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Top 3 Opeth Tracks:

Blackwater Park
Ending Credits

Opeth Albums

  • In Mist She Was Standing
  • Under the Weeping Moon
  • Silhouette (instrumental) (Anders Nordin)
  • Forest of October
  • The Twilight Is My Robe
  • Requiem (instrumental)
  • The Apostle in Triumph
  • Into the Frost of Winter (bonus track on reissue CD and LP)
  • Advent
  • The Night and the Silent Water
  • Nectar
  • Black Rose Immortal
  • To Bid You Farewell
  • Eternal Soul Torture (demo, bonus track on reissue CD and LP only) (lyrics: David Isberg)
My Arms, Your Hearse
  • Prologue (instrumental)
  • April Ethereal
  • When
  • Madrigal (instrumental)
  • The Amen Corner
  • Demon of the Fall (Åkerfeldt, Peter Lindgren)
  • Credence
  • Karma
  • Epilogue (instrumental)
  • Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover) (reissue bonus track)
  • Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden cover) (reissue bonus track)
Still Life
  • The Moor
  • Godhead's Lament
  • Benighted
  • Moonlapse Vertigo
  • Face of Melinda
  • Serenity Painted Death
  • White Cluster
Blackwater Park
  • The Leper Affinity
  • Bleak
  • Harvest
  • The Drapery Falls
  • Dirge for November (music: Åkerfeldt, Peter Lindgren)
  • The Funeral Portrait
  • Patterns in the Ivy (instrumental)
  • Blackwater Park (music: Åkerfeldt, Lindgren)
  • The Leper Affinity (live) (Legacy Edition bonus track[19])
  • Wreath
  • Deliverance
  • A Fair Judgement
  • For Absent Friends (instrumental)
  • Master's Apprentices
  • By the Pain I See in Others
  • Windowpane
  • In My Time of Need
  • Death Whispered a Lullaby (Steven Wilson)
  • Closure
  • Hope Leaves
  • To Rid the Disease
  • Ending Credits (instrumental)
  • Weakness
Ghost Reveries
  • Ghost of Perdition
  • The Baying of the Hounds
  • Beneath the Mire
  • Atonement
  • Reverie/Harlequin Forest (Reverie appears after 5:23 in Atonement. On the CD version, it appears in the pregap between Atonement and Harlequin Forest. On the digital version, the pregap has just been added to the end of Atonement.)
  • Hours of Wealth
  • The Grand Conjuration
  • Isolation Years
  • Soldier of Fortune (deluxe edition bonus track; Deep Purple cover)
  • 70:14
  • Coil
  • Heir Apparent
  • The Lotus Eater
  • Burden
  • Porcelain Heart (Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson)
  • Hessian Peel
  • Hex Omega
  • Derelict Herds (special edition bonus track; Åkerfeldt, Per Wiberg)
  • Bridge of Sighs (special edition bonus track; Robin Trower cover)
  • Den ständiga resan (special edition bonus track; Marie Fredriksson cover)
  • 71:23
  • Heritage (instrumental)
  • The Devil's Orchard
  • I Feel the Dark
  • Slither
  • Nepenthe
  • Häxprocess
  • Famine
  • The Lines in My Hand
  • Folklore
  • Marrow of the Earth (instrumental)
  • Pyre (special edition bonus track) (Åkerfeldt, Fredrik Åkesson)
  • Face in the Snow (special edition bonus track)
Pale Communion
  • Eternal Rains Will Come
  • Cusp of Eternity
  • Moon Above, Sun Below
  • Elysian Woes
  • Goblin (instrumental)
  • River
  • Voice of Treason
  • Faith in Others
  • Solitude (live) (special edition bonus track) (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Var kommer barnen in (live) (special edition bonus track) (Hansson de Wolfe United cover)
  • 67:33

Opeth Members

  • Mikael Åkerfeldt
  • Martín Méndez
  • Martin Axenrot
  • Fredrik Åkesson
  • Joakim Svalberg

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Cheap Opeth Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$21.00 Opeth — 10/25/2015
Orpheum Theatre (LA); Los Angeles, CA
$28.00 Opeth & In Flames with Red Fang — 12/19/2014
The Palladium; Worcester, MA
$34.00 Opeth — 10/24/2015
Orpheum Theatre (LA); Los Angeles, CA
$35.00 Opeth with In Flames and Red Fang — 12/12/2014
Warehouse Live; Houston, TX
$36.00 Opeth & In Flames with Red Fang — 12/17/2014
The Electric Factory; Philadelphia, PA
$38.00 Opeth with In Flames and Red Fang — 12/06/2014
Ogden Theatre; Denver, CO
$39.00 Opeth — 10/22/2015
Beacon Theatre; New York, NY
$43.00 Opeth — 09/29/2016
Stage AE; Pittsburgh, PA
$43.00 Opeth & In Flames with Red Fang — 12/18/2014
Terminal 5; New York, NY
$43.00 Opeth — 10/19/2016
Marquee Theatre; Tempe, AZ

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$176.00Opeth — 12/12/2014
Warehouse Live; Houston, TX
$119.00Opeth with In Flames & Red Fang — 12/21/2014
Kool Haus; Toronto, ON
$116.00Opeth — 12/05/2014
Sokol Auditorium; Omaha, NE
$90.00Opeth & In Flames with Red Fang — 12/15/2014
The Tabernacle; Atlanta, GA
$88.00Opeth — 10/05/2016
Massey Hall; Toronto, ON
$84.00Opeth — 10/14/2016
Emos; Austin, TX
$83.00Opeth — 10/10/2016
7th Street Entry; Minneapolis, MN
$78.00Opeth with In Flames and Red Fang — 12/03/2014
Riviera Theatre (Chicago); Chicago, IL
$75.00Opeth — 12/10/2014
Marquee Theatre; Tempe, AZ
$75.00Opeth — 12/13/2014
Gas Monkey Live; Dallas, TX