the youngest player to win the scoring title, being just 20 years old. The 50-32 record, while impressive, was only good enough to secure the eighth seed in the western conference, which set the Thunder up with a first round matchup of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Thunder ultimately fell to the defending champion Lakers 4-2 in the first round, but overall the season was a great success compared to years prior.

With the greatness of Kevin Durant starting to shine, and Russell Westbrook emerging as a superstar in his own right, the Thunder took another step in the right direction the following season. This time they secured their first division title since coming to Oklahoma City en route to a 55 win season. They made a jump from the eighth to the fourth seed in the playoffs, which set up a matchup with the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets were a good regular season team, but the Thunder overwhelmed them with talent and won the series in five games. Next up were the Memphis Grizzlies, who would give the Thunder a much tougher test. In the end the star power of the Thunder came through again as Durant and Westbrook dominated in game 7 to advance to the western conference finals. During this playoff run that duo had shown they were one of, if not the best, tandem in the NBA. Durant torched the Grizzlies with 39 points, while Westbrook controlled the game in his own right with a triple-double. The Thunder were up and coming but in the western conference finals they showed they were not quite ready yet. They faced Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks beat them easily in 5 games and ended up winning the championship.

The 2011-2012 season would become the year of redemption for the Thunder. They rolled through the regular season and would meet some familiar foes in the playoffs. First up were the Dallas Mavericks who knocked them out of the playoffs last year. They flipped the script on Dallas and took them down in 5 games. Next up was the Los Angeles Lakers who had taken them out of the playoffs a few years prior. Once again they got redemption, defeating Los Angeles in five games. In the western conference finals for the second year in a row, the Thunder would face the seasoned San Antonio Spurs. After falling behind 2-0, the Thunder rallied and show great resolve. They won four games in a row and advanced to the NBA finals for the first time since relocating to Oklahoma City. In the finals they matched up with the Miami Heat and put their trio up against the trio of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. After winning game one in the series, the Thunder saw the Heat do to them, as they did to the Spurs in the conference finals. Miami won four games in a row and captured what was known as LeBron James first championship.

The Thunder had three of the best players in the league, but some people saw it as a problem. There was not enough basketballs to go around and enough shots to satisfy Harden, Westbrook, and Durant. There was a constant power struggle between Durant and Westbrook as to who was the best player and the leader of the team. Ultimately someone had to go and James Harden became that guy. The team traded him to the Houston Rockets after they could not agree to a new deal with him. Harden is now flourishing in Houston, and the Thunder were left with Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka as their new big three, however since trading Harden the Thunder have failed to return to the NBA finals.

The 2015-2015 season they even missed the playoffs, but that was mostly due to injuries. Kevin Durant ended up missing the majority of the season with a foot injury and Russell Westbrook missed a portion of the season himself. With the loss of Durant, Westbrook took over as the lone star and went on a regular season run few have had before. He became a triple-double machine and nearly led the Thunder into the playoffs, raising questions whether or not Westbrook should really be a second fiddle. Despite all of the injuries, the Thunder decided to fire their coach Scott Brooks. Billy Donovan out of Florida is stepping in as the new coach of the Thunder. The loss of Harden undoubtedly hurt the Thunder but moving forward they should be just fine assuming Durant and Westbrook stay healthy. With those two in the fold the Thunder have arguably two of the top three or five players in the NBA. If those two can continue to work together towards a common goal, the Thunder should be back in contention in no time.

Oklahoma City Thunder Lineup

  • Steven Adams
  • Nick Collison
  • Kevin Durant
  • Serge Ibaka
  • Reggie Jackson
  • Grant Jerrett
  • Perry Jones
  • Jeremy Lamb
  • Mitch McGary
  • Anthony Morrow
  • Kendrick Perkins
  • Andre Roberson
  • Ish Smith
  • Sebastian Telfair
  • Lance Thomas
  • Russell Westbrook

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The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$2.00 Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves — 04/15/2015
Target Center; Minneapolis, MN
$3.00 Oklahoma City Thunder at Memphis Grizzlies — 11/16/2015
FedExForum; Memphis, TN
$4.00 NBA Preseason: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks — 10/10/2014
American Airlines Center; Dallas, TX
$4.00 NBA Preseason: Fenerbahce Ulker at Oklahoma City Thunder — 10/09/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$5.00 NBA Preseason: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks — 10/11/2016
American Airlines Center; Dallas, TX
$5.00 Oklahoma City Thunder at Memphis Grizzlies — 12/08/2015
FedExForum; Memphis, TN
$5.00 Charlotte Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder — 01/20/2016
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$5.00 Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat — 12/03/2015
AmericanAirlines Arena; Miami, FL
$6.00 New Orleans Pelicans at Oklahoma City Thunder — 11/18/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$6.00 Atlanta Hawks at Oklahoma City Thunder — 12/10/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK

Best and Most Expensive Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$97,000.00NBA Western Conference Quarterfinals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder - Home Game 3 (If Necessary) — 04/28/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$2,678.00NBA Western Conference Finals: Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs - Game 2 — 05/18/2016
AT&T Center; San Antonio, TX
$1,748.00Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors — 02/06/2016
Oracle Arena; Oakland, CA
$1,122.00Oklahoma City Thunder at Boston Celtics — 03/16/2016
TD Garden; Boston, MA
$862.00NBA Finals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder - Home Game 4 — 06/19/2016
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$783.00Oklahoma City Thunder at New York Knicks — 01/26/2016
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$664.00NBA Western Conference Finals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder - Home Game 4 — 05/30/2016
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$657.00NBA Finals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder - Home Game 1 — 06/02/2016
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$578.00NBA Finals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder- Home Game 4 (If Necessary) — 06/18/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
$525.00NBA Finals: TBD at Oklahoma City Thunder- Home Game 3 (If Necessary) — 06/14/2015
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK