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When it comes to hip-hop in Canada, there’s really only one festival that matters. It’s OVO Fest, the massive event that takes place once a year in Toronto, Canada. OVO Fest is the brainchild of rap superstar Drake. Drake may be one of music’s most important figures, but he’s never forgotten his hometown. So when Drake started his own music festival, he made sure that the entire event would take place in Toronto, Canada, where he’s from. Drake named his new festival October’s Very Own (OVO) Fest, using the OVO brand that he’d later also use for his record label, and the rest is history: OVO Fest now draws some of the biggest names in hip-hop and the music industry in general to Canada’s biggest city. Over the years, fans lucky enough to get their hands on OVO tickets have enjoyed performances from the likes of Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Nas, ASAP Rocky, and The Weeknd. And OVO Fest shows no signs of slowing down: future festivals are sure to include just as many superstars.

Today, OVO Fest is one of the biggest and most exciting hip-hop festivals in the world. But OVO Fest hasn’t always been one of hip-hop’s biggest events. To get to this point, the festival needed the star power of its founder and had to overcome a violent after-party incident that threatened to mar the festival’s reputation. Throughout the festival’s history, Drake and the rest of the OVO Fest organizers have risen to the occasion and delivered critically acclaimed festivals that have helped build OVO Fest into what it is today.

OVO Fest’s history starts back in 2009, when the idea of the festival first came up. Canadian rapper Drake had already reached superstardom by the late 2000s, and he’d begun to think about branching out into other ventures. Among these were the OVO (October’s Very Own) family of businesses, which would later include a record label called OVO Sound. And for a musician, there was no better even to bear the OVO brand than a music festival. With OVO Fest, Drake would be able to bring in hip-hop acts while throwing a giant party for his hometown. It was a simple decision, and OVO Fest was born.

Drake chose to hold his new event over a long weekend, the Civic Holiday weekend, and chose Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre as his venue. Both were wise choices – the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre includes both indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for a festival atmosphere, and the Civic Holiday weekend is a lively time in Toronto, which also holds a popular Caribbean festival on the same weekend. Now all Drake needed were acts to take the stage.

Drake’s hip-hop industry connections came in handy there. In the very first year of the festival, he was able to secure some of the biggest names in music. The first fans to buy OVO Fest tickets got to see superstars like Eminem and Jay Z, as well as many other rising and established hip-hop acts. It was a key moment: a bad debut would have seriously hurt the festival. But everything went well, and the stars drew big crowds.

The success of Drake’s first OVO Fest ensured that the festival would continue for at least another few years. But it was the festival’s consistent success over those years that would firmly establish it as Canada’s biggest hip-hop festival and as one of the best such festivals in the world.

In 2011, fans were treated to another extremely strong lineup. Rap superstars Nas and Lil Wayne were joined by popular acts like The Weeknd and J. Cole. And the festival was no longer strictly limited to hip-hop: though most of the acts were still rappers and hip-hop influenced artists, the festival also played host to R&B superstar Stevie Wonder. The diverse lineup and strong performances further bolstered the fledgling festival’s reputation. And OVO Fest’s strong start continued in 2012: The Weeknd returned to the lineup and was joined by Nicki Minaj, ASAP Rocky, and Snoop Dogg.

In 2013, the festival hit its first snag: co-headliner Frank Ocean had to pull out of the festival at the last minute due to an injury to his vocal cords. But the festival went off without a hitch thanks to strong performances by The Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, and Lil Wayne. In fact, the 2013 edition of OVO Fest became one of the most legendary festivals yet thanks to the surprise appearance of Kanye West, arguably the biggest star the festival had ever featured.

Kanye West returned in 2015, headlining a festival that also included Future, Pharrell Williams, and other hip-hop and R&B artists. Once again, OVO Fest was a must-see event for hip-hop fans in the Toronto area and beyond. Fueled by the hype over Kanye West’s appearance, OVO Fest tickets sold more quickly than ever. The festival was another success.

But that same year, OVO Fest had to overcome its first dose of bad publicity. Though the festival itself remained as safe as ever, the same could not be said of Drake’s after-party at a Toronto nightclub. At the after-party, gunfire erupted the nightclub and two people were killed. It was a tragic end to the festivities, and it deeply troubled Drake. The rapper issued a statement expressing his grief over the attacks and violence in general in Toronto. Toronto may be a major city, Drake said, but it was still a “small, close-knit community” – one that should band together to stop violence.

The 2015 incident was tragic, but Drake and the rest of OVO Fest’s organizers refused to let it destroy the tradition of hip-hop’s most exciting festival. In 2016, OVO Fest will go on again – and will once again include some of hip-hop’s biggest and most innovative acts. Just as in years past, fans will fill the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, ready to see Drake and his guests perform.

OVO Fest is still relatively young, but it has quickly established itself as Canada’s most important hip-hop festival. It consistently draws top acts from the hip-hop world, and also often features top performers from related genres like R&B. This year, like every year, fans will rush to buy OVO Fest tickets and catch hip-hop’s biggest artists on Canada’s most important stage.

Top 3 OVO Fest Tracks:

OVO Fest Albums

House of Balloons
  • High for This
  • What You Need
  • House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
  • The Morning
  • Wicked Games
  • The Party & the After Party
  • Coming Down
  • Loft Music
  • The Knowing
  • Lonely Star
  • Life of the Party
  • Thursday
  • The Zone (featuring Drake)
  • The Birds Part 1
  • The Birds Part 2
  • Gone
  • Rolling Stone
  • Heaven or Las Vegas
Echoes of Silence
  • D.D. (Dirty Diana cover)
  • Montréal
  • Outside
  • XO / The Host
  • Initiation
  • Same Old Song
  • The Fall
  • Next
  • Echoes of Silence
  • High for This
  • What You Need
  • House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
  • The Morning
  • Wicked Games
  • The Party & The After Party
  • Coming Down
  • Loft Music
  • The Knowing
  • Twenty Eight (bonus track)
Kiss Land
  • Professional
  • The Town
  • Adaptation
  • Love in the Sky
  • Belong to the World
  • Live For (featuring Drake)
  • Wanderlust
  • Kiss Land
  • Pretty
  • Tears in the Rain
  • 55:38

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$84.00 OVO Fest — 08/05/2017
Echo Beach at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre; Toronto, Ontario
$86.00 OVO Fest - Sunday — 08/02/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$419.00 OVO Fest — 08/07/2017
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$450.00 OVO Fest - Monday — 08/03/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$502.00 OVO Fest - 2 Day Pass — 08/02/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON

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$502.00OVO Fest - 2 Day Pass — 08/02/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$450.00OVO Fest - Monday — 08/03/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$419.00OVO Fest — 08/07/2017
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$86.00OVO Fest - Sunday — 08/02/2015
Molson Amphitheatre; Toronto, ON
$84.00OVO Fest — 08/05/2017
Echo Beach at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre; Toronto, Ontario